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  1. 1. Monthly MarketingPerformance Reportwww.mcmurry.comNovember 2011 Powered by:
  2. 2. McMurry.com: Monthly TrendsCompared YTD, the new site continues to perform at a high-levelwith improved or relatively steady metrics across categories.Pageviews and Pages Visited will remain down until a full yearhas been completed due to the simple volume of pages on theold site.The figures I’m watching closest, KPI’s for Visits, Bounce Rateand Time On Site continue to impress me and indicateprogress. These stats are for 11/1 to 11/30 and compare to thesame period in 2010.
  3. 3. McMurry.com: Top ContentRemoving the top dozen pages (which are always the Homepage,Careers and Services pages), marketing content is moving into the topvisits and shows the longest View Times for whitepapers andMcMurry.TV videos.
  4. 4. McMurry.com: Search MarketingDate MOVES TERMS Top 1 Top 5 Top 10 Top 20 Unranked 7/27/11 571 774 7 18 31 54 2,268 9/3/11 181 774 9 24 41 72 2,250 10/6/11 34 774 11 23 42 76 2,246 11/9/11 117 774 9 27 46 87 2,235 12/1/11 -319 774 7 18 27 56 2,266Google, Yahoo and Bing all made major changes to their searchalgorithms recently. We actually wrote a post about it for the e-newsletter and we’re now seeing that impact on some of our campaignkeywords as shown above. I asked Search Toppers for an “official”explanation:“This is typical in the SEO cycle as the search engines consistentlywork to improve their algorithms in an effort to enhance their results.Because of this, we do not believe it is not realistic to expect gains 12months concurrently, we tell our clients to expect 2/3 positive and 1/3flat-negative.”
  5. 5. E-Newsletter: Content TrendsThis is how I measure thelevel of interest in stories;hopefully you can see the %of clicks by article. We’re at aplace where all Latest Postcontent is drawing a share ofthe clicks.The bottom-half of the emailis cut off, but the McMurry.TVlink received an additional14%, while our LatestNewslinks typically draw about 5-10%.
  6. 6. E-Newsletter: Send PerformanceTo the right is Exact Target’sreport for our Staff list, but it givesyou a sense of the distribution.Our KPI’s across Sales & Clientsare decent, but admittedly a littlebelow industry average for opens:McM Open: 14.75% Click:4.59%Industry: 18.79%4.13%Part of this is that our SalesForcedata had been cobbled togetherfrom multiple sources over timeand there’s been a certainamount of weeding out old,incorrect or duplicated contacts.However, I’m taking active stepsto improve our list quality andquantity (planned to double)through the new partnership with
  7. 7. HubSpot: An IntroductionThis is our new marketing automation platform that I launched inOctober. HubSpot’s software suite is nothing short of amazing.It integrates directly with SalesForce, I’m using most of the above toolsalready and we’re making major strides in the sophistication of ourmarketing and, most importantly, lead generation.
  8. 8. HubSpot: Measure To ImproveHubSpot is essentially a “gym membership” for McMurry’s marketing. Themore we use it, the stronger we get. IAS helped me integrate their trackingcode into our site and we’re pulling information about prospects, their pathsto find us and their behaviors on the site that I honestly didn’t know werepossible before.At its base-level, HubSpot is helping me develop “inbound marketing”
  9. 9. HubSpot: Identifying New LeadsThe above list is the Top 20 “matched” visitor profiles for November.HubSpot uses an IP-lookup to match visitors with a database of companies.While they can’t capture everyone automatically, there were 657 recognizedmatched visitors to the site last month. This is how a lead starts.The next slide is an actual example of a lead profile I’ve been tracking forBoston Spine Group, a company that visited our site frequently over acouple of weeks, read whitepapers and watched a number of our marketingvideos.
  10. 10. HubSpot: Developing a LeadProfile
  11. 11. HubSpot: Identifying New LeadsLike with Boston Spine Group, I’m able to live monitor the flow of trafficand watch for brands, behavior or patterns that are relevant to ourprospecting.This is the top of the funnel for our lead gen. I’m in the process ofbuilding out the cycles that add these leads to an intro email, create acontact record in SalesForce, share activityautomatically with Sales andprompt a call. This is a new frontier and learning process for McMurry,but the sophistication and potential for our lead generation is obvious