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Quick and Easy PowerPoint Videos


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Quick and Easy PowerPoint Videos

  1. 1. Online Video
  2. 2. MichelleSchoen AT&T Training Designer Learn Freelance Camtasia Instructional 2008 Designer 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2008 2012 Virtual IBM Project Assistant Manager
  3. 3. Case Studies
  4. 4. Top Reasons to use Video Top Reasons You can communicate with your clients and prospects much more directly, clearly and personally with video.
  5. 5. Top Reasons to use Video Top Reasons YouTube has a massive audience of BILLIONS! Youre missing a huge opportunity to reach a piece of that enormous audience.
  6. 6. Top Reasons to use Video Top Reasons Without video on your website or blog, your business will appear behind the times, out of touch or, worse yet, irrelevant!
  7. 7. Top Reasons to use Video Top Reasons Using video makes it much easier for your business to be found online. According to Forester Research, Video SEO is 53 times more likely to drive a first page search result. Video dramatically improves your search engine rankings.
  8. 8. Uses for this Knowledge• Sales videos,• Web welcome videos• Video product demos ANY video is actually a• How-to videos “presentation”• FAQ videos
  9. 9. Easy Online Videos With PowerPoint Plan and Develop your content Good Design for Video Add Animation Add Narration Make Your Video Getting it on the Web
  10. 10. Getting Started! Ready?
  11. 11. Plan and Developyour Content
  12. 12. Creating your Outline/ScriptUse thePowerPointOutline View
  13. 13. Creating your Outline/Script
  14. 14. Get Started onGreat VisualDesign
  15. 15. Some Videos are great!
  16. 16. Some? Not so much…
  17. 17. One Thought Per Slide PLEASEReally Bad Much Better
  18. 18. Creating Your
  19. 19. Simple Gradient
  20. 20. Interesting FontsWhere to Get them…Where to Getthem…
  21. 21. Cool Images
  22. 22. Cool Images
  23. 23. Removing Backgrounds from Images Before and After
  24. 24. Did You Know You Could do This? Adding Video
  25. 25. AddingAnimation/Transitions
  26. 26. Adding Transitions
  27. 27. AddingNarration
  28. 28. Record Record in into PowerPoint
  29. 29. Creating yourVideo
  30. 30. Make a Video
  31. 31. If You Need to Convert to FlashUpload to YouTube then Download MP4
  32. 32. If You Need to Convert to FlashUse Handbrake from
  33. 33. If you Need to Embed on your BlogUpload toScreencast.comOr YouTubethen use theembed code
  34. 34. Practice TimePlease download the PowerPoint Templateand I will walk you through creating your ownanimated video.
  35. 35. Title of yourPractice Video YOUR NAME HERE
  36. 36. PowerPoint Video Tips and Trickshttp://
  37. 37. PowerPoint Video Tips and Tricks
  38. 38. ContactMichelle