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Movies you need to see!


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Movies you need to see!

  1. 1. By Diana Luong
  2. 2.  The Lucky One Neighborhood Watch Bully
  3. 3.  Is about a veteran man who came back from Iraq, and searches for a woman from a mysterious photo he found during the war.
  4. 4.  July 27,2012 A group of guys stumble an alien during an invasion during a faux neighborhood watch meetings where the usually do some male bonding in that place
  5. 5.  March 30, 2012 About a point in time when bully in America has reached all over the world.
  6. 6.  Critics Rating:2
  7. 7.  Critics Rating:0
  8. 8.  Critics Rating: 3 ½