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Buildings urban

  1. 1. 3.4 Buildings By Lau Wei Ling Buildings at urban zone are buildings in the core of a city or metropolitan. By investigating the chosen site, Times Square area, I discover features of the building in the city are different.  Building Functions The buildings at urban zone have multiple functions. Living, working, eating, resting, leisure and entertainment, tourism and commercial activities, industrial and management are all focus in the Times Square area. The Times Square building is a 48 storeys twin tower to provide sufficient space to carry out different occasions. The Times Square building has more than 1000 suites, over 1000 of retails stores, leisure theme park, cinemas and food outlets to provide convenient shopping and entertainment for the tourists.
  2. 2. To fulfil all the requirements, the buildings at the Times Square area are mostly skyscrapers that envelopes different type of units. Figure 3.4.1 Facilities provided by Times Square building. Figure 3.4.2 Skyscrapers in Times Square area.
  3. 3.  Building Materials As the buildings in Times Square area are skyscrapers and large building, which require strong steel framework for their building support. The requirement toward professional workmanship and materials also increased. Steel framework is the steel structure of the building. Figure 3.4.3 Steel Framework For construction of skyscraper, strong framework and good engineering can help to build a building without requiring too many expensive materials. While the concretes, glass and steel are still the main materials to be used in the construction of building in modern area.
  4. 4.  Building Features Due to high density of people in the urbanised area, buildings are built more than 30 floors to support the huge capacity of residents. The extremely high priced land costs boost the construction of skyscraper for partition of the costs of the housing units. Skyscrapers serve smaller lands and bigger space in the urban core area like Times Square. Figure 3.4.4 A view of Times Square building from the bottom. Urbanised area is a place that is highly developed with constructions in which green plants are rarely found in the places. The buildings in urban zone are encourage for not using too much glasses as it will absorb heat and increase the indoor temperature. The buildings are equipped with air-conditioner to regulate the temperature inside. Green Building Codes are also introduced to the construction industry in this city.
  5. 5. Figure 3.4.5 Panaroma View of Times Square Area (source: flickr)  Architecture The buildings at Times Square area highlight the architecture for aesthetic value and attraction especially when Times Square is one of the famous tourist spots. The skyscrapers at Times Square also focus on architecture so the building would be eye-catchy to attract attentions from the shoppers and tourists. The buildings at this area are focusing on contemporary architecture, modern designs or even futuristic and unique architecture. Figure 3.4.6 The Ceiling of Time Square shows architecture.
  6. 6. Figure 3.4.7 Figure 3.4.8 Times Square Building with architecture Interior Architecture of Times Square