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Lulabelle's House Hits the Headlines! pdf


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Lulabelle's House has been featured in the Northern Irish addition of The Daily Mirror by the lovely Jilly Beattie!

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Lulabelle's House Hits the Headlines! pdf

  1. 1. DMUULS ART Your Life Daily Mirror TUESDAY 03.1.2012 36 Bringing new life, one chair at a time The recession might be biting hard in Northern Ireland, but one artist’s idea is brightening lives and instilling hope through a series of workshops. By Jilly BeattieTHE skies may be dull, the weathergloomy but 2012 is set to bebright and beautiful thanks to an SEATS YOU: BRUSH UP:enterprising young artist who is Tasha Working on Copeland,splashing colour into homes across old chairs right, andNorthern Ireland. Donnella Tasha Copeland is beating the recession Bremnerblues with a simple idea that can not onlyrevitalise a home, but teaches clientshow to carry the look throughout evenon a brutal budget. She runs Lulabelle’s House, a workshopthat pumps new life into the old and tired– that includes furniture AND people. From her studio in Larne, Co Antrim,Tasha said: “I’m just doing what I love todo and people have taken it to theirhearts. “It may have seemed a bit mad to starta new business in the middle of a creditcrunch but it was a dream I shared withmy sister who is doing them same inAustralia. “Money is tight but I offer good valuefor money and a greatday out plus of course alovely and unique pieceo f f u r n i t u r e t h ateveryone will admire. “The workshops areregularly booked upand it has proved to met h at f o l l ow i n g m ydreams can be theperfect solution in acredit crisis. “I take pieces of old orunfashionable furniture,from lamps to chairs,tables to bookcases, andbreathe new life intothem by using amazingnew colours and painttechniques. “The results areabsolutely amazing butthe work is completed ON THEpretty fast and abso- SHELF: The UK’slutely anyone can do Finishingit. touches BEST “The results punchway above their weightcompared to the effort that needs to go that means no one needs to sand down with steaming coffee and pastries, Wo r k- lifeinto them. real “Our day-long courses include a late to strip their pieces before the fun part everyone chooses an item of furniture shopsbreakfast and lunch served on our pretty starts. WIN A CHANCE and we get started. are held “It’s a secret recipe that I share with “The transformation of the furniture isvintage china. “Over the course of a day in the people who come to my classes. TO TAKE PART IN incredible and the groups gel wonderfully in our studio inworkshop clients will learn a range ofpainting and decorative techniques “It’s amazing and a brilliant shortcut that takes away the tedious part of A WORKSHOP as people admire each other’s work. “There’s a lot of laughter and a lot of Larne. The workshop costswhilst transforming a piece of restoration.” TASHA is offering FIV fun. £60 although we often have E Dailyfurniture from shabby to Tasha, a trained Interior Mirror readers a pair of works “In fact there’s something special offers on ourchic which they can then D e s i g n e r, wo r k s w i t h vouchers. For a chance to win hop very basic about people website.take home and treasure. “Imagine that tired, People have furniture fanatic Donnella answer the following question Bremner to make little Where is Lulabelle’s . joining together to help create something. There’s a lot of “The feedback has been humbling and I’ve realised Houseold, battered kitchentable, those chipped taken the idea dreams come true in their workshop situated? workshop. Email your answer to “The atmosphere is always great. laughter and that the old saying of finding a job you lovechairs. “Then imagine them in to their hearts And Tasha has spent a and decade buying and selling include your name and contac “No one needs experi- ence. In fact, no one needs a lot of fun means you will never have to suffer a day’s work is ta wonderful blue or pink, in the vintage and antiques telephone number. anything really except the true.something ver y Cath trade so she is able to source willingness to give it a go. “The recession is bitingKidston with none of the expense of ugly duckling furniture and “I supply the items of furniture – or the hard here in Northern Irelandbuying a new piece of furniture. accessories from around the globe homes – something everyone can have. client can bring their own if they wish. but Lulabelle’s House is busy and “And the great thing is, everything can which she transforms. It’s amazing to see people coming to the “I supply the paints, material, brushes, I hope homes across the country arebe mixed and matched, painted and She said: “With my passion for design studio with no ideas what they’re going glue, everything that’s needed to make getting more and more pretty as old bitsrepainted without costing a fortune. I am able to add a little something extra to be doing or what the day is going to be the transformation work. of furniture find themselves transformed “I have created a new paint technique to create beautiful pieces for beautiful like. But after a lovely relaxed breakfast Lulabelle’s House Furniture Painting into things of beauty.”