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Synthesis social slides


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Synthesis social slides

  1. 1. Leaning Preference Active – 7 Intuitive- 1 Visual- 5, Sequential - 1 Therefore, I am an Active & Visual Learner, as I always thought I am.
  2. 2. Learning Pathway In the beginning of this class, I chose Learning Sage Pathway. I would like to broaden my learning of each tools , keep upgrading myself while sharing with others.
  3. 3. Activity Contributions Boarder Understand MMGOs& Games Deeper Understand Social Network Work Best for learning Bookmarking
  4. 4. Top 3 Mobile Technologies Social Network Visual and Active learner Social Bookmarking Active, Global, and Sequential Learner MMGOs and Games Active, Visual, Global, and Sequential Learner
  5. 5. Synthesis Most Interesting Social Bookmarking Most Surprising MMGOs& Games Least Helpful MMGOs&Games – actually very helphul, but I chose at first Future Explore Social Network