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The real story of cinderella


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The real story of cinderella

  1. 1. The Real Story Of CinderellaOkay you know how Cinderella is asweet little story? Well it’s not, peoplemade that up. Nobody in the whole wideworld knows the real story. You knowwhy? I AM CINDERELLA!!! Okay so I wassitting down with my dad and I. We’vealways been best buddies. My mom diedwhen I was bon, but I know that she wasbeautiful and a wonderful person to bearound. I found some pictures of her(dad didn’t burn) and she was soBEAUTIFUL!! (like I said )Then my dadapparently found “the love of hislife.”[My new step mom.] She acts likeshe likes me but she only and like thatwhen we are around dad. Before I couldeven blink dad asked her if she wouldmarry him. Well, now I have 3 evil stepsisters, And I’m really ad because dad’sgoing on a business trip and I have tostay home with the evil step sisters. Mybedroom’s in the garage {which I’m madabout} but it’s better then staying in thehouse with those ugly step sisters. I
  2. 2. tried to like them but there the completeopposite of me. They’re mean , ugly, andselfish!!! Okay tonight’s the ball! I wasso excited 1am going to dance with theprice all night long. Then once againsomething bad happed , I found out thatmy evil step mom wanted me to cleanthe house and use toothbrushes toscrub the whole floor!. . . I am awesomeat having good ideas so I called my bffAnd Told her about the plan that shewas going to dressier me while I go tothe ball then she finally after all thetalking said yes!  Chelsea broughtover the jeep and I was ready to leave.** So right now I was at the ball. OMG!My 3 evil step sisters were there. I didn’twant to see then so I quickly dancedwith the price and I look at the clock. Iiwas running out of time. Why are theyeven here? Mom would be home fromher facial at 12:00. It was 11:50 pm. Iwas trying to go over the blue ballmarble steps then suddenly these weirdbut pretty glass slippers appeared on
  3. 3. my feet. I ran out to the jeep and it wasgone!?!?- This met I had to run home.But before (of course) I had to take offthe glass slippers. So I was running andholding the glass slippers at the sametime. I was running out of time and I hadto be there A.S.A.P.!I heard someoneyelling “Cinderella” and I didn’t knowwhat to do so I ran out the front door.The Prince! I thought with wonder. Thenhe asked me if I wanted to go outsometime with him. I said” yes”