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Hair thickening products for women


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Hair thickening products for women

  1. 1. Hair thickening products for women help them getting rid of the problem wherein their hair on the scalp is constantly shedding, with approximately 100 to 150 strands of hair lost per day. Losing 50- 80 hairs a day is considered quite physiological but due to many reasons, this figure goes up and makes the woman worried. While heredity plays a crucial role in making the hair of the woman naturally thick,it can get affected by several reasons including stress, trauma, vitamins and mineral deficiencies or hormonal imbalance.
  2. 2. Also, other factors that influence the thickness include health ailments, surgeries, medical treatment or any sort of drug allergy or side effects (as in chemotherapy drugs). To overcome this embarrassing issue, women are advised to go for hair thickening products that dramatically combat the problem.
  3. 3. What are the form of thickening products? Shampoos and conditioners may serve as hair thickening products. Shampoos can be fortified with the capability of providing important nutrients that nurture the scalp. The woman can use volume- increasing shampoos and conditioners to increase the volume of thinner. It is also advised to massaging the scalp while using products for hair thickening like shampoo. This increase blood circulation as it stimulates the blood flow locally. Increased flow of the blood would encourage healthy follicle function as said by trichology experts and other skin specialists in their researches.
  4. 4. Volume-building mousse too acts as thickening products. Mousse, which is applied to damp hair before hairdo, after getting naturally dry, is likely to thicken the hair strands. In the book Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair by Clarence Robbins's, the expert reveals that the products that contain collagen and silicone polymers adhere to the shaft of the hair and hence, make them thicker. Women suffering from hair loss due to thinning can apply hair thickening products in the form of mousse to the hair follicles before naturally drying out to add great amount of volume.
  5. 5. Products may also include instant hair thickening fiber and volumizers as their main ingredients. The thickening fiber used for thinner hair is actually a naturally textured component that helps binding the split ends and add missing structural components to the body of the hair. On the other hand, hair volumizers do serve as thickening products those are sprayed onto the bald spots or thinner hair to aid the volume. All the above mentioned products are very effective in solving the thinning problem.