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How to Handle Hydrogen Peroxide Safely


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Have you known how to use food grade hydrogen peroxide safely? Learn how to handle hydrogen peroxide safely

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How to Handle Hydrogen Peroxide Safely

  1. 1. How To HandleHow To Handle HydrogenHydrogen Peroxide SafelyPeroxide Safely Simple tips on how to handle hydrogen peroxide properly and safely at your home
  2. 2. Store hydrogen peroxide in a COOL and CLEAN place in your home.
  3. 3. Never RETURN BACK remaining hydrogen peroxide into its original container.
  4. 4. Never use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide directly, without DILUTION with distilled water.
  5. 5. Use only DISTILLED WATER or PURIFIED WATER to dilute food grade hydrogen peroxide.
  6. 6. Wear EYE GOGGLES and VYNIL GLOVES when diluting concentrated hydrogen peroxide.
  7. 7. Get EXPERT ADVISES before using hydrogen peroxide for home uses both external and internal uses.
  8. 8. FLUSH with WATER your eyes, skin or body when contacts with concentrated hydrogen peroxide at least for 15 min.
  9. 9. Never ADD other chemicals or substances into hydrogen peroxide container.
  10. 10. DILUTE with much water when 35% hydrogen peroxide spilled.
  11. 11. Never use DRY CLOTH or PAPER for cleaning up hydrogen peroxide spills.
  12. 12. KEEP OUT hydrogen peroxide from reach of children.
  13. 13. Never use hydrogen peroxide from a container without CLEAR LABEL.
  14. 14. Use only FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE for home uses, which is diluted with distilled water.
  15. 15. Thanks for watching. Always keep safety first when handling hydrogen peroxide.