Ascend 2011


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Sembawang Secondary School Magazine 2011

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Ascend 2011

  1. 1. ascendsembawang secondary school 2011
  2. 2. P R I N C I PA L’ S AC A D E M I CM E S S A G E “S trive, Serve and Soar!” The put in place to assist the studentsschool motto guides us in planning in achieving greater heights. Thisthe programmes for students to include the intensive programme forensure that 2011 is a memorable our graduating students to provideyear for one and all in Team them with greater support as well asSembawang. We recognize that each an incentive trip for the students whoindividual who steps into the gates of did well or imprvvoved significantlySembawang Secondary School aspires for the mid-year examinations. Theseto be successful ‘inspiring leaders in students were treated to an incentive National Examinationsa dynamic community’. Guided by trip to Universal Studios Singapore, Athe school vision, programmes were generously sponsored by the Schoollined up to develop the leadership Advisory Committee. nxiety looms every time students awaitpotential of our students so that the results for the national examinations.they will be successful individuals. We recognize the child as being For some, it is a moment to celebrate theirWith various exposures, we hope at the centre of what we do. Thus, good achievements For others, it is a time ofthat they will be able to discover we continue to strive towards reflection as they think of the next course oftheir strengths and continue to excellence in our quest for the action. Our heartiest congratulations to thedevelop themselves so that they will holistic development of the child. As current batch of Sec 4E/5NA students for theirbe successful individuals, prepared said by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid sterling results in the ‘O’ Level Mother Tongueto face the challenges of the 21st Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and examinations 2011!century. Prime Minister and the Ruler of Dubai, “In the race for excellence, there is no CHINESE LANGUAGE Just like the theme for this finish line”.year’s Speech and Prize Giving Day, Passes Distinction“Bringing out the best in our learners,” School National School Nationalthe students in Team Sembawanghave definitely done us proud. The Mrs Tan Lay Hong Sec 4 Exp 100.0 % 97.0 % 26.8 % 26.1 %GCE ‘O’ Level Mother Tongue results Principal Sec 5 96.0 % 89.2 % 12.0 % 9.8 %this year was very commendable, NAwith 23 of our students obtaining adistinction. Achievements were also MALAY LANGUAGEmade at national and international Passes Distinctionlevel. Our Mediacomm Club won School National School Nationalthe Best Presentation Award in the “It’s the results I want!” Sec 4 97.1 % 98.9 % 22.9 % 22.7 %Panasonic Kids Witness News Global ExpContest. Sec 5 100.0 % 96.8 % 5.9 % 12.0 % NA To achieve such success, the staffof the school played a pivotal role TAMIL LANGUAGEin ensuring the necessary structures Passes Distinctionand processes are in place. This School National School Nationalyear several new initiatives were Sec 4 100.0 % 98.5 % 42.9 % 24.5 % Exp Sec 5 “Congratulations!” 100.0 % 96.9 % - 10.2 % NA 3
  3. 3. Universal Studios Epicurean Hunt T he June Incentive Programme at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) L essons come alive! Wetland Reserve on 30 was definitely a much awaited To experience how lessons August 2011. Knowledge event for the graduating students. learnt in the classroom are on nature as well as Sponsored by the School Advisory useful in our daily lives, mathematical concept of Committee, this trip recognised the Secondary Ones went estimation are just some the excellent academic efforts of on an enriching learning things students acquire in students. 35 students went to journey to Sungei Buloh their quest in Sungei Buloh. USS and had a smashing good time on the various rides. A reptile decided to join in Meet-the-Parents At the broadwalks of Sungei Buloh “The answers must be in here!” Spotted something unusual? P artnership with parents is important to ensure students success. As such, Sec 1 - Sec 4 Meet-the-Parents sessions were held in Term 1 to communicate the school’s efforts to develop the students holistically. Time was also set aside for parents to meet teachers to discuss their child’s progress in school. Mother Tongue Fortnight A kaleidoscope of events were conducted for students E.L. Fiesta to appreciate other cultures and languages. It was certainly an interesting time, gathering new experiences from one L earn English in a fun-filled manner. That another. was the main purpose of the E.L Fiesta held in July in Term 3. The school was abuzz with a myriad of programmes for students such as Show & Tell, Storytelling and Public “Once upon a time...” Speaking.4 5
  4. 4. C H A R AC & CITIZEN TER Stay CLOSE@Batam O ne of the highlights SHIP of the Sec 2 programme E D U C AT was Stay CLOSE@Batam, which is a cultural- cum-service learning ION programme. Through this, students taught English to their counterparts in various schools in Batam. Sec 1 Orientation Students were also involved in various character W elcome to students to get to know building activities such as high elements and trekking the family! Amazing one another better as well to develop their leadership programmes were lined up as to understand the life The Sec 2s with their Batam counterparts potential. by the student councillors of a Sembawang Secondary to ensure that the student. Through these Secondary One students activities, the Sec One assimilate well into Team students got familiar with Sembawang. Activities one another and the school. were conducted to allow Team Building Games Engilsh lessons in progress Green Olympiad The Green Olympiad is a recycling outreach Community Involvement Programme programme organized for the primary school students V enturing into in Singapore. Students took part in an environmental the community and Science and Maths offering assistance to the challenge regarding current needy helps students to environmental issues and empathize with others. played the wide range of Through the varied green games designed programmes planned, 5A1 at Pertapis Children Home Taking the Quiz Playing the Green Games by our own students. students gain exposure to Supported by the National the needs of the various Environment Agency and groups of people, both Vopak Terminals Singapore locally and regionally, so Pt e Ltd, t he Green that they will be able to Olympiad taught students help improve the lives of to be conscious of the others. environment in a fun-filled manner. Sec 3T1 at Joy Centre “Did I win?”6 7
  5. 5. National Day Celebrations National Education & SMB Youth Run 2011 Commemorative Events A sea of red greeted development. Immediately Commemorating aspects. Total Defence Day significant milestones and Racial Harmony Day the school on the morning after the observance in our nation’s history were commemorated while of 8th August as students ce r e mony , st aff and is important in ensuring International Friendship and teachers alike students took part in the that we appreciate where Day and National Day celebrated the Nation’s 5th Annual SMB Youth Singapore is today. Our were celebrated to remind 46th birthday. Students Run. This represents the school did not miss us of the importance of took the lead for the school’s dedication to out on opportunities to Singapore as well as its observance ceremony, promote a healthy lifestyle enable us to improve people in our lives. guiding their peers as amongst both students and our knowledge on these well as taking the lead in staff. recollecting Singapore’s “I will beat her!” National Day Observance Ceremony “Am I the first?” Total Defence Day - What does home means? xx ExCITe@Singapore River T he history and International Students in SMBSS shared about their own cuisine during International Friendship DAy Racial Harmony Day heritage of Singapore came alive for the Secondary One students as they went around Singapore River in 3T1 students guiding their juniors “It’s there!” their groups with the clues obtained in the netbooks. In order to navigate round the Singapore River, students relied on the map-reading skills learned during lessons. Questions to be answered were also based on subjects such as Maths and Geography. It was truly an enriching The staff dressed in various ethnic costumes Getting warmed up and ready! experience for all students!8 9
  6. 6. CELEBRATING OURACHIEVEMENTS Recycling Outreach Programme MOE Masterplan Awards (2008-2012) MOE Masterplan Awards (2010-2012) SUSTAINED ACHIEVEMENT OUTSTANDING DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT AWARD AWARD AWARD (NE) (CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT) The Girls’ Brigade Singapore CHampioning Efforts REsulting Schools Green Audit SYF Central Judging 2011-2012 National Inter-School Golf Championship Company Awards PEOPLE DEVELOPER in Improved School Heaelth SUSTAINED ACHIEVEMENT STANDARD CERTIFICATION (CHERISH) GOLD ‘C’ DIVISION BOYS - 4TH SILVER AWARD SILVER (2010-2011) Malay Dance Golf Girls’ Brigade 2010 - 2013 National Inter-School Archery Championship Excellent Unit Awards SYF Central Judging: Art & Craft (Category A) Scientific Thinking Programme Total Defence Awards (Employers) BRONZE TEAM KNOCK-OUT - 1ST OUTSTANDING PROJECT ‘B’ DIVISION BOYS TEAM - 3RD World Youth Tchoukball Championship SILVER (2010-2011) MERITORIOUS DEFENCE Community Service Award INDIVIDUAL KNOCK-OUT - 1ST SINGAPORE REPRESENTATIVES AWARD PARTNER AWARD SILVER INDIVIDUAL ‘B’ DIVISION Mohd Firas Hamka (3E2) Thomas Tien (3A2) Red Cross Youth STANDARD BOW - 2ND Archery Club KWN (Kids Witness News) Global Contest NATIONAL DAY AWARDS - Founder’s Award BEST PRESENTATION AWARD National Reading Superstar LONG SERVICE MEDAL NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award NCC Best Unit Competition Tay Joo Koon (5A1) Marcus Chua Sheng Juang (5A1) Schools Digital Media Awards 2011 Competition 2011 Mrs Goh-Kok Mei Leng, HOD Mathematics PLATINUM AWARD BRONZE BRONZE Samuel Joshua s/o Yogendran (4A1) 2ND POSITION National Police Cadet Corps National Cadet Corps (Sea) J M Fraser Award Excellence National Sports Safety Video Competition NATIONAL DAY AWARDS - COMMENDATION MEDAL SILVER SILVER Mr Lee Kah Siong Jimmy, Vice-Principal Boys’ Brigade Mediacomm Club
  7. 7. LTH SMB Youth Games E A O ur third annual their knowledge and values H Sembawang Youth Games learnt during PE lessons. & took place on 8 April 2010 The focus this year was at the Woodlands Stadium. on building “Champions S The Games continue to of Character, Characters RT serve as an important of Champions”. The entire platform for Team stadium reverberated O Sembawang to establish when Red Lions emergedSP new bonds and reinforce the overall winner in this friendships among and year’s Games. Green between teachers and Falcons clinched the Best students. During the Cheerleading Award. Games, students apply House Meetings T he first House Meeting on 23 February marked the beginning of the year’s House events. It served as a platform for staff and students of the same house to meet and bond through the introduction of new members, photo-taking and cheering sessions. The house members got excited when they see their mascots for the first time for the year. Following the first House Meeting were the Track & Field heats and finals for some events in a run- up to the actual event – the SMB Youth Games.12 13
  8. 8. As o ffered CC Uniformed Groups Sports & Games Red Cross Youths National Police Cadet Corps Archery Club Badminton Boys Brigade Girls Brigade Golf Netball National Cadet Corps (Sea) Volleyball (Boys & Girls) Soccer Clubs & Society Performing Arts Aesthetic Club MediaComm Club SembWinds Malay Dance Green Club AVA Club14 15
  9. 9. 13th Speech & Prize Giving Day 11 March 2011 T he hard work of CELEBRATIONS was none other than our students culminated into a ex-principal, Mrs Elsie day of proud recognition, Rajaratram. The wide as they were given awards smiles on the students’ for their excellent academic happy faces perfectly achievements by many suited the Sunflower theme Chinese New Year guests, including our Guest-of-Honour, who adopted this year. T he Chinese New Year celebrations proved to be a resplendent spectacle, with exciting performances and a wonderful atmosphere. Staff and students alike turned up in red, in line with the celebratory tunes in the air. The day ended very meaningfully with our principal, Mrs Tan, leading our school in reciting ten of the most meaningful blessings for Chinese New Year. Hari Raya Everyone enjoyed the festive cheer during the Hari Raya celebrations. A ketupat- weaving competition was held for students and teachers! The concert was a bedazzling extravaganza - one where they demonstrated the common practices and culture of Muslims in Singapore. Teachers’ Day T eachers’ Day was a memorable occasion this year, with students expressing their heartfelt gratitude to all their teachers with gifts, cards and performances. Teachers also renewed their pledge of commitment during this occasion. Teachers’ Day celebrations was more memorable this year as our SAC members were present to join in the celebrations. The Guest-of-Honour, DDSN North, Mrs Yu Sing Tong, was also present to officially open Mdm Norlita’s Solo Art Exhibition in the school.16 17
  10. 10. Visitors Staff Development Sembawang Secondary School played host Activities to various groups of people from within and outside Singapore. It is a platform for teachers T eachers in the school don’t just work hard, they play hard too! Programmes and to share ideas and strategies with one another events were organized to allow teachers to to improve students’ holistic development. understand strategies to improve teaching and Through these sharings, more ideas were learning, understand more about Singapore, gathered and it spurred the school to continue stay fit and also have lots of fun with one to Strive, Serve and Soar! another. Through these, teachers will be better equipped to help students achieve greater heights. As mentioned by the UAE Vice- President and Prime Minister and the Ruler of Dubai, Mr Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Guest from New York High School Maktoum, “In the race for excellence there is no for Youth and Development finish line”. Guest from Hong Kong University Graduates Association ACE Challenge at Chinatown ACE Challenge at Chinatown Guest from Hong Kong University Humanities sharing with Kuo Chuan NE Staff Special Graduates Association Presbyterian Secondary School Guests from Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri 1 Padang Padang, Indonesia18 STAFF BUZZ Staff Games Questioning Techniques Workshop 19