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50 multiple choice questions on Conjunctions.

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  1. 1. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke GabrielEnglish GrammarGRAMMAR LEVEL – 1Practice 3U n i t P r a c t i c eCONJUNCTIONS1.Ali ____________ Babu are going to Singapore next week.A and B but C so2.We were tired ____________ we were happy.A and B but C so3.Would you like tea ________ coffee?A and B but C or4.The children were wet ____________ dirty after playing in the rain.A and B but C or5.Hanim went to the market with Siti ___________ Fatimah.A and B but C so6.The movie “Alien Gang” was quite boring _________ dull.A and B but C so7.Jimmy likes to play badminton_________ his brother likes to play tennis.A and B but C or8. Sandy ________her sister are poor_________ they are very hardworking.A and...and B and…but C but...and9.The snatch thief tried to snatch the old lady’s necklace_______ he couldn’t.A and B but C so10.Chin Wen plays basketball well, ______ her favorite sport is tennis.A and B but C yet11.Why hasn’t James come home _______?A and B but C yet12.Studying ________ working at the same time can be very taxing.A and B but C for13. Mr. Yamaguchi lost all his material goods in the tsunami _________ his family is safe.A and B but C yet14.I am not feeling well, _______ I decided to stay at home today.A and B but C so15.The Kampong Bening villagers saw a tiger ____________ quickly alerted the authorities.A and B but C yet16.You can study hard for this exam _________ you can fail.A and B but C or17.Our class teacher asked us to sweep ___________ mop the class floor.A and B but C so[ Circle the best possible answer for each question ]
  2. 2. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke Gabriel18. __________ Jimmy _______ Salim is not going to the party tonight.A either..or B Either...or C Neither...nor19. _________ the boys _______ the girls are going to the book fair also.A Not only...but B But...not only C Not only...but also20.Hassan wants __________ money __________ fame.A not only...but B but...not only C not only...but also21.___________ her brothers ________ her sisters are doctors.A Two...and B Both...and C Neither...nor22.I am not sure ___________ to take a business course ___________ an accounting course.A whether...and B whether...but C whether...or23. You have to make up your mind,____________ to go to America _________ to Japan.A whether...but B whether...and C whether...or24. Nathan lost ___________ his money _________his family due to his gambling habit.A not only...but also B not only...but C but also...not only25. We can still reach our destination on time ______________ we start our journey late.A even B even if C because26.Johnny was late ________ school __________ it was raining heavily just now.A for...because B too...because C for...that27.I want you to do your English exercise ____________ I come back.A until B for C to28.You can come to the meeting _______________ you don’t say anything.A so B as long as C and29.Doctor advised Sam to rest for a month _____________ he can fully recover.A since B until C so that30.Nobody can succeed ___________they are willing to work hard.A unless B before C but31.Larry acts ___________ he doesn’t know anything.A and B while C as if32.I like to visit the museum ___________ I am free.A whenever B since C than33.____________ Mr. Lee is rich ___________ very kind and helpful to the people in need.A Not only...but B Not only...but also C Not only...so34.The boys are not allowed to go out __________ they have finished all their chores.A until B and C so35. Take the umbrella just __________, who knows it might rain later.A so B in case C that36.He is upset __________ nobody listens to him.A so B while C that
  3. 3. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke Gabriel37.Ally will go to the clinic ___________ she is free.A when B how C till38. John went to school ___________ it was raining.A how B if C although39. The policeman managed to catch the thief __________ the thief fell down.A when B although C while40. _________ you have solved the first puzzle, you can move on to the next round.A Although B Before C Once41.I am not sure ___________ Sam is coming today or tomorrow.A when B whether C how42.Sandy likes to help the poor __________ she is not a rich woman.A If B although C whether43. The thieves broke into his house ___________ he was fast asleep.A while B whether C although44.We must brush our teeth _________ going to bed.A before B after C while45.Gary took his driving test seven times __________ he passed.A after B till C when46. The desert camels can travel _________ without water for weeks.A when B for C even47.His house is bigger _________ mine.A while B beforeC than48.Ram was still talking even _________ his teacher rebuked him.A after B while C if49.Give me a call _________ you reach home.A even B once C while50.My father worked hard all his life ________ he knew he had cancer.A before B after C although
  4. 4. © 2011-2013 www.kopitiamenglish.blogspot.comPrepared By : Mr. Luke GabrielAnswers For Unit Practice 3 - Conjunctions1 A 11 C 21 B 31 C 41 B2 B 12 A 22 C 32 A 42 B3 C 13 B 23 C 33 B 43 A4 A 14 C 24 A 34 A 44 A5 A 15 A 25 B 35 B 45 B6 A 16 C 26 A 36 C 46 C7 B 17 A 27 A 37 A 47 C8 B 18 B 28 B 38 C 48 A9 B 19 A 29 C 39 A 49 B10 C 20 C 30 A 40 C 50 C