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50 multiple choice questions on 'Prepositions'.

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  1. 1. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke GabrielEnglish GrammarGRAMMAR LEVEL – 1Practice 4U n i t P r a c t i c ePrepositions1.She ran ____________ her room.A to B over C down2.He went ____________ a boarding school in Italy.A over B through C to3.They went ________ a very difficult time when their parents died.A to B through C over4.The car ran ____________ a small child at the junction.A over B round C to5.Hans ran ___________ the school field fifty times.A over B into C round6.The police chased the robbers _________ a busy street.A along B off C over7.Trisha is taking _________ her family business next year.A into B over C through8. The children fell ___________ the empty drain.A to B through C into9.Many countries are going _______ tough times.A through B to C off10.Danny lives just ________ the street.A across B into C through11.The school drama was put _______ at the last minute.A off B into C to12.Lenny is going ________ Singapore next Monday.A off B to C along13. The lorry fell _________ the bridge.A off B to C into14.Harry wants to go __________ his grandmother’s houseA down B to C into15.The people of Rajpur village live __________ the island.A along B into C through16.I ran ________ Mr. Smith yesterday at the shopping mall.A through B into C off17.The suicidal man ran __________ the cliff.A to B off C round[ Circle the best possible answer for each question ]
  2. 2. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke Gabriel18. Jill is sitting _________ to Jane in class.A next B between C behind19. Jehan is standing __________ Gary and Josh.A next B between C in20.The students stood ___________ top of the desk.A on B next C behind21.The teacher sat ________ her desk and wrote ________ her book.A to...on B C in...in22.The soldier looked __________ his telescope ________ his hands.A B C through...on23. My mother looked _________ the books _______ the table.A B C at...on24. The man stood ________ to the old lady and held an umbrella ________ her.A next...over B C next...opposite25. We sat _________ to the Lims family _______ the wedding.A B next...on C next...at26.The farmers worked _________ their farms _________ the mountain.A B on...behind C on...between27.The postman wrote the address __________ the package __________ to the big box.A B C on...behind28.Molly’s house is just __________ Sally’s house.A opposite B next C in29.We stood _______ top of Kinabalu Mountain.A at B on C in30.I put the keys __________ the drawer _________ the table.A in...behind B on...behind C into...behind31.The woman looked ________ the digital clock _______ the wall.A B at...on C at...in32.We moved all the furniture ______ the _______ floor yesterday.A to…behind B C to...top33.She went _________ the supermarket _______ a taxi.A B C to...in34.The boys used to live ___________ Mansfield.A in B on C to35. My grandmother used to live ___________ Kitano Street, Japan.A over B on C at36.My uncle lives __________ 32 King Street, Bristol.A at B on C in
  3. 3. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke Gabriel37.I usually have my lunch ___________ the afternoon.A in B on C at38. My father was born ___________ the year 1945.A in B on C at39. I have an appointment with the doctor _________ the 15th of May.A in B on C at40.It usually rains ____________ night but now it doesn’t.A in B on C at41.He put up a night __________ my place last night.A on B in C at42.My mother put the flower vase ___________top of the dining table.A in B on C at43. Ahmad starts work _________ 6.45 a.m.A in B on C at44.My birthday is ______ Monday, next week.A in B on C at45.I started to blog ________ 2011 and my blog is posted _________ the web.A B C in...on46. My friends are having a farewell party _________ the 11th June.A in B on C at47. She had a bad dream last night and woke up ________ the middle of the night.A in B on C at48.Starwalk is held __________ December every year.A in B on C at49.It is raining heavily outside, we just have stay __________ the house today.A in B on C at50.The big tree __________ the field was cut down and put _________ the road.A in...on B C at...across
  4. 4. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke GabrielAnswers For Unit Practice 4 - Prepositions1 A 11 A 21 B 31 B 41 B2 C 12 B 22 A 32 C 42 B3 B 13 A 23 C 33 C 43 C4 A 14 A 24 A 34 A 44 B5 C 15 A 25 C 35 B 45 C6 A 16 B 26 B 36 A 46 B7 B 17 B 27 B 37 A 47 A8 C 18 A 28 A 38 A 48 A9 A 19 B 29 B 39 B 49 A10 A 20 A 30 A 40 C 50 C