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How To Plan A Better Plant Turnaround Safety


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Get the tips on how to plan chemical plant turnaround safety. Get the tips from the practitioner.

Published in: Engineering
  • Simple General Guidelines ..... There is a need for detailed presentation to follow ..Thanks from Dr. Eng. Nasser zoghaib
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How To Plan A Better Plant Turnaround Safety

  1. 1. plant turnaround How To Avoid
  2. 2. Let’s begin with these 2 accident stories....
  3. 3. 1 employee was died
  4. 4. 8 people was injured
  5. 5. Follow these tips....
  6. 6. time Tips #1
  7. 7. Process safety Tips #2 During the plant shut down
  8. 8. The Safest Tips #3
  9. 9. All People Tips #4
  10. 10. Tips #5
  11. 11. Tips #6
  12. 12. Tips #7
  13. 13. Learn how to COMMUNICATE SAFETY in effective way. Follow the guide here.
  14. 14. Image credit: Image-1: “Chemical Container Industry” acunha1973 Image-2: “Hour Glass Unique Glass Hour White” by lailajuliana Image-3: “Oil Barrels Metal Barrel Fuel” by Pieter01 Image-4: “Faith Bibble Old christmas Story” by geralt Image-5: “Road Speed Secondary Road” by jingoba Reference: *) **) chevron-phillips-chemical-plant This presentation brought to you by