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Special Q&A Webinar with Facebook's Katie Harbath and GSM CEO Kristy Dalton


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Join us for a special Q&A webinar with Katie Harbath - Facebook's Global Politics and Government Outreach Manager. Katie will cover hot government topics like business manager, verified status and security issues. We'll also be joined by Kristy Dalton, Founder & CEO of Government Social Media, LLC. Kristy will offer a recap of the 2015 GSMCON conference and future plans for GSM. The webinar will be moderated by Luke Stowe, Digital Services Coordinator for the City of Evanston, IL.

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Special Q&A Webinar with Facebook's Katie Harbath and GSM CEO Kristy Dalton

  1. 1. May 27, 2015 – 1:00PM EDT Sponsored by: Government Social Media, LLC & Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) #AskFacebookKatie Moderated by Luke Stowe, City of Evanston, IL @LukeStowe Facebook for Government – Q&A Katie Harbath & Kristy Dalton
  2. 2. Thank you sponsors!
  3. 3. @katieharbath Katie Harbath, Facebook Global Politics and Government Outreach Manager
  4. 4. @governmentsm Kristy Dalton, CEO Government Social Media, LLC
  5. 5. Katie Harbarth’s Presentation
  6. 6. Governments on Reaching, impacting, and activating citizens at scale
  7. 7. Katie Harbath Global Lead, Politics and Government Outreach
  8. 8. Facebook worldwide: 1.4 billion+
  9. 9. 186Mpeople monthly Facebook in the United States 160Mpeople monthly on mobile 74% return every day
  10. 10. 1 Choose a lasting page name & URL 2 Set appropriate administrator roles 3 Publish Comments Policy 4 Inform content and ads with Page Insights 5 Schedule and target page posts appropriately Everything Starts with Your Page
  11. 11. 1 Personal accounts 2 Business Manager 3 Admin Roles 4 Adding new admins Administrating Your Page
  12. 12. 1 Strong Password 2 Login Alerts/Notifications 3 Secure email account 4 One-Time Passwords 5 Securing Your Account
  13. 13. Wasted time What are we trying to solve for? • Shared log-ins / grey accounts • Permissions • Password updates • Log-in/out • New / old employees • Ad account creation • Cumbersome • Multi-touch communications • Credit • Book of Business Management • Excel tracking docs • Tools • Power Editor • Ads Manager • Page Manager • Page Insights
  14. 14. Key benefits of Business Manager Everything in one place Manage all your Facebook Pages and ad accounts and give people access without sharing login details. Keep work separate You don't need to be friends with anyone from work to get access to Pages and ad accounts. Increased control Clearly see who has access to your Pages and ad accounts, and remove or change their permissions. Work faster and better Reduce the time it takes to set up and manage your ad accounts and Pages so it's easier to grow your business.
  15. 15. But most will discover your content in News Feed 1 Pages are a source, not a destination 2 Creativity and authenticity are rewarded 3 Keep content succinct, timely & visual 4 Post engaging updates roughly once per day 5 Host regular “Q&A” sessions
  16. 16. Facebook Newsfeed Source: TechCrunch - feed-problem/
  17. 17. visual authentic socialinformative
  18. 18. Upload videos directly to Facebook. Highlight unique photos and original graphics. visual post engaging content
  19. 19. Share your story. Post updates from your public and your personal life; help voters learn more about you. Bring people along on the campaign. authentic bring people behind the scenes
  20. 20. Post before, during, and after Use photo and video to display the roles and duties of responders Use hashtags to increase exposure and discussion Communicate during disasters informative
  21. 21. Tag other Pages (surrogates, allies, media, etc.) and locations you visit. Use hash tags to give your audience more context. social make your content social
  22. 22. Engage your fans by hosting a live Q&A, and regularly replying to their questions and comments. Regular engagement creates new advocates. social build a community
  23. 23. Page Insights
  24. 24. Post when your fans are on Facebook
  25. 25. Post when your fans are on Facebook Schedule Posts Be posting regular content even when you can’t be available Target Posts Send content to only some of your fans based on gender or age
  26. 26. Next Steps
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Kristy Dalton’s Presentation
  29. 29. Kristy  Dalton   h"p://   h"p://     @kristydalton22   #govgirl  
  30. 30. h"p://  
  31. 31. #GSMCON  Recap   • 365  parEcipants   • 55  speakers   • 30  sessions   • Announcements  
  32. 32. #GSMCON  2016   • April  5-­‐8,  2016   • Reno,  Nevada   • Offsite  acEviEes   • Repeat  &  new  sessions   • More  PowerTalks  
  33. 33. Government  Social  Media  Effort  Formula   Audience  PercepEon  of  Boring  ∝  Effort  Required  on  Social  Media     ∝  Symbol  means  ‘directly  proporEonal  to’  
  34. 34. We  can’t  all  have  it   as  easy  as  agencies   that  can  show  happy   ci>zens  with  big   checks!   Govies  are  geCng   very  crea>ve  with   social  media,  and  it’s   >me  to  get  agencies   talking  &  sharing   best  prac>ces.    
  35. 35. #GSMCHAT   • Bi-­‐weekly  chat  for  government  social  media  managers   • Starts  Thursday,  June  4   • 1pm  PDT  /  3pm  CDT  /  4pm  EDT   • First  topic  –  Government  Social  Media  Resources   • GSM  Podcast  within  next  month    
  36. 36. Member  AssociaEon   • GSM  is  in  planning  stages  of  launching  a  member   associaEon  for  government  social  media  managers   • Summer  2015  Launch   • YOU  can  determine  what  this  associaEon  will  look  like     • Survey  being  developed  
  37. 37. THANK  YOU!   h"p://      
  38. 38. Organic Reach Issues 229% Organic Reach and Still Rising
  39. 39. How do we get verified status on Facebook? Articles of Incorporation or Tax Exempt ID Letter/Certification are acceptable Does verification aid search results for pages with lower numbers of followers/likes? Question?
  40. 40. Verified Status Form
  41. 41. Verified Accounts &
  42. 42. Page names vs Username? What’s the difference? What about merging pages? Are there restrictions on page names? (Must include City of, etc.) Who gets the name if more than one with same name? to change your Facebook URL (username) Question?
  43. 43. Could you please provide an overview of Facebook's policies on 1) intellectual property and 2) reporting cyber-bullying? Question?
  44. 44. What one piece of advice do you offer government info officers for most effectively using Facebook to communicate with citizens? Question?
  45. 45. How can municipal Facebook pages be better represented on the geographic place pages created by Facebook? Question?
  46. 46. Is there a possibility to spread emergency posts such as natural disaster information broader without paying for a promotion? (Amber Alerts, Safety Check) Question?
  47. 47. How exactly does the new Business Manager function for government staff managing government pages? (personal vs. work logins, pros/cons, etc.) Explain “gray” accounts. Question?
  48. 48. What are some search tools that can be used for data mining within Facebook? Question?
  49. 49. When do you anticipate FB will allow us to view the newsfeeds of pages we manage via the FB Pages app on iOS mobile devices? Question?
  50. 50. Do you have a recommendation for blurring images / Address/ LP in videos used on FB? Any suggestions to get more people watching our Facebook videos? Question?
  51. 51. 1st Amendments rights and violations. When could we block a commenter? The filters do not seem to work at times, is there a fix? Question?
  52. 52. I would like for our sheriff to be able to post directly to our feed, using his personal account, is this possible? Question?
  53. 53. Lots of questions about the future for government pages with Facebook. (Discounted boosting, feature enhancements likes polls, algorithm changes, etc.) Question?
  54. 54. What are your thoughts on hashtag use in Facebook. Is it effective? How many should we use? Question?
  55. 55. Explain post targeting (gender, geographic location, etc.) Using post targeting to “expire” posts? Does it remain on agency page after expiration? Question?
  56. 56. Live Questions?
  57. 57. Best Practices, Case Studies, Other Resources GovLoop Guide to Facebook
  58. 58. Katie Harbath @KatieHarbath Kristy Dalton @KristyDalton22 Luke Stowe @Luke Stowe Thank You!