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Studio 1613 show

Studio 1613 creates experimental monoprints and exhibits one time a year. This shows some of the exhibit selections and gives info on the show.

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Studio 1613 show

  1. 1. What is MONOPRINTING? 1. Paint on plexiglass. 2. Place plexiglass on press.3. Position dampened paper on top of plexiglass and cover with blanket.4. Roll through press!
  2. 2. Monoprinting limits yourcontrol and embraces the element of surprise.
  3. 3. Artist: LuAnn Roberto Monoprint
  4. 4. You can add to and enhance your prints later.That is called a monotype. This is when it gets EXPERIMENTAL.
  5. 5. Artist: Georgette GantnerMonotype
  6. 6. Abstract.Experimental.
  7. 7. Artist: Nina Zak Laddon Monotype
  8. 8. Painterly.Refined.
  9. 9. Artist: Sue WoodMonotype
  10. 10. Quirky.Textural.
  11. 11. Artist: Kristina KellyMonotype
  12. 12. Sculptural. Fluid.
  13. 13. Artist: Leah Shirejian Monotype
  14. 14. Layered.Rhythmic.
  15. 15. Artist: Jean ShultzMonotype
  16. 16. There is so muchmore to see!We hope youcan join us forthe openingreception of ourlatest group show. Opening Reception | June 1st 6-9PM | June 2-3 Noon-6PMWomen’s Club of Redondo Beach | Pearl St. and Broadway, Redondo Beach