A2 media research


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A2 media research

  1. 1. Marketing for Battleship Luke Catchpole
  2. 2. Film Trailers• A trailer or preview is an advertisement or a commercial for a feature film that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema.• Film trailers are made to advertise films so people become more aware of the films and pay to go and watch them in order to make money.• Film trailers are are generally aimed at the same audience as the films they publicise. Different types of people like different sorts of films, there are certain features that will have a wide appeal to specific groups of people.• As well as using genre to gain our interest, marketing campaigns must also show us how a new film is different to others in the same genre: this is known as the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the film. The USP is what separates one film title from another released at a similar time or within the same genre.• Trailers are shown in cinemas, on TV and online. Watching trailers online is becoming very popular as people can watch trailers on YouTube and social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. and are usually accompanied by poster.• Most trailers are produced at the same time as the film is being edited. The timing trailers is very important, a trailer must be shown far enough in advance to generate excitement for the film’s release. However, the trailer can’t be early so that people forget about the film before it comes out.
  3. 3. Film PostersThese are 4 film posters from the newly released film battleship. As shown thecolour scheme and layout are the same for each of the posters. This alsohappens with different films. Each poster represents the different actors in thefilm which makes it more recognised for the audience as they are morefamiliar with the film. This is another way in which films are advertised. Peoplecan see posters in cinemas, in shops and around towns on the windows ofphone booths. This shows that posters are a very effective way of advertisingas they can be seen anywhere. These posters help target both male andfemale audiences by using male and female actors.
  4. 4. Film Magazines CoversThese are some examples of film front covers. They all consist ofthe film title, a main image and sell lines about the magazine.When a magazine is released for battleship it will be the same asthese but with different images and sell lines.
  5. 5. Conclusion• From the marketing of the magazine I conclude that the film is targeted for both male and female because of the use of male and female actors in the posters. I also conclude that is aimed at people between the ages of 15 and over.