Multi-Channel eCommerce Best Practice Primer


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Just last week our very own Luke Hilton spent an entertaining evening with the team at its inaugural Our very own Luke Hilton presented this slide deck during the ‘Plugged In’ live networking event held at . The night was hosted by Grant Arnott and Luke has the entertaining task of "live" critiquing a number of user submitted eCommerce websites.

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Multi-Channel eCommerce Best Practice Primer

  1. 1. Some facts about the Playhouse Digital Team: • Sydney based Multi-Channel Retail (MCR) Agency • Collectively over 15 years in retail – Luke Hilton – Online Retail Specialist – Luke Goldsworthy – Buying and Ranging Specialist – Andrew Wong – Marketing and Promotions • Battle hardened through real world experience • We know eCommerce – Responsible for Dick Smith Australia 2007-2009 • We just don’t build a pretty website – Focus on life after launch, community, and sales growth – Help you optimise your eCommerce and fulfilment • We leverage your biggest assets i.e. Stores & Catalogues • Hand picked selection of technology partners with a retail focus... Introducing Playhouse Digital
  2. 2. * Some clients worked on in partnership with other agencies Our Clients
  3. 3. Improving Online Customer Experience • Online Customer Experience is all about automation, brand expectation, and ease. • Know your customer journey. What makes your customers tick? – Understand the stages that affect their experience – Search, navigation, point of purchase, delivery returning a product, calling for support • Where are the customer touch points? • Be a customer and complete your end to end path to purchase
  4. 4. Examples of Poor Customer Experience • Incorrect product information or pricing • Website said SKU was in stock, but it actually wasn’t • Poor/hard search paradigms • Data corruption • Fulfilment issues • Delivered damaged • Excess charges • Customer service was poor or just didn’t care • Customer service didn’t know who I was or my order history A poor customer experience reflects poorly on your brand not just the business unit responsible for the part of the puzzle.
  5. 5. Examples of Good Customer Experience • Intuitive navigation • Automated follow up call or email • Great IA and usability, things where they should be • Accurate product offer • Easy online to offline experience • Delivered my knew TV to my home, brought inside, installed, trained me and then took away the packaging Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Deliver a positive customer experience and reap the rewards
  6. 6. What is Multi-Channel Retail? Multi-Channel Retail means expanding the ways for customers to engage and trade with you. This goes beyond a store to include such things as a website, email comm’s, mobile devices, call centre's, self-service kiosks and/or mail. An integrated multi-channel solution means linking some or all of these channels to provide a consistent brand experience, contextual to each channel. Develop these channels in silo’s and risk a poor Customer Experience. Image Source: Hybris
  7. 7. Rolling out Best Practice Building an eCommerce website is not difficult. Ensuring you provide a “best practice” experience across your website is the path to good customer experience. The following sections detail some tips in regards to “best practice” across the following areas: 1. Product Info 2. Search and Navigation 3. Merchandising and Marketing 4. Basket and Checkout 5. Customer Account Management 6. Customer Communication 7. Help and Static Content 8. Store Integration
  8. 8. Product Info • All of the following need to be considered at product level: – Product information • Marketing spiel • Key features • Detailed specifications – Stock status • If out of stock when is it back in stock? – Fulfilment cost – Price / Saving / Discount – Product Images (multiple) – Rich Media: video / 360 view / Zoom – Cross promotional cross-sell / up-sell – Educational content – User Generated Product reviews Image Source:
  9. 9. Search All of the following need to be considered: – Search • Search should offer suggestions • Should include faceting • Search results need to be sorted by different criteria (price / relevance) • Should cover both product and non product information • Include User Generated Product rating • Number of search results found • Display helpful page when no results are found • Great opportunity for merchandising based on search term Source: Products to consider: SLI Systems / Fred Hopper
  10. 10. Navigation The following should be considered: – Primary / Tertiary navigation • Distinct and consistent locations • Visual difference – Guided navigation with sort and refine • By Brand • By Colour • By Price • Etc – Faceting should be category related – Breadcrumbs Source: Products in consideration set: SLI Systems / Fred Hopper
  11. 11. Promotional Intelligence Consider the following : • Up-sells with higher margin • Cross sell related accessories e.g. TV + compatible cable • Bundle a loss leader with high margin attachments • Coupons and Discount Codes • Out of stock? Alert system for back in stock or serve up an alternative • Side by side product comparison • User Generated Product Review – What do my peers think? – Assists with decision making Source: to consider: Hybris / Magento
  12. 12. Basket Consider the following with your basket and checkout functionality: • Add products to basket from multiple pages e.g. Home Page, Category Landing Page, Search Results, Product Page • Contents of basket clearly displayed – Including product images for easy recognition • Easily update content e.g. Quantity / Delivery Address / Billing Address • Promotional messages to grow basket size... – Spend $X and qualify for free delivery – 2 for 1 – Gift with purchase • Display related products for cross-sells and up-sells • Warm and fluffy reassuring messages e.g. Safe, secure, returns info, delivery information Image source: /
  13. 13. Checkout Consider the following with your basket and checkout functionality: – Clearly see number of steps to completion • Personal details > Delivery details > Payment details > Summary > Confirmation • Always show progress indictor to completion – Uncluttered design – Closed checkout – Limit the opportunities to lose them – Allow customer to change their details from within the checkout – Quick and simple checkout process prevents drop out and increases conversion – Allow customer to complete registration as part of the checkout process – Flexible payment options Image source:
  14. 14. Self Service Account Management Consider the following to assist your customer in managing their account: – Simple to register – Simple to login – Simple to update details • Personal details • Delivery details • Password – “Remember Me” to streamline login – Clear “opt-in” and “opt-out” – See order history – See current order status – Track delivery – Ability to cancel an order – Ensure you put thought into data capture for future segmentation and targeting opportunities Image Source:
  15. 15. Email Marketing Consider the following to assist your Email Marketing: – Batch and blast is old skool, segmentation and dynamic content is what’s cool – Retail Email Marketing opens a world of opportunities: • Targeted communications with relevant offers • Trigger based emails – You bought a TV. Email goes out 1 week later asking you if you want the warranty – Birthday cards – Email two weeks after purchase asking customer about their experience and to rate the product • Email confirmations with cross sells • Dropped baskets – Send to friend functionality – Social Network Sharing functionality Image Source: to consider: ExactTarget
  16. 16. Static Content Static content may not be the coolest part of your site, but is great for keeping your customer on your site and boosting conversion. Consider the following kinds of static content for your website: – Buying Guides – Geek Speak – “How to” guides – Expert and peer reviews – Case studies Ensure you put your customer hat on and ask yourself...what information would I need at this point in the journey. Once you have this content then ensure it’s linked to the right products and pages! Image Source:
  17. 17. Store Integration Your stores are your biggest asset and what you invest most heavily in. Consider the following to assist your online promotion to offline conversion: – Buy online pick up in store – Check in store inventory at product level – Have an easy to use Store Locator integrated with mapping – Include routing – Tailor site content around customer location e.g. Check stock at Glebe Image Source:
  18. 18. Tactics – The User Experience • What makes a retail outlet great? Why do you buy that brand…? From that store…? From that person….? – It’s generally not the price. Compete on more. • Understand your brands intentions and replicate them online. • How do your communication tactics communicate your communication message? – Email: Dynamic content, complex automated segmentation, targeted promotions, auto responders, and social integration – Social Media: Share tools, forums, product support, recommendations, social platforms, technical support – Architecture: Search paradigm, faceted navigation, product selection, product offer or structure – Content: Product specs, product location, activation, compare tools, cross promotions, up-sell, and cross-sell Products in consideration set: SLI Systems, BazaarVoice, ExactTarget
  19. 19. Take home messages • If you don’t know what your customer wants then ask them! • If they buy something then follow up, thank them and ask about their experience. • Recognise your brand advocates and treat them like the special people they’re. • Best practice, means you’re ahead of the game and therefore you already a half way there!
  20. 20. Questions and Next Steps? Luke Hilton Online Retail Specialist E. M. +61 424 107 780