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WordCamp Reno - WP Network Effects


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How the WordPress Community is Changing Your Destiny

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WordCamp Reno - WP Network Effects

  1. 1. How The WP CommunityWP NETWORK EFFECTS Changes Your Destiny
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS  Hi, I’m Luke Pilon   Business and Software Architect   Founder of Mobiah, Inc – a WP Dev and Media Agency   Producer of GPL Compliant Mobile / Geo / Media Plugins   Organizer a new and improved San Diego WP Meetup
  3. 3. HOW ABOUT YOU, RENO?  Locals or Out-of-townies  Years on The Press  Devs | Marketers
  4. 4. DISCLAIMERS  Not a core contributor…yet  Not an Automattic Employee  Just a WordPress enthusiast   Speaks occasionally at WordCamps   Runs a local Meetup  Run a business based on WordPress as a CMS
  5. 5. CONTENT  Goals  Network Effects: A Brief Background and WP Connection  WordPress: An Orientation  WordPress and You as a Movement
  6. 6. GOALSOwn The Concept of Network Effects
  7. 7. GOALS A Better Understanding of Open SourceMovements and How Decisions Get Made
  8. 8. GOALSThe Goal of Providing You This PresentationIs that You Will No Longer Need A Presenter
  10. 10. NETWORK EFFECTS  In economics and business, a network effect (also called network externality) is the effect that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people.  A phenomenon whereby a good or service becomes more valuable when more people use it.  The resulting increased value of a product because more and more people use it.
  11. 11. NETWORK EFFECTS IN EVERY DAY USE  Hardware  Social Platforms  Software
  12. 12. WORDPRESS AS A .com and .org SCALING ENTITY
  13. 13. THE OVER ABBREVIATED HISTOIRE OF WP  58 Releases  137 WordCamps  1,384 Themes  14,686 Plugins  11,908,807 Downloads of 3.1
  14. 14. NETWORK ARCHITECTURE  WP 1.2   May 2004 – Plugin Support  WP 1.5   February 2005 – Theme Support  WP 2.7   December 2008 – Complete Admin Redesign  WP 3.0   June 2010 – Custom Content TypesEstimated 11-13% Of the Total Internet
  15. 15. HUMAN PHOTONS WordCamps70605040 WordCamps302010 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  16. 16. YOU ARE AFFORDED .com and .org GREAT CHOICE
  18. 18. WORDPRESS.COM  An Automattic Production   80+ Distributed Employees, Based In San Francisco   Founded by Matt Mullenweg   Venture Backed   Producer of some really amazing products   Core contributing NOT core controlling
  19. 19. WORDPRESS.ORG  The WordPress .ORG Distribution  WordPress Foundation  WordPress Trademark
  20. 20. THE NATURE OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE  Led by Corporations, Product Teams, Foundations  UnPaid Contributors  Paid   Corporations   Project Grants   Self Funded
  21. 21. A MULTI-TIERED COMMUNIT Y EFFORT  Product Team   5 Lead Developers and 1 UX designer  Extended Product Team   15+ Contributing on Development, Design, and Documentation  Contributors   150-200 Per Release  Users   25-40 Million
  22. 22. A global communityYOUR WP ENGAGEMENT that needs your local representation
  23. 23. GET INVOLVED  Get Active With WordPress - Today  Know the Codex  Hit the Discussion Boards  Patches Are a Plus  Engage A Community Representative  Go MeetUp
  24. 24. COMMUNIT Y LEADERSJohn Hawkins Michael Erlewine Dre Armeda Chelsea Otakan Las Vegas Boston San Diego Reno
  25. 25. COMMUNIT Y LEADERS Andrew Nacin Pete Mall Daryl Koopersmith Sara CannonWashington, D.C. San Francisco ? Birmingham