Workplace profitability


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Workplace profitability

  1. 1. Name of company removed for privacy and confidentiality 24th July 2012 Kate Alama Predictive Numerologist
  2. 2. Name removed will provide holisticeducation opportunities of thehighest quality for Māori, peoples ofAotearaoa New Zealand and theworld.
  3. 3. • To provide education that best fits the aspirations of this generation, enhances the dreams of future generations and prepares for understanding the essence of past generations.• To equip people with knowledge of our heritage, our language, our culture so they can handle the world at large with confidence and self-determination.• To empower ones potential for learning as a base for progress in the modern world.• To make contributions of consequence.• To care.• To make our world a better place.
  4. 4. • Te Aroha - Having regard for one another and those for whom we are responsible and to whom we are accountable.• Te Whakapono - The basis of our beliefs and the confidence that what we are doing is right.• Ngā Ture - The knowledge that our actions are morally and ethically right and that we are acting in an honourable manner.• Kotahitanga - Unity amongst iwi and other ethnicities; standing as one.
  5. 5. • To provide holistic education opportunities of the highest quality for Māori, peoples of Aotearoa and the world.• To provide a unique Māori cultural learning environment.• To provide practical learning experiences.• To provide support, encouragement and guidance to all learners in their pursuit of personal development, learning and employment.• To encourage all learners to learn and achieve to their fullest potential.• To be a good employer and encourage staff to develop personally and professionally to their fullest potential.
  6. 6. The romans said “Nomen est omen”The name is the destiny.Names and numbers are symbols.They do not of themselves „make‟ thingshappen. Instead they announce andbroadcast the programs of thought,feeling and action being enacted on thetelevision screen of human relations.They state the nature of the happening,its character; it‟s past, present andfuture.They are there as signposts to guide,protect and reward all who have thewisdom and foresight to observe andunderstand.
  7. 7. Pythagoras, a philosopher of ancientEurope was born in around 509BC.As a young boy he learned aboutmeditation and was fascinated about thestars. He is most widely known aboutfor having the idea that the world is asphere or round ball.There were two other forms of teachingthat he was infamous for.Firstly – The theory of magnitude inrelation to astronomy.Secondly – The science of numbers andtheir relationship to experience andhappenstance – a mathematicalexplanation.
  8. 8. If you can understand yourself, you arethen able to understand others better.Your birth day and your birth name areyour keys to this life (just like the key tothat new car you were given forChristmas – I‟m still waiting) – Yourcharacteristics, abilities and events.Numerology helps you to understandwho you are by exploring the complexityof your own self.As we are all different, we are also allunique. Like our fingerprint.Our profile assists us in understandingwho we are.How you chose to live your life isentirely up to you.
  9. 9. All your numbers reveal every aspect ofyour soul growth and purpose. Itexplains and gives definition of what weare supposed to be doing here.Numerology does not make thingshappen, but rather gives you theopportunity to use the energies availableto you – or ignore them. By learning thepositive aspects of your permanentnumbers you will understand why youdo things in a certain way and why youreact to situations in certain ways.
  10. 10. We all have five major numbers – whatwe call permanent numbers which mapout and help navigate our path throughlife. Your permanent numbers arecalculated from your birth date and yourbirth name. They never change eventhough you may by choice or bymarriage later change your name.These numbers show the story of yourlife – like an instruction book, it showsyour experiences, past and future.Nothing is hidden.
  11. 11. This is one of the most importantnumbers. It represents your talents andskills and how we relate to others on adaily basis. It is the experiences that weencounter in everyday life.Whilst the traits and characteristics ofthe birth day number are alsoexperienced through the life path, innerpersonality, outer personality anddestiny, they will be experienced in aslightly different way.The higher the number, the more thingsyou will need to work on.
  12. 12. This number is also very important, butwhile it is as strong as the birth date,you have a whole life to get there.It shows the direction of your life,challenges and experiences on yourpath and where your natural talents liein terms of career. This is the cosmicgift that is given to you in order toaccomplish your destiny.
  13. 13. This is your true character, what theworld does not usually see.It shows the drive and ambition, yourinner heart‟s desire; what motivates youand makes you behave and think as youdo, and what influences the actions ofyour current life.Only those that know you really well willbe able to identify what this is.
  14. 14. This shows how the world sees you andthe impression you make on others.They will come to expect certain thingsof you as this is how you are presentingand expressing yourself to others.
  15. 15. This is your aim in life.It shows what you came here to do inthis lifetime – the path you must walk,what you should accomplish and whatyou must be. It shows what you dobest.
  16. 16. This number becomes fully functionalafter the age of 40 – middle life.This is the age when you no longerwaste time and energy on things thatare not moving you toward your ultimategoal in life.
  17. 17. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9A B C D E F G H IJ K L M N O P Q RS T U V W X Y Z
  18. 18. 1: Beginning, Leadership, Innovative, Courageous,Determination2: Patient/Loving, Cooperative, Balanced, Harmonious,Sensitive3: Creative, Imaginative, Joy-bringer, Enthusiastic, Gift ofwords4: Security, Solid/Stable, Practical, Hardworking,Systematic5: Freedom, Change/Variety, Resourceful,Unconventional, Magnetic6: Duty, Responsibility, Family, Nurturing, Love/Romance7: Analytical, Solitary/Loner, Mystical/Deep, Perfectionist,Intuitive8: Money/Power, Success, Authority, Organisation,Achievement9: Completion, Compassion, Multitalented, Humanitarian,Forgiveness11: Spiritual messenger, Inspirational, Visionary, Nervousenergy, Peacemaker22: Master organiser, Natural leader, Confidence,Discipline, Hard working33: Selfless service, Sympathetic, Tender hearted, Caring,Forgiving
  19. 19. „The snow goose need not bathe tomake itself white, neither need you doanything but be yourself.‟„Be who you are. Love who you are.‟Start the day with LOVESpend the day with LOVEFill the day with LOVEEnd the day with LOVEThis is the way to GOD
  20. 20. NEED TO ASK A QUESTION: PHONE – 0211396388,