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Luke gray i logic sales presentation feb-2013


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Private Presentation

Published in: Design
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Luke gray i logic sales presentation feb-2013

  1. 1. iLogic   Innova&on  through  logic        Presented  by  Luke  ‘Skywalker’  Gray  
  2. 2. Introduc:on  “  With  the  crea:on  of  Web  2.0,  we  are  seeing  the  emergence  of  a  new  type  of  digital  consumer,  who  is  no  longer  simply  a  passive   site-­‐seer   on   a   fixed   consumer   journey   but   an  independent   explorer   craving   freedom,   adventure   and  companionship.  The  challenge  for  businesses  and  adver:sers  is   to   engage   with   the   ac:ve   “digitraveller”   as   well   as   the  passive  “digitourist.”  -­‐  Sarah  Morning,  planner,  OgilvyAc5on      
  3. 3. Online  media  channels     &  how  they  work  for  your  brand  Online  Publica:ons  Print  media  has  had  adapt  and  evolve  how  it  connects  with  audiences,  the  same  is  true  for  brands  &  organiza:ons,  who  in  recent  economics  pressures,  need  their  budget  to  work  even  harder  and  deliver  results.   Ø E-­‐books     u Sponsored  content   u Collabora:ons   u Industry  &  Thought  leadership   u Customer  Engagement  
  4. 4. Online  media  channels     &  how  they  work  for  your  brand  Online  features  &  ar:cles  Adver:sing  and  comedy  both  rely  on  one  crucial  element,  :ming,  no  jokes!    Audiences  seek  paTerns  and  relevance,  which  is  why  serving  the  correct  content  at  the  right  :me,  increases  the  recep:veness  of  your  adver:sing.  Ø  Sponsored  ar:cles  Ø  Niche  &  ver:cal  targe:ng  Ø  Engaging  audiences  Ø  Product  &  service  educa:on    
  5. 5. Online  media  channels     &  how  they  work  for  your  brand  Digital  Magazines  Today,  most  print  publica:ons  have  a  digital  version  of  their  content.    This  addi:onal  plaXorm  creates  a  great  way  to  serve  &  capitalise  on  their  subscrip:ons.    Ø  Audiences  can  access  content  on  various   devices  Ø  Subscrip:ons  allow  beTer  profiling  of   audiences  Ø  Costs  are  lower  than  print  (and  you  saved   trees)  
  6. 6. Online  media  channels     &  how  they  work  for  your  brand  Blogging  The  proverbial  soapbox  of  modern  :mes,  everyone  has  something  to  say,  and  a  global  audience  can  be  a  great  listener.  Ø  Create  organic  sen:ment  toward  your   brand  Ø  Educated  audience  Ø  Share  useful  content  Ø  Plug  your  brand  into  new  channels  and   make  new  friends  J  
  7. 7.    Google  Adwords  Having  to  ability  to  target  your  audience  directly  through  the  sites  they  visit,  the  content  they  read  and  most  importantly,  delivering  results  when  they  are  searching  for  content.    Having  the  ability  to  directly  measure  the  performance  of  your  brand  and  marke:ng  efforts  is  invaluable.    Ø  Geo-­‐Targe:ng  Ø  Site  Targe:ng  Ø  Keywords  &  tags  (Contextual)  Ø  Demographic  Ø  Domain  Targe:ng  Ø  Metrics  and  repor:ng    Ø  PPC  Ø  Controlled  budget  and  spend  Ø  Timing  
  8. 8. Social   Media,   a   cliché   that   is   brushed   off  by  most  dinosaurs  in  business.    They  see  it  more  as  a  fad  or  :me  was:ng  nuisance.    The   reality   is   that,   the   face   of   business  has   changed,   and   the   buzzword   is  engagement!     Facebook   is   more   than   a  marke:ng   and   adver:sing   medium,   it  allows   for   businesses   to   build   long   term  rela:onships   with   their   clients   and   use   it  as   a   tool   to   measure   their   overall  impression   on   the   market.     Facebook   is  only   part   of   the   successful   media   diet,  just   as   you   need   your   5   fruits   and   veggies  a  day,  your  business  ensures  its  longevity  through  social  media.        
  9. 9.  Micro-­‐blogging   is   a   powerful   resource   that   is  used  to  generate  organic  traffic,  share  content  and   keep   tweeters   and   followers   informed   in  real-­‐:me.    TwiTer  enables  you  to  measure  the  reach  of  your  brand,    launch  new  products  or  services,  engage  with  your  followers  and  keep  in   touch   with   their   conversa:ons   (men:ons)  to   beTer   align   opportuni:es   that   will   make  you   audience   take   no:ce.     Building   on  rela:onships   with   followers   and   influen:al  tweeters,  are  a  great  way  to  get  your  audience  talking   about   your   business,   sharing   your  content   and   showcasing   new   products   etc.    The   trick   is   to   keep   communica:on   free   of  ‘fluff’   and   full   of   relevance   in   order   to   gain  trac:on  and  social  momentum.    
  10. 10. Major  roles  in  media  &  adver:sing  Media  Strategist    The   focus   of   a   media   strategist   is   to   structure  the  delivery  of  brand  or  product  informa:on  to  consumers   in   order   to   create   a   call   to   ac:on,  transac:on   or   buy-­‐in   to   the   product   or   brand  c o n c e r n e d .   T h e y   h a v e   t o   i d e n : f y  characteris:cs   of   the   target   audience   and  market,   who   should   receive   messages   and  through   which   channels,   with   the   intent   of  influencing   the   behavior   of   the   audience.   The  Media   Strategist   is   fully   aware   of   all   the  various   channels   and   plaXorms   at   their  disposal,  their  task  is  to  select  the  correct  ones  that   will   work   best   for   a   par:cular   campaign  and  deliver  a  measurable  ROI.  
  11. 11. Major  roles  in  media  &  adver:sing  Crea-ve  Director      A   crea:ve   director   plays   a   crucial  role   in   the   development   of   a  product,   their   responsibili:es  include   leading   the   communica:on  design,   interac:ve   design,   visual  engagement,   and   driving   design  concepts   throughout   all   work   and  material  generated.    They  will  guide  their   team   to   ensure   the   golden  thread  is  weaved  throughout  
  12. 12. Major  roles  in  media  &  adver:sing   Brand  Manager     A   brand   manager   ensures   the   quality   a n d   s u c c e s s f u l   p r o m o : o n ,   communica:on   of   a   certain   line   of   products  or  services.    A  Brand  Manager   will  typically  analyze  sales  figures,  sets   prices,   and   oversees   adver:sing   campaigns.   The   manager   explores   different   marke:ng   strategies   and   directly   contacts   retailers   to   convince   them  to  carry  a  brand.  
  13. 13. Brands  associated  with  ilogic  
  14. 14. How  is  iLogic  different?  Some   Brazilian   tribes   use   bullet   ants   as   a   right   of  passage,  hundreds  of  these  poisonous  ants  are  placed  within   a   pair   of   woven   gloves,   the   young   men   have   to  wear   these   gloves   for   at   least   10   minutes   to   prove  their   right   of   passage   into   manhood   and   claim   their  rank   within   the   tribe.     The   team   at   ilogic   are   no  different…  minus  the  ants,  body  art  and  loin  clothes,  you   will   find   a   full-­‐service   digital   agency,   that   are   a  tribe  of  lethal  digital  warriors,  ini:ated  and  mastered  in   the   arts   of   digital   media,   adver:sing,   strategy   and  above  all,  innova:on.    Think   about   it,   it’s   a   jungle   out   there,   which   tribe  would  you  rather  be  rolling  with?  
  15. 15. Conclusion  How  and  why  would  I  benefit  iLogic?  Ilogic   is   a   team   of   modern   free   thinking   individuals,   proficient   in   their  respec:ve  disciplines.    I  too  am  a  digital  media  warrior,  in  search  of  my  tribe,  to  learn  all  I  can,  to  become  a  team  member  in  one  of  the  most  respected  digital   agencies   in   RSA.     Life   is   too   short   for   us   crea:ve   thinkers   our   out-­‐the-­‐box  solu:ons  driven  aitude  is  what  sets  us  apart  from  the  mediocre  (or  as  I  call  it  the  “meh”)    Ilogic  will  benefit  by  having  another  commiTed  team  member  who  shares  a  common  passion  and  drive  for  all  that  is  digital  and  to  push  the  envelopes  of  innova:on.     At   the   end   of   the   day,   when   the   chips   are   on   the   table,   I   am  driven  to  carve  my  mark  on  the  tree,  to  share  memories  of  a  unforgeTable  career  in  digital  media,  and  to  say  I  walked  this  path  with  the  best…  and  to  make  truck  loads  of  cash  too  J