Online marketing for eCommerce


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Presentation from workshop we held on 27.08.2010

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Online marketing for eCommerce

  1. 1. Online marketing foreCommerceby LumoLink
  2. 2. DisclaimerThis presentation was used in a talk given to alive audience. These slides only contain the gistof information (most was conveyed via speech).You might still find these slides helpful and thusthey have been made available online.
  3. 3. AgendaBrief introductionPractical implementationQ&A
  4. 4. Founded in July 2010Based in OuluTeam of 6Background in web developmentand online marketing
  5. 5. We help businesses succeed online
  6. 6. In order to implementstrategies in this talk we’ll need Access to website (FTP) Not always possible Access to eCommerce admin panel Facebook account Google account
  7. 7. Trends
  8. 8. Push vs Pull
  9. 9. Coolhaus
  10. 10. Part 1Online marketing strategy
  11. 11. Marketing strategy Engagement Focus Value Content Frequency
  12. 12. Ideal customerWhich customers help you maximize valuethat both parties receive?What do you know about them? Age Income Education Hobbies Location etc...Do they have a problem you can solve? Do theyknow about it? How did they solve it before?Where do they get their info? Who do they trustonline?
  13. 13. ExampleBusiness located in FinlandLooking to outsource entire product development Marketing DevelopmentTurnover over 1mil euroAiming to be internationalUnderstands value of online marketing
  14. 14. Who is your ideal customer?
  15. 15. Services Content Products Your website (Value)(Monetization) Conversion
  16. 16. Creating contentWhat will your audience find valuable?What are they used to? PowerPoints, PDF, Blogs, images etcWhat are the right channels for promoting yourcontent?What can you create to show off your competitiveadvantage, skill etc?
  17. 17. Consider doing some of thefollowingStart a podcastCompare your products to competitorsWrite guest blog postsRelease an eBook for freePost video reviews of your productsStart a newsletterGive free samples / consultationsHave a contestStart a blogBe a content curator
  18. 18. Content we create
  19. 19. What kind of content youproduce?
  20. 20. FrequencyHow often will you publishcontent?What kind of internal limitationsdo you have (resources)?What frequency is your audienceused to?What pace can you maintain overlong period of time?Remember to leave room forengagement!Don’t dilute content quality for thesake of frequency
  21. 21. Our frequencyDaily Twitter & Facebook & LinkedIn Small updatesWeekly Newsletter & Blog Valuable substantial contentMonthly PodcastYearly Conference
  22. 22. Communication channelHow will you communicate with your audience?Via what channel?How will you incorporate customer’s voice into yourmarketing and even business?How do you measure it? What is correct metric for you?What media will you use (video, audio, text, images)?Actively listen
  23. 23. Blogs Social networks Direct traffic Other websites Search engines Your website Your website is your content hub
  24. 24. What channels have youchosen for communication?
  25. 25. Part 2Search engine optimization
  26. 26. What is HTML?
  27. 27. <!doctype html><html> <head> <title>HELLO HTML!</title> </head> <body> <h1>Header</h1> <p>Hello World!</p> <img src=”kuva.jpg” /> </body></html>
  28. 28. How do search engineswork?
  29. 29. Good eCommerce platformIs optimized for search enginesAllows you to modify template easilyAllows you to extend functionality via pluginsAllows you to integrate social plugins (Facebook etc)
  30. 30. Which platform do you use?
  31. 31. Pagerank Site Site K Site Y X Your site Site Z
  32. 32. Play by the rules Search engine can ban you for misbehavior
  33. 33. Most common mistakes
  34. 34. <title>GOOD: Nokia N8 älypuhelin HD kameralla - Nettikauppa BAD: Etusivu
  35. 35. <meta name=”description”> GOOD: LinkedIn For Dummies: Joel Elad: Books BAD: Nothing
  36. 36. URLGOOD: BAD:
  37. 37. NavigationAVOID: Flash, Images and bad anchor text
  38. 38. Anchor textGOOD: <a href=”/kamerat/Canon-D50”>Canon D50</a> BAD: <a href=”/kamerat/Canon-D50”>Klikka tätä</a>
  39. 39. Heading tagsGOOD: <h1>Järjestelmäkamerat - Canon</h1> BAD: Long text or missing altogether
  40. 40. Pagerank distribution Homepage Category XProduct X Product Z
  41. 41. 404GOOD: Page that stands out as error page, has important links (search, sitemap etc) and sends 404 statusBAD: Page that looks like a regular page and doesn’t send 404 status
  42. 42. ImagesGOOD: <img src=”canon-d50.jpg” alt=”Canon D50 järjestelmäkamera” /> BAD: <img src=”kuva.jpg” />
  43. 43. rel=”nofollow”GOOD: Use it when you exchange links, post user generated links and link to sites you don’t trust BAD: Not using rel=”nofollow” More info
  44. 44. DuplicationGOOD: Every page should have a unique title, meta description and H1 BAD: Duplicate tags across pages
  45. 45. CanonicalAllows you to set preferred version of URL<link rel="canonical" href="" /> More info
  46. 46. RSSIt’s good for search engines and your visitors More info
  47. 47. SitemapList of all pages on your site easily readable by search engines More info
  48. 48. robots.txtUser-agent: *Disallow:Sitemap: More info
  49. 49. Google placesFreeCouponsContact informationAppears in local searchShows in Google Maps
  50. 50. Link directories Dmoz Yahoo WebInfo International ones
  51. 51. Link building Try to get backlinks from related and respected websites in your industry Very important to search engines
  52. 52. SpeedThe faster your site thebetterGoogle likes speedMeasure itHosting and platformaffect speed the most
  53. 53. Part 3Paid advertising opportunities
  54. 54. AdWords
  55. 55. AdWords
  56. 56. Facebook paid advertisingPay per 1000impressionsPay per click
  57. 57. Facebook paid advertising
  58. 58. Facebook paid advertising
  59. 59. Ostokset.fi10€ monthly fee0,011€ per product(max 20€)0,004€ per page view(max 20€)
  60. 60. FruugoNo fixed feesCommission free
  61. 61. Hintaseuranta.fiPricing variesPopular amongst techproducts
  62. 62. Part 4Facebook
  63. 63. Facebook fan page
  64. 64. Landing tab
  65. 65. Post content via RSS Disclaimer: Hand created posts are way better thou
  66. 66. Facebook fan pageUpdates Multimedia rocks!
  67. 67. Integrating Facebook onyour site Pshhh: Vercco could add “Like” and “Like us on Facebook” widgets to front page :)
  68. 68. How to get fansHold a contestIntegrate Facebook on your sitePromote your page using Facebook adsAsk current customers to join you on FacebookOffer discounts to Facebook users onlySuggest your page to your friendsDisplay URL in offline marketing material
  69. 69. How to calculate ROI forFacebook fans?
  70. 70. Part 5Gather large opt-in mailing list
  71. 71. Newsletters are not deadSend valuable information to your customersSend latest user stories and testimonials You do collect testimonials, right?Inform about upcoming productsSend out product reviewsAsk customers to send feedback
  72. 72. Easy to get started Free for 3000 emails per month Supports RSS driven campaigns Easy to use Supports Google Analytics Supports social media integration MailChimp
  73. 73. Part 6Analyze analyze analyze analyze analyze...
  74. 74. Facebook statistics (Fan page)
  75. 75. Facebook statistics (Fan page)
  76. 76. Facebook statistics (Website)
  77. 77. Google webmaster toolsShould reflect keywordsyou want to rank for
  78. 78. Google webmaster tools
  79. 79. Google webmaster tools
  80. 80. Google webmaster tools
  81. 81. Google webmaster tools
  82. 82. Google webmaster tools
  83. 83. Google Analytics
  84. 84. Google Analytics - Email
  85. 85. Google Analytics - Goals
  86. 86. Google AnalyticseCommerce
  87. 87. Google AnalyticseCommerce
  88. 88. Google Analytics Alerts
  89. 89. Woorank
  90. 90. Google Web OptimizerTutorial on how to use Google Web Optimizer
  91. 91. UserFly
  92. 92. Woopra
  93. 93. Part 7Make it a habit
  94. 94. Morning routine1 Post on social networks and connect with people2 Create content3 Get backlinks (links to your site from other sites)
  95. 95. Part 8Additional resources
  96. 96. Additional resources Google Webmaster Forum Search Engine Land Woorank Website grader Social mention Google AdPlanner Google search based keyword tool Google keyword tool
  97. 97. Thank you!Connect with me via Email / Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook / FriendFeed Follow LumoLink on: Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook / FriendFeed
  98. 98. Image credits