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Gotta raise cash pitch deck

  1. 1. Luke J. Flint, CEO / Co-Founderwww.GottaRaiseCash.comConfidential – do not distribute
  2. 2. Gotta Raise Cash SnapshotFounders Advisors FinancialsLuke J. Flint, CEOKrish Anugula, CFOFounded March 2013Louisville, KY$15,000 Founders Investment$150,000 Raising for Series ATechnologyCrowdfundHQ.comSinatra, Ruby, MongoDBMost economicalminimum viable product,platform to beta launch Confidential – do not distributeSrini Gurram is an accomplished entrepreneur, graduatedfrom NYIT, New York. He worked in IT industry for 20years with focus on customer-centric solutions andcutting-edge innovation. He co-founded IT Servicescompany and provided services to many companies.Krish graduated from NDSU, Fargo, ND with M.S inComputer Science. Krish has 20 years of experiencein IT industry working in various industries likeFinancials, Pharma, Insurance and Retail. He hasbeen involved with nonprofit organizations for manyyears. He is passionate about helping needy peopleand loves creative ideas to help people with wealthsharing. He also co-founded IT, Real Estate andTelecom companies.Luke is a serial entrepreneur and veteran investor;founder of Lazarus Investments and LandmarkCommercial Group, both commercial investment realestate firms specializing in the brokerage / syndicationof distressed commercial assets. He attended theUniversity of Louisville majoring in Political Science,and sits on the Louisville based CommonwealthCrowdfunding Committee, which advocates andlobbies for the crowdfunding industry.Ravi Nadipally has been working in IT industry for20 years. He is well versed in many specializedareas including non profit organizations.Jerry Jones, technical support adviser atCrowdfundHQ.Erik Snyder, founder of Parlance Creative is ourchoice for marketing / branding consulting andservices.Alan Cheek Esq. is our general legal counciland compliance officer.
  3. 3. Gotta Raise Cash projected 12 month numbersRevenue______________________________________________________________________________$547,500($82,125) Est. net Income *annual($31,937) Est. gross monthly Confidential – do not distributeUser Activity est.________25,000 Est. daily user reach$30,000 Est. daily gross campaign contributions$10,950,000 Est. annual campaign contributionsEmployees______2 Full time1 consult1 outsourcedDevelopment_____Phase 1Beta site (CrowdfundHQ)
  4. 4. The Future of G.R.C and Confidential – do not distribute“Crowdfunding Will Make2013 The Year Of The GoldRush...The GlobalCrowdfunding will double inannual revenue to $6 billion in2013”*Infograph source (pages 4 - 5)
  5. 5. Confidential – do not distribute
  6. 6. Our “Why” and Our Confidential – do not distributeHow America Became a Country of Haves and Have-Nots Waves of Green Suburbs are new centers of poverty... three largest competitors / / aregeared towards targeting your immediate circle of friends and family to fund a large project. Our platform serves thisfunction as well, however the difference is in our advocacy of common wealth sharing among the masses. We arecultivating a community of users who will perpetually use our platform and continually “wealth share” with each other--multiple times per year, not just for one large campaign. We are not the final answer to the growing wealth gap problem.We are a viable modern day solution from the private sector.
  7. 7. G.R.C Intro Confidential – do not distributeGotta Raise Cash_intro video link
  8. 8. Confidential – do not distributeWhere we are going?- Focusing on brand development, marketing, attractingand retaining core user base- Investing in marketing, SEO, SMO, traffic drivers- Consistently developing the platform for a Phase 2version- Adding additional social media interface- Adding highly customizable campaign badges / mediaoptions- Additional design element changesWhat do we need?- Hire a branding / marketing expert- Help with SEO, SMO, traffic drivers- Series A funding of $150,000- More advisers
  9. 9. Marketing Confidential – do not distributeBranding -- This is a crowded market and we need your brand to be strong and unique or else you will get lost in the shuffle. Anappropriate branding project would include: audience definition to ensure we are targeting the most valuable personas, brand identity tied toa positioning strategy, strong messaging that starts with a compelling tagline, and visual/copy guidelines to keep all public communicationsconsistent.Traditional PR -- We will want to work our local connections to get us coverage in traditional media like newspapers, radio, businessperiodicals and magazines here in Louisville. We will then leverage those stories to get national coverage in the same kinds of media.Web PR -- A concerted and professional effort to reach out to mid-level bloggers in the tech, entrepreneureship, finance, and fundraisingsectors should yield solid results. Similar to the traditional PR strategy, well use these mid-level stories as leverage to get covered in high-reach blogs like Techcrunch, Wired, and Inc.Reputation Management -- With the numerous crowdfunding sites already crowding the market, there exists a secondary informationmarket where crowdfunding sites are reviewed and listed. We must actively manage our reputation with the review sites and ensure GRCgets into the important lists as they are driving a lot of referral traffic to crowdfunding sites.Search Advertising -- We will want to capture those looking for a place to post their projects and/or fundraiser through search advertisingon Google AdWords and Microsoft Ads Manager. The keyword strategy will focus on long-tail fundraising ideas like "raise money for trip"rather than straightforward crowdfunding keywords.Social Media -- To make sure that you are an attractive platform for people to post their projects on, well promote GRC secondary andpromote the projects on your site first. Well do this through Twitter and Facebook, proving to your potential users and investors that yourecommitted to making the nuts and bolts of the operation work, not just boasting about yourself like most other crowdfunding sites do.Viral Marketing -- To make viral marketing work for you, well help you find niche stories in about fundraising attempts and the more heartthe better. Well then adopt them as initial projects to be funded and assist them with their marketing. This "feel good" approach will not onlybe doing actual good, but also give us a lot of emotional momentum to drive the social sharing that makes an idea go viral.The following are preliminary marketing suggestions from Erik Snyder of Parlance Creative: