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How to create online thanksgiving photobook

Here you may learn how to free create custom photo books online or make personalized Thanksgiving photo album by using XFlip Pro software.

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How to create online thanksgiving photobook

  1. 1. By XFlipsoft
  2. 2. Introduction  Thanksgiving is absolutely invaluable to the practice of engaging with relationships and rich in traditions and memories. Thus are you eager to retain your Thanksgiving Day as a precious memory with a great online photo book that captures the events, activities, special moments and of those special things you all were so thankful for?
  3. 3.  Here you just have come to the right place; you could easily compile many Thanksgiving images, and view them in a photo gallery with 3D page flip effect just like view a flip book. What's more, you could also choose to upload your published photobook for sharing online by sending it to others via Email or social networks.
  4. 4. Steps 1. First you may need to collect many Thanksgiving photos that capture memories of your family gathered in the kitchen or enjoying the holiday feast. Free download and install XFlip online photo maker to create Thanksgiving photobook online from your Thanksgiving images.
  5. 5. 2. Customize and design your online scrapbook layouts that showcase celebrations of your Thanksgiving. It should be a wise idea to make pages featuring photos of family gatherings, trips to the pumpkin patch, classroom parties and preparations for the celebratory feast. You could find the desired Thanksgiving templates to suit for your subject.
  6. 6. 3. Design and do setting jobs for your online Thanksgiving photo album. Versatile XFlip flip book software also allows to add your favorite multimedia elements like hyperlinks, Flash objects, videos (including YouTube videos), images, hotspot and many more to your great online photo gallery.
  7. 7. 4. After making the photobook with page-flipping effect, you are ready to upload the publications online or email created flipping image album to others directly. 5. Thanks for attention!