Media evaluation FINAL


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Media evaluation FINAL

  1. 1. 3.What Have You Learnt From Your Audience Feedback? Luke Cole-Seal
  2. 2. What Do You Like About The Video?Nico: I like how defined that it looks, it looks like I know exactly what is being advertised whichmakes me feel more comfortable.Fabio: I like that the mise-en-scene on the trailer is on point, for example the setting is veryrecognisable as a outer residential area of London, and more specifically – Brentford. I also like howyou introduce the characters as a group, and then go off to explore their individual lives.Manini: All of it was brilliant, but I loved how the characters are introduced by freezing on a certainfacial expression.Rob: I like the video because it catches your attention with the music.Kyle: I liked how each character was introduced by using a pause to black and white. Immediately Iwas able to see what each characters personality was.Harriet: The black and white effect is good and the editing is quick and effective.Elyjah: I like the minimal use of editing tool such as fades and wipes and transitions, this stops it fromlooking tacky.From this feedback it seems that we had used mise-en-scene well and the characters personalities were easy toidentify. It also seems the editing techniques we used on the freeze frame shots of the characters worked well for theaudience as many reported liking the effects. This feedback shows that we achieved what we were trying to portray,the characters personalities by using the editing effects and quotes.
  3. 3. What Don’t You Like About The Video?Rob: I dont like the lack of dialogue in thevideo.Kyle: The music is too loud, unable to hearwhat characters are saying.Fabio: I don’t like how the music stays at the same volumethroughout the entire trailer, meaning that when people talk, it is quitehard to hear them as the music plays over what they say. However themusic is very fitting.Judging by the received feedback, the main problem was the music being toloud and making it nearly impossible to hear the dialogue from the characters.We addressed this in our final edit and decreased the volume when thecharacters were speaking and then increasing gradually when they hadstopped.
  4. 4. What Would You Change If You Had Made This?Rob: I would of given more dialogue so theaudience has more interest to see whathappens.Kyle: Have more dialogue to further theirpersonality.The main point that people would have changed about ourfilm is to add more dialogue to the film, reflecting back onthe shoot, we could have added more dialogue to furtherenhance the personalities of the characters, unfortunatelywe had no time to reshoot any.
  5. 5. Do The Characters Seem Easy To Understand/Relate To?Nico: Yes, they do, especially after watching other films like ‘FootballFactory’.Rob: Yes they go to the pub and watch football, I can relate to this.Fabio: Some of the characters were very easy to relate to andunderstand, such as Josh’s character shown with props of emptybottles shows the audience that he enjoys his drink. However othercharacters such as ‘Henry Carter’ are harder to relate to as we do notsee as much of them in the trailer.The feedback we received was that the characters were easy to relateto and understand, this is due to the fact that the pose and the quoteof the characters help to show their personalities, also, during the montages ofcharacters people seem to know what the characters are about.
  6. 6. Would You Watch This If It Was On Television?Nico: I think that I might, even though Iam not usually interested in these kinds ofPrograms, but I liked the violence.Fabio: After watching the trailer I wouldwatch this on the television.Manini: Yes, it made me laugh.People seemed to like our video and would watch it if itwas a real program, this is very positive as we worked hard to makesure we had created a good project that would reach our targetaudience and appeal to them.
  7. 7. Do You Think The Music Is Appropriate For The Video?Nico: Yes I think it’s very appropriate, especially the lyrics.Rob: Yes it is lively and sounds like something you would hear in a pub. Thissuits the football theme of the show.Fabio: The music fits the genre of the soap opera very well, and it is up-beatand cheerful which may connote the tone of this soap.Elyjah: I think the music fits very well with the film, it sets the mood and Ifeel its is appropriate for the film.At first we were not to sure about the music choice, but after selecting it andadding it to the video we felt it was the right one, and we’re glad to see thatothers agree also.
  8. 8. What Do You Like About The Printwork?Fabio: I like that you have given the TV magazine thorough researchand have made the front page of it almost identical to a real life one. Thesecond printwork artefact has also got a very good picture taken for it, whichrepresents the soap opera very well. One of the characters is wearing afootball shirt and they are both standing outside a pub, which is typicaliconography of UK football fans/hooligans.The feedback we received told us that the mise en scene we had was spot onand it suited what was being advertised. Also many people thought that themagazine cover looked very realistic like it would if it was actually on the coverof What’s On TV.
  9. 9. What Don’t You Like About The Printwork?Kyle: Not enough highlights andinformation on the front of the page.Harriet: Include some sub-stories.People felt that we could do with more stories onthe magazine cover which is probably somethingwe could have achieved, but at the time didn’tnotice.
  10. 10. What Changes Would You Make ToThe Printwork If You Had Done It?Fabio: If I was to make one change it would only be on the secondPrint artefact, I would try and make the background a white wall or theblue sky, because then you would have more choice on font colours.Kyle: Include more information about the show.The changes that people would make were on the poster advertisement, theywere to change the fonts and add more information about the show. Wewouldn’t have wanted to change the background on our poster; but we wouldhave added more information if we had thought about it at the time.
  11. 11. Would The Printwork Attract You To Watch The Program?Fabio: It would probably be the TV listings magazine cover that would makeme want to watch the soap. Because you can see Luke clearly kissing theBrentford badge, you can tell that this is about Brentford FC and being aBrentford fan myself, I would watch the soap.Kyle: Yes as the image is interesting and the titles are bright and bold whichattracts attention.We achieved success with our printwork because people said that theprintwork would attract them to watch the program.
  12. 12. ConclusionOverall I feel that the feedback we got wasvery helpful in aiding us to makeadjustments on our final projects to make itbetter. The feedback about the audioblocking the dialogue was very muchneeded as we did not realise this at thetime. Much of the feedback was positive and thismade us realise we were on the right track oncreating a good piece of work for our A2 Project.