secrets and lies, luke stevens & tori bray


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secrets and lies, luke stevens & tori bray

  1. 1. costume: shows the era it was filmed Hair & make-up: young boy’s hair shows he doesn’t take much care in his appearance, the rest have taken the time to make sure they look presentable for the picture. facial expressions & body language: the boy looks uncomfortable and like he doesn’t want to be there, the mum looks happy to be there, the dad looks like he cant really be bothered the nan is looking complexly disabled and confused. Sound and Light: the frame is well lit, highlighting the characters’ faces, the only sound is casual chitter chatter in the studio. The light flashes to resemble the camera flashin’.
  2. 2. Costume; Boxing gloves- show he’s ready to fight. Boxing belt- shows he is a successful boxer. Boxing shorts- athleticism Sound and light- grunts shows aggression, like he is actually fighting. Represents a photo shoot. Dull lighting, centered frame, dark around the outside showing a frame-like figure Stereotypes-
  3. 3. Costume; shows her profession as a nurse Hair; tied back, professional, tidy and hygienic Make up; plain, professional, like she cant be bothered almost Body language/ facial expression; lazy, closed, serious, unhappy, moody Chair shows how she is reserved and keeping a barrier between her and the audience Sound and light Represents a photo shoot. Dull lighting, centered frame, dark around the outside showing a frame-like figure Colour Plain colouring, earthy. Apart from her clothes to make her stand out. Stereotype? Not typical nurse, nurses usually have a cheerful nature and want to make people feel better
  4. 4. Costume – the white shows purity and innocence which is complimented by the fact that the baby is naked, showing the newborn’s wholesomeness as it is a new life. Hair- curly hair covering her face and leading the eye towards the baby. Body language- everything is turning towards the baby, signifying it’s importance to the audience. Colour- the white background coincides with the costume. Light- bright light creates an angelic atmosphere as if she’s bringing the baby from heaven.
  5. 5. Costume- the woman is wearing red which blends in with the red cloth, making the brown dog stand out, making it the central focus in the frame, this probably represents how the dog is the central focus in her life as well. The woman is being very tentative to the dog, trying to make it look perfect, she will not get out of the frame, even though the photographer asks her many times. One example of her explicit attention to detail is that she keeps brushing the underside of the dog’s neck, even though it won’t be in shot.
  6. 6. Costume & props- the cat is in a chair, this shows it’s relative to a human, possibly showing that she sees the cat as a friend or family member, rather than a pet. Body language- the woman is very happy and is petting the cat, showing that she finds enjoyment in this.
  7. 7. lifdu Costume- the man is clearly dressed up for the occasion, as he explains. The photographer is adjusting his costume. Body language- the man has a closed expression and is trying to be perfectly still, looking awkward and uncomfortable. Props- the man is sitting on a chair.
  8. 8. Makeup- the ‘entertainer’ has a fake moustache on and a Tommy Cooper style hat. Costume- the man is wearing a very comic costume, with a very classical comic outfit, which contrasts with his rather moody personality.
  9. 9. Makeup and costume- the women are dressed in very decadent clothes, showing the era in which this was filmed Body language- the women are in very flirtatious and sensual positions. Stereotype- single women.
  10. 10. Costume- the children are dressed up as ballerina’s, they are dressed in a non traditional blue outfit, it is still very feminine, because it’s baby blue, the mother is wearing a floral dress which is a very motherly image. Body language- the girls have a good posture, much like a ballerina, and appear to be well behaved. Stereotypes- typical well behaved girls>doing ballet. The mother is tentative towards them.
  11. 11. Costume- the child has been dressed presumably against his wishes as he is wearing a rather questionable combination of crocs, ankle socks, short shorts, a waistcoat and a bow tie. Body language- the child looks very uninterested, he is picking his nose, showing how he is uncomfortable in this foreign environment
  12. 12. Costume- she is dressed in a provocative and seductive outfit, as if the picture is meant for a lover. Body language- she is in an open pose with her outer leg higher, she looks like she is not used to this kind of pose, as she looks uncomfortable.
  13. 13. Costume- the men are dressed very smartly. Body language- the older gentleman is sitting down, implying his age, whereas the others are standing and looking like they need to be somewhere else and not doing the photo shoot, this is shown by the man looking at his watch. POW