AIGA 17 San Diego - Drive - Mobile and Geo Awesomesauce


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  • A brand is two things – a promise that you telegraph and an experience that you deliver.
  •  My name is Luke Pilon and I run a creative, media, and development consultancy firm in town. We’re a small group of pros that put the whole package together. I’m the business artist. I’m @lukepilon on Twitter. You can blow me up there.Putting out the word on this. I speak publicly on a fairly regular basis. It’s an honor to be here with you. Some of you know me. Most of you do not.
  • The Sauce. I love everything coming together on top of an existing product.Love for computing. Love for problem solving. Love for phenomenal god-like power. We’ve built the gamut of mobile sites and mobile apps. We provide a geolocation API that serves about .5 million users monthly. We help brands get better visibility on their customers and their geography, daily.
  • Brief Presentation | Thinkshop ExerciseTalk a bit about a shift into Mobile Thinking / The Opportunity in MobileTalk a bit about Best Practices in DesignTalk about your toolkit for deploying in Mobile StrategiesTransition in to Inspiration is fleeting -
  • Inspiration is fleeting. Routine for the win. Introduce you to a method that I designed to help you step through navigating common problems and design innovative solutions.  I would imagine that everyone in this room will have worked on at least 2-3 mobile specific projects in the next two or three yearsI’m hoping this bit of time can help you with those later on.
  •  There is just so much you can do in mobile.  Mobile technology is becoming more playful than ever before.  Convergence of the ease of programming is meeting the device itself. The Mobile devices shipped in 2011 was greater than the number of PCs.
  • The smaller screen with the bigger opportunity will make you focus on spcific things.Smaller makes you focus on two critical things: Options on Screen and Speed • Prepares you for the explosive growth and new opportunities emerging on mobile today.• Forces you to focus and prioritize your products by embracing the constraints inherent in mobile design.• Allows you to deliver innovative experiences by building on new capabilities native to mobile devices.
  • • PayPal is seeing up to $10 million in mobile payment volumeper day (• eBay’s global mobile sales generated nearly $2 billion in2010 (• Google’s mobile searches grew 130% in the third quarter of2010 (
  • Consider the local review service, Yelp. Their mobileproducts are used by just 7% of their total audience but areresponsible for 35% of all their searches. Of Pandora’s total user base, 50% subscribe to the serviceon mobile (
  • This isn’t just an opportunity to create a mobile version ofyour web product; it’s an opportunity to provide an improvedoverall experience for your customers.You are not looking to build a companion, you should be looking to build a superior big brother.
  • If you subscribe to the adage thatdesign is the process of gradually applying constraints untilan elegant solution remains. In other words, embracing constraints(rather than fighting them) will ultimately get you tobetter designs.
  • Organizing for Mobile • Focusing on content first, navigation second gets people to the information and tasks they want quickly. • Relevant and well-placed navigation options allow people to dive deeper or pivot to explore other parts of your site. • Reducing the amount of navigation choices and chrome on key tasks maintains clarity and focus on what people need to accomplish—helpful when they are hurried or in less than ideal situations. • And when they do have some relaxing time on the couch with their mobile, people will still appreciate the simplicity of your design!
  • • Go big with appropriately sized and positioned touch targets. • Learn the language of touch by familiarizing yourself with common touch gestures and how they are used to navigate and interact with objects and screens. • Don’t be afraid to push toward natural user interfaces (NUIs) that make content (not chrome) the focus of people’s actions. • Transition your on-hover menus to mobile using the most appropriate solution for your site. • Remember to consider non-touch and hybrid devices when designing your mobile web interactions.
  • Emarketer - 90% of all text messages sent by brands are read in the first 10 minutesMost effective way to reach your mobile audience.It doesn’t mean that design is not involved. Quite the opposite.
  • Responsive or Mobile SiteFeatures of Mobile Presence, Regardless of layout typeMost effective way to reach the largest audience with a limited feature set
  • Most in depth user experience on a device in the world – Touch screen, plus sound,
  • Learn a method of execution on a concept.Get to work with people you don’t normally have exposure toThink about projects you haven’t yet gotten to work on
  • AIGA 17 San Diego - Drive - Mobile and Geo Awesomesauce

    1. 1. Welcome.Please Check In At The Front.
    2. 2. Introductions
    3. 3. What Drives Me? The Sauce
    4. 4. Format For Today
    5. 5. Inspiration is fleeting. Routine for the win.
    6. 6. Why Mobile? Why Now?
    7. 7. Mobile First
    8. 8. Platform Stats Blah Blah Blah
    9. 9. Brand Stats
    10. 10. The Opportunity
    11. 11. Visualizing a Design with the Sauce
    12. 12. Mobile Design Constraints
    13. 13. Mobile Organization
    14. 14. Mobile User Interaction
    15. 15. Mobile Tools
    16. 16. SMS
    17. 17. Mobile Web
    18. 18. Native Mobile
    19. 19. Thinkshop Goals
    20. 20. Questions? @lukepilon |