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10/23/2013 - #SocialGov Webinar

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Social Media Q & A

  2. 2. Should our Facebook posts differ from our Twitter tweets? In general, yes, if you have the time. Twitter – text, link, and hashtag focused (Headlines/Caps) Facebook – longer posts, pictures, more comments (consider 3-4 sentences) Crossposting using HootSuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, Measured Voice*
  3. 3. Best & Worst Times to Post Source:
  4. 4. What might be some creative and effective methods for expanding the audience of a Facebook page? Like other “brand” pages – businesses, non-profit organizations, etc. Mayor or City/County Manager Town Hall Consider giveaway contests (gift card to Evanston business) Organic vs Paid vs Viral (Sponsored Ads – Discover Arlington Heights)
  5. 5. Tips on engaging more people through social media. Is this timely and relevant content? Is this content from a source you would trust? Would you share it with friends or recommend it to others? Is the content genuinely interesting to you or is it trying to game News Feed distribution? Would you call this a low quality post or meme? Would you complain about seeing this content in your News Feed? BE USEFUL (road closures – useful?) Source: Twitter
  6. 6. We have a social media presence on Facebook & Twitter. How have other government entities used social media to be successful? - Community engagement - Customer Service/311 - Driving traffic to website - Adding subscribers to e-newsletters - Neighborhood watch - Future uses?
  7. 7. What is the focus on "hashtags?" #SocialGov as example GovGirl - Hashtags for Government -
  8. 8. What do you recommend as a first step towards using social media? Consider surveying your residents/citizens on preferred platforms. Likely first step would be a Facebook or Twitter Account. “Maslow’s Hierachry” - Not on social platforms - Get on the platform and start posting/tweeting (one way communication at minimum) - Respond to @cityofevanston mentions (initiate two way communication) - Pro-active monitoring of #Evanston (passive service requests)
  9. 9. What's the best platform to connect with older residents? - Facebook seems to be the easiest platform for seniors to pick up. (Grandchildren) - Fastest growing segment of Twitter users is 55-64 - Consider surveying senior centers on social media usage
  10. 10. Do you have a template for a Social Media Plan? Also, what should be put in such a plan? Review Social Media Policies Train Staff Expand Channels Integrate Everywhere Use Mainstream References Solve Problems Plan for Emergencies Celebrate Success
  11. 11. How to balance professionalism with accessibility/fun, e.g. Seattle PD? Seattle – 600,000+ residents & 47,000+ followers on Twitter & Forbes Article on Seattle PD Social Media Coordinator
  12. 12. Do you view Instagram as an effective tool for local municipal government?
  13. 13. We are interested in developing mobile apps, what have you seen to be the most popular from other cities? SeeClickFix - PublicStuff - CitySourced -
  14. 14. Does it make more sense to have individual department social media accounts (facebook, twitter) rather than one citywide account? Social Critical Mass Do you have enough content to sustain existing and new accounts? Do you have a social media coordinator for that department? Consider staff turnover.
  15. 15. What kind of metrics are best for determining effectiveness of a given social media resource? Breadth ◦ Community Size ◦ Community Growth Depth ◦ Conversions ◦ Viewing Direct Engagement ◦ Engagement Volume ◦ Engagement Responsiveness Loyalty ◦ Return Community Customer Experience ◦ Sentiment ◦ Indicators ◦ Survey Feedback Campaigns Strategic Outcomes Source:
  16. 16. How can you balance your presence on multiple social media platforms and still remain relevant? - Weigh your time, resources, and goals against “getting spread too thin”. - Try to automate where possible. - Empower departments where possible. - Don’t forget other electronic communication such as email, video, and web chat.
  17. 17. Do you have a policy/plan on social media that details record management requirements regarding social media? - Evanston uses ArchiveSocial to back up our social media accounts. - Their website has white papers, blog postings, etc. - We rarely remove posts. Grab a screenshot before you remove. - Evanston Blog & Social Media policy - ArchiveSocial -
  18. 18. Are there recommended social media policy for agencies providing useful guidance for employees? - Varies widely based on agency, mission, philosophy - Millennial factor and hiring/employee retention - May want to consult your agency legal team
  19. 19. How have social media tools (twitter, facebook, etc) been used to survey department services or get the voice of the customer?
  20. 20. How do we utilize our current social media tools more to brand our City and engage with more citizens? Discover Arlington Heights @EvanstonEdge | | Champion local business, Northwestern University, and Talented Residents
  21. 21. It seems like social media sites have a very short shelf life as THE one to use. How can we keep up and manage these sites? Big Four – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn Other major platforms – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest have “critical mass” Inertia and social platform fatigue Social will evolve, but is here to stay.
  22. 22. Would you please discuss best practices in a Public Safety, Fire Rescue department? Compelling videos due to nature of work - Five Alarm Tweet Along -
  23. 23. What's your favorite tool for gathering/analyzing social media metrics? Facebook & Twitter have improved their analytics access
  24. 24. What are good examples of the type of information to present on a utility facebook page? Behind the scenes Meet the staff Positive stories not just emergencies OpenData Have fun
  25. 25. Involving citizens in parks activities. - Ask them to tweet pictures from events. (July 4th) - Using social media to communicate rain delays/make up days. - Polls: What is your favorite park? What is your favorite beach? - Tweeting/Instagram activities from summer camp to keep parents informed.
  26. 26. What specific social media outlets are you currently using and what percentage are they of your total contacts? Facebook (4700+ Likes) Twitter (4900 Followers) YouTube (600 videos) Google+ (Small, but growing) LinkedIn (600 Followers) Instagram (Small) Pinterest (Small) Blog Other – Email, SMS, Web Chat, 311 services
  27. 27. Can you create engagement on Instagram? Use hashtags in captions and add locations - Instagram for Government Webinar
  28. 28. Help explain the constant changes in Facebook! How much time do we have?  Time permitting – quick live demo in backend of Facebook
  29. 29. Luke Stowe, City of Evanston @LukeStowe | @CityofEvanston (847) 448-8633 Helpful #SocialGov friends: KristyFifelski (GovGirl) - @GovGirl Katie Harbath, Facebook Government Contact – Justin Herman, GSA, @JustinHerman