Preparing for your future: How An Advisor Can Help You


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General information on how a financial advisor can help prepare you and your family for the future, whether that is college, accumulation, retirement, or estate transfer planning.

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Preparing for your future: How An Advisor Can Help You

  1. 1. HOW YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR CAN HELP PREPARING FOR YOUR FUTURE Most individuals recognize the importance of investing, but lack the time, the How Your Raymond James Advisor Can Help interest and/or the expertise to adequately assess their options and develop effective strategies. Particularly in today’s volatile markets, that’s where a financial advisor familiar with your objectives, your finances, your attitude toward risk – and the investments and strategies available to you – can prove invaluable. Your advisor should make certain to keep you apprised of relevant developments and ensure that you understand their implications. In addition, the right financial advisor can help make certain your financial decisions are based on facts and careful research, rather than on emotions and market volatility. Your time is important – as is the wealth you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. Rather than researching the huge array of prospective investments, determining how best to allocate your assets and diversifing your portfolio on your own, you deserve objective, professional advice. No one, however, can predict economic and financial developments that may affect your portfolio. Nor can you necessarily anticipate changes in your personal situation or goals that may require revising your financial plan. That reality underscores the need for a sound advisory process – providing much-needed discipline, enabling you to stay focused on your core objectives. The right financial advisor can help you: ‹ Understand your concerns, ‹ Identify your financial goals, ‹ Assess your tolerance for risk, ‹ Design an appropriate investment strategy and portfolio, and ‹ Manage and adjust your strategy and portfolio as needed. Where appropriate, your advisor will work with your CPA, attorney and other professionals to help ensure all aspects of your legacy and financial planning have been addressed. International Headquarters: The Raymond James Financial Center 880 Carillon Parkway I St. Petersburg, FL 33716 Toll-Free: 800-248-8863 I ©2009 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC ©2009 Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC 50100409 ML/SF 6/09
  2. 2. Planning for your FINDING THE ADVISOR WHO’S RIGHT FOR YOU financial future is more important – In today’s financial markets, change remains the only constant. And as life expectancies increase, healthcare costs continue to rise, and uncertainty At Raymond James, we have built and maintained our strength as one of and more complex – about the future of Social Security and personal retirement portfolios persists, coping with that change becomes increasingly difficult. the nation’s foremost financial services firms by focusing on attracting and than ever before. retaining skilled financial advisors who share our commitment to conservative That’s why you need a dedicated professional who not only understands the economic issues and the financial markets, but who is committed management, long-term planning and client service. to helping you assess and meet your core objectives, truly cares about the unique issues you face, and has the ability to act in your best interest. From our award-winning equity research team to our longstanding reputation for client service; from our comprehensive technological infrastructure to our extensive array of investment products and services, your Raymond James advisor has the tools, skills and support to develop the solutions that suit your Your Unique Goals A Matter of Choice? specific financial needs. Your advisor can help you employ disciplined, long- term investment strategies, and avoid reacting to short-term market swings by Your Raymond James advisor’s role is not to identify the next big investment trend, Were those polled by the Spectrem Group forced While even the most skilled and dedicated pick winning stocks or forecast the economy’s future. Instead, his or her focus to postpone their retirements? It depends. Some, advisors cannot completely protect their clients providing independent, objective advice, and offering you the needed balance is on helping you uncover your unique financial goals, aspirations, concerns and after going through the numbers, likely concluded against market declines, your advisor can be to appropriately diversify your portfolio and help you meet the full range of constraints, and on developing strategies to deal with them effectively. Both you that, by working a few years longer, they stood invaluable in helping manage and recover from your financial objectives. and your advisor should understand how much – and what kind – of risk you are a good chance of living the retirements they had losses, as well as assisting you in remaining willing to assume as well as the timeframes for achieving your goals. If life changes originally planned. Others may not have done focused on essential goals. Our advisors are focused on helping you and your family grow your wealth by or financial developments require adjusting your objectives, your financial plan the math, but merely hoped that working longer finding the solutions – both broad and specific – that best suit your needs. should be comprehensive and flexible enough to accommodate those changes. would solve any prospective financial problems. In addition, your financial advisor can help you determine whether specialized vehicles are From retirement and legacy planning to seeking more efficient ways to manage Establishing and implementing an effective, dynamic financial plan is a process Some may have had other choices they could appropriate to your needs. For example, a living your cash, exit your business or diversify a concentrated equity position, your that could entail some tough discussions about some hard choices. It, of course, also have made – for example, forgoing plans to trust or a specific type of IRA may be appropriate Raymond James advisor has the knowledge, skills and resources to help. involves investing prudently: That requires a well-researched, diversified portfolio fund a grandchild’s education to finance their to your needs, while a special needs trust or an based on a plan that factors in each of your goals, aspirations, concerns and constraints. retirement instead, or cutting back on their current education savings account may benefit a loved one. expenditures to generate more income in the To help ensure your portfolio remains aligned with your key goals regardless of future. Still others may have taken multiple steps In late 2008, most investors lost 30% to 40% of changes in your life or in the financial markets, your advisor should regularly to ensure a comfortable retirement. Others may their net worth, according to the Spectrem Group. review your portfolio with you and suggest adjustments as needed. For example, have done nothing at all. But regardless of the loss, the real question is, according to a 2009 study by the Spectrem Group, more than one-third of working What will those investors do next? That is, how individuals surveyed had recently changed their retirement plans and planned to And that’s where working with an experienced will they adjust their plans and their portfolios? postpone retirement. You may think that you are among that group, but are you financial advisor who understands your Will they continue to focus on reaching essential sure? Together you and your advisor can evaluate your circumstances, determine situation, cares about your future and has the long-term goals, or will they respond emotionally your specific situation and decide upon an appropriate course of action. independence to act on your behalf can make to market swings? a significant difference. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss