The main image is of a male and female, assumed to be the main characters in the film. The woman is sitting on the left. S...
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Posteranalysis 50 First Dates


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Posteranalysis 50 First Dates

  1. 1. The main image is of a male and female, assumed to be the main characters in the film. The woman is sitting on the left. She has quite a shocked and frightened facial expression, and is sitting upright looking quite tense. The man sitting next to her, however, it quite the opposite. He is much more relaxed, sitting casually with his legs crossed. He is gazing at the woman which suggests to the audience that he is quite fond of her, whether it is as a friend or something more. The background is of a beach, which shows that the film is set somewhere quite romantic. This then make the audience assume even more that these two people are a couple. The point of a selling line is to give the audience a slight idea as to what the film is going to be about. The language used for this selling line is extremely casual and informal, as well as quite comical. The use of the word ‘friggin’ makes the audience realise that this film is a comedy, probably aimed at 16-20 year olds, as this is the language that they are most likely use. After looking at the image of the couple, the selling line and finally the date, it becomes clear to the user that this film is definitely a romance. The way that they have also used the words ‘Remember the Date’ is quite clever and comical, as the film is about a woman who loses her memory and so she would be likely to forget this. This poster is quite consistent throughout. They use the same colours of red, white and black, and also extremely similar fonts. By making the poster consistent in its general theme, it makes it look professional to the audience. The feel that there is a good ratio of text to graphics in this poster. The only graphic featured is the main image, with the focus being in the centre on the couple. The text used is very limited, which really makes the picture stand out and attract more attention. Poster Analysis