How to Convert PDF Magazine for iPad


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A step by step tutorial to teach you how to convert PDF magazine to e-magazine for iPad with page flip effect.

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How to Convert PDF Magazine for iPad

  1. 1. How to Convert PDF Magazine for iPadHow to Convert PDF Magazine for iPadDo you have problems when you read PDF magazine on your iPad. Well, someone saidthat he has a few PDF magazines, he can read them on double page, but when load oniPad, just can view in single page, he want to read these magazines on double pages onhis iPad, what should he do?Or you have a website, and want your readers have a better reading experience on theiriPad when they read your magazine through internet.Well, here is one solution for this by using XFlip digital magazine software.For personal use, you can download the XFlip software 30-day trial version; As forcompay or website owners, you can purchase the software to create the magazines withyour LOGO to brand yourself.Below is a step by step tutorial to teach you how to convert PDF magazine to e-magazinefor iPad with page flip effect.Step 1: Download or purchase XFlip software, install it.Step 2: Open the XFlip software after installation, (double click the XFlip icon on yourdesktop.) import the PDF Magazine.Step 3: Click the Design button to set blackground theme, you can see different themeson the left, choose one you like. Personal users who use XFlip trial-version can jump tostep 5.
  2. 2. How to Convert PDF Magazine for iPad
  3. 3. How to Convert PDF Magazine for iPadStep 4: (For compay or website owners) Then click the “Advanced Setting”, you can setyour company info or website URL here.You can also set your company watermark image on the output, just click the “OtherSettings” sub-meun on the left, check the box beside “Logo”, import the watermark imagefrom your computer, and input your website URL for the image link. You can also set thewatermark position from the four checkbox:Left Top, Right Top, Left Bottom, Right Bottom. Then click the check mark to save thesettings.Step 5: Click the Publish button on the top meun of the software, start convert. Publish asHTML, and check the box “Also create mobile version. Make output flipbook work on IPad,Iphone and android mobile devices.”And then set your save path to the File Folder, fill the File Name for your magazine, click
  4. 4. How to Convert PDF Magazine for iPad“Start” button to convert.After finish convert PDF to Page flip magazine. You can see two files(named files andindex.html) under your File Name Folder. Click the index.html, you can read PDFmagazine on your computer. And upload the whole folders to your server, (here is the linkto How to Upload Flipping Digital Publications on Website) get the link of the index.html,type it in the iPad browser, you can read your magazine on your iPad.