The Dark Knight – Marketing Campaign


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The Dark Knight – Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. The Dark Knight – Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. The Film Posters ….
  3. 3. Viral Marketing …..In 2007 Warner Bro set up a viralmarketing campaign by setting up a“fake” newspaper named “TheGotham Times”. An interactivedocument online made to look real –however in Chicago they actually gaveout hard copies of this newspaper –helping to promote the film.This campaign utilized the filmstagline “why so serious?”The site aimed to interest fans byhaving them earn what they want tosee. – where emails sent by fansslowly removed pixels, revealing thefirst official image of the joker.The link is:
  4. 4. Viral Marketing Continued …..During the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con International, 42Entertainment, sending fanson a scavenger hunt to unlock ateaser trailer and a new photo ofthe Joker. On October31, 2007, the films websitemorphed into another scavengerhunt with hiddenmessages, instructing fans touncover clues at certain locationsin major cities throughout theUnited States, and to takephotographs of their discoveries.The clues combined to reveal anew photograph of the Joker and The link is: audio clip of him from the filmsaying "And tonight, youre gonnabreak your one rule."
  5. 5. Viral Marketing Continued …Completing the scavenger huntalso led to another website calledRorys Death Kiss (referencing thefalse working title of Rorys FirstKiss), where fans could submitphotographs of themselvescostumed as the Joker. Those whosent photos were mailed a copy ofa fictional newspaper called “TheGotham Times”, whose electronicversion led to the discovery ofnumerous other websites. Thosewho sent photos were mailed acopy of a fictional newspapercalled The Gotham Times, whoseelectronic version led to thediscovery of numerous otherwebsites.
  6. 6. Merchandise – Burger King ….. Fast Food franchise ‘Burger King’ linked up with ‘The Dark Knight’ to produce a burger named the ‘Dark Whopper’ – this followed with a series of adverts of Burger King “customers” doing bad things branding the words “bring out your dark side” to coincide with the films name. The fast food franchise also designed a kids menu which came with a free toy of different characters from the film such as ‘batman’ & ‘the dark knight’.
  7. 7. Film premiere …..At the world premiere of The Dark Knight, instead ofthe traditional red carpet it was black in honour ofthe late Heath Ledger. The cast also dressedappropriately in dark coloured outfits. Inside thepremier an orchestra performed extracts from thefilms score , complete with a light show featuring aBatman signal. Outside the premier aspects from thefilm were on show such as the iconic ‘Batmobile’.
  8. 8. The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer …. A theatrical teaser was alsoreleased with non-IMAXshowings of I Am Legend, andalso on the official website. Thesequence was released on theBlu-ray Disc edition of BatmanBegins on July 8, 2008.The teaser trailer was no longerthan a minute long andconsisted of the bat logo in frontof bright light, gradually breakingup, revealing – “coming soon”.
  9. 9. Behind the scenes …..
  10. 10. Official Merchandise …The film in line with Warner Brosreleased a range of officialmerchandise in fans couldpurchase from their onlinewebsite.This ranged from things such as‘mugs’ & ‘phone cases’ all theway to ‘costumes’ & ‘clothing’.