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Illegal alien by genesis


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This is a presentation prepared for my students to use as a guide to make them learn how to write a simple paper with a PPP working with the analysis of the lyrics of a song based on an especif topic: immigration.

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Illegal alien by genesis

  1. 1. ILLEGAL ALIEN by GENESISMexican Illegal Immigration to the United States of America ANALISIS OF THE LYRICS
  2. 2.  LYRICS BACKGROUND:Immigration has held a majorrole in shaping the United States ofAmerica.Immigrants have always come to America lookingfor a better life but Americans are alwaysforgetting their forefathers were one looking forthat same life (pilgrim’s fathers).
  3. 3.  Beginning 20th century:Businessmen wanted immigrantsbecause they considered themcheap labor.Worlds War II: Americans looked abroad forworkers to support a wartime economy.Program Bracero: Mexican workers allowed to work on American farms and railroads.
  4. 4.  1964: End Bracero program.Immigrants continued arriving inAmerica without papers.Undocumented migration began: migrantsworked temporarily under the threat ofdeportation.American-Mexican border: primary control to regulate flow of immigrants.
  5. 5.  1983: Heavy flow of Mexicansto the States due to economic crisisin Mexico.Illegal immigrants: pool of exploitable labor.They worked long hours, hard, and cheap.The States: it developed an economy of lowprices of everyday goods because ofundocumented workers (illegal immigrants).
  6. 6.  American people wanted to stopillegal immigration: they believedimmigrants competed for jobs anddepressed wages and job standards.Labor Unions and liberal politicians attackedillegal immigration. Opposition came fromemployers groups: they relied on illegalImmigrants to continue working at low cost. Result: no action was taken to impose penalties against employers who hired
  7. 7.  Song: Illegal Alien by Genesis(Phil Collins).Cheerful, humorous look at thefrustrations an illegal Mexican immigrant faceswhen he tries to illegally enter the United States.Even though the lyrics are satirical, some listenersperceive it to be racially offensive.
  8. 8.  Name of the song: Illegal Alien Alien: ‘very different in natureor character, esp. so different as tocause dislike or opposition.’ (Longmandictionary). Negative connotation –dehumanizing aspect.Video imagery: Mexicans stereotypicallyportrayed: drinkers, sleeping late as lazy people,playing Mariachi music, wearing a toupee or huge sombreros or serapes.
  9. 9.  First stanza: GOT OUT OF BED, WASN’T FEELING TOO GOODWITH MY WALLET AND MY PASSPORT, A NEW PAIR OF SHOES. THE SUN IS SHINING SO I HEAD FOR THE PARK, WITH A BOTTLE OF TEQUILA, AND A NEW PACK OF CIGARETTES.We have a Mexican Phil Collinsgetting up late with a bad hangover.He obviously does not have a job.He immediately heads to the bar with a bottle of Tequila, appearing like a drunker.
  10. 10.  Chorus:IT’S NO FUN BEING AN ILLEGAL ALIEN, NO IT’S NO FUN BEING AN ILLEGAL ALIENIllegal immigrants DO NOT havefun trying to enter the States. They exposethemselves to serious dangers. Police canintercept and deport them; big organizationscan traffic them for exploitation. Women expose themselves to be raped and be kept at houses of prostitution.
  11. 11.  Other stanza: OVER THE BORDER, THER LIES THE PROMISED LANDWHERE EVERYTHING COMES EASY, YOU JUST HOLD OUT YOUR HANDImmigrants emigrate in search of ahigher standard of life, dreaming infulfilling their American Dream. When theyarrive the face: maltreatment, exploitation, harassment, exclusion, intolerance, and indifference.
  12. 12.  Other Stanza: KEEP YOUR SUSPICIONS, I’VE SEEN THAT LOOK BEFORE BUT I AIN’T DONE NOTHING WRONG NOW, IS THAT SUCH A SURPRISEEven if he has done nothing wrong,people look at him with suspicion.(negative attitudes towards immigrants). PhilCollins sings ‘ain’t done nothing wrong NOW’, Does it mean he is going to do anything wrong?
  13. 13.  CONCLUSION:What’s next? Difference definesour world. Race, gender, andsexuality are everywhere.Ideal world: difference should not matter. Wemust confront difference. People often use theidea of being different to oppress and exploitothers. It is a labyrinth in which we must get lost if we are to ever find our way to understanding.