Playing with Type


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This presentation is a basic introduction to dimensional typography to share some cool work and to get you thinking about what you might want to create for yourself.

Behance Collection

Title Image Hand-lettered by Karl Fekete

Title Image Rendered by Luke Kramer

All other images are property of their respective owners.

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Playing with Type

  1. 1. Have you ever wondered about that fancy looking 3D or cut away typography that you sometimes see in advertisements or design magazines? This presentation is a basic introduction to dimensional typography to share some cool work and to get you thinking about what you might want to create for yourself. It won’t go into any of the nitty gritty details of how to create stuff. You’ll just have to learn that on your own or grab a friend to help you. Enjoy! Title image hand lettered by Karl Fekete and rendered by Luke Kramer
  2. 2. Images in this presentation are smart Click on an image in the presentation to visit its Behance page and see more
  3. 3. Words say a lot, but images say more.
  4. 4. Take a look and see.
  5. 5. Dimensional type is not new. We just can have more fun with all the tech we have today.
  6. 6. Industrial Uses Signage Movie Titles
  7. 7. Food Sculpture Toys
  8. 8. So why use dimensional type? It’s Eye Catching: Attract that attention you’ve always wanted. It’s Illustrative: Sometimes words just aren’t enough. It’s Human: We speak through both images and words. Ever play pictionary? It’s Tangible: Flat type isn’t very fun to touch is it?
  9. 9. Here are a few examples of dimensional typography in the commercial world.
  10. 10. print ads
  11. 11. poster branding
  12. 12. Classifications of Dimensional Type (Don’t worry, there’s only 4)
  13. 13. Altering Take something that already exists and modify it to add type to it. You can cut away, engrave, burn, stencil, emboss. Then just take a photo.
  14. 14. Handmade Play with paper, clay, painting objects to create your own three dimensional type.
  15. 15. Technology You can play with 3D printing, light painting, remote control cars, GPS coordinates and whatever else you can think of to create letters.
  16. 16. CGI Model, light, and render your type using a 3D modeling program.
  17. 17. So how do you make your own?
  18. 18. First try to think outside the world of typography and design. What objects can you modify? What mediums can you make or use? What technology make hack or play with? How can you use CGI to your advantage?
  19. 19. Next, ask yourself 3 questions. What do I want to say? Why do I want to say it? How will I say it?
  20. 20. Art Direct This is how you’re going to say the words you want to say. Think through these elements as you’re sketch ideas to execute: Composition Lighting Surface Texture Surface Material Focus (Blur and Sharpness) Action and Movement Detail Depth
  21. 21. Don’t Have a Skill? Collaborate with a: Photographer Sculptor Modeler CGI Artist Videographer Typographer Designer Painter Chef Scientist Toddler Football Player The list could go on forever.
  22. 22. Now, go make some magic happen.
  23. 23. If you want more, Checkout these portfolios. chris labrooy benoit challand we are for real grate studio
  24. 24. I also have a collection on Behance that I’d love for you to follow. I try to add to it regularily.
  25. 25. Karl Fekete has been collecting some things on Pinterest as well. Check them out.
  26. 26. Thanks!