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Tribe Edition 17 Lo Res

  2. 2. Luke’s SpaceFinally its here. The natural non‐toxic answer to kera6n straightening.From Feb 19 we will be showcasing Aveda’s new Smooth Infusion smoothing system, which usesTourmaline to smooth and straighten the hair. This is a huge improvement from the formaldehyde reliantkera6n systems. When heated, formaldehyde is inherently toxic to the prac66oner, the client and anyonesiFng close by. If frizz free hair is your 2012 resolu6on then ask recep6on to organise a complimentaryconsulta6on and experience smooth hair, naturally.February is also Litreship month. Purchase any two 1 litre shampoo or condi6oners and receive acomplimentary wooden paddle brush which rrp $49.95. These brushes are hugely popular for brushingout long hair or stretching wavy hair, they are gentle and easy to use.We have updated our web site and improved the mobile and tablet func6onality. This makes it easier tomanage your own bookings in your own 6me. Visit and while you’re there click on and‘like’ our Facebook page and keep well abreast of all the comings and goings, events, compe66ons andhow to’s!!Keep an eye out for our accessories space; we have been sourcing cool hair pieces, brushes andequipment. One I love is the Tangle Teezer hair brush. My daughter, who has the world’s most sensi6vescalp and cringes if I come near her with a hair brush, loves it! The brush will gently & effortlessly banishtangles & knots from your hair in an instant, without pain....I hope you enjoy this edi6on of our magazine and look forward to seeing you in the salonAll the best for 2012Luke Smart Magazine created by Amelia Darmawan 2012
  3. 3. contents2 4 6What’s in Store Step by step Everydaynew things to find Skincare Smooth Hairin the salon. by Douglas Periera The new Aveda Texture Smoother8 9 10Trend Forecast Runway to Meet PeteLooking forward to Everyday Employee profile:fashion foward How the pros Peter Tadrosselooks! create runway hairAveda Story Award Winner! Bonus FeatureWhat is the Aveda How Nat won the The low down onDifference? In‐Salon Cosme6c Breast Compe66on 2011 Surgery
  4. 4. What’s in Store Shine like aJewel Aveda’s Fall Collection of Limited Edition Makeup Jewels of the Earth make‐up collec6on in inspired by rich, bold gemstone hues. The collec6on includes some of Aveda’s most vibrant shades yet with 6 new Aveda Petal Essence Single Eye Colors which, as usual, are made of beau6ful natural ingredients and are free from parabens, talc and carmine. Jasmine, geranium and orchid petal waxes deliver petal soe texture, smoothness and crease resistant colour, while jojoba oil provides hydra6on, lightweight texture and prevents moisture loss. 3 new Limited Edi6on Nourish Mint Lip Colours are infused with plant and fruit waxes to smooth fine lines by 26%, hydrate and plump. Plus they smell great with the signature flavour of organic spearmint and vanilla! An Abundance of Lashes! Finally a naturally‐derived product that is clinically proven to provide thicker, fuller lashes! With the brand new Aveda Lash Abundance Serum $99.95, enjoy lashes that are darker and longer in appearance in just 8 weeks with 98% naturally derived formula without the irrita6on or redness that comes with chemically‐derived lash enhancing products.2 WHAT’S IN STORE
  5. 5. Litreship Save Money, Save the Earth Did you know that when you buy your favourite shampoo and condi6oner in litres, you save 30%? Thats the equivalent of one 250mL bojle completely free! Not only do you save money but you save plas6c, and the less waste, the happier our earth is. During February and March, we reward those who are doing their part to reduce waste, by giving away a free Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush valued atWelcome Back $49.95 with every purchase of 2 Litres of Aveda Hair Care. So there is no bejer 6me eco.kid to buy your shampoo and condi6oner from Tribe or Luc Espace!Its been a couple of years since eco.kidgraced our shelves but we’re delighted tohave it back in store. eco.kid is a pioneerand leader of the eco‐responsible personalcare category designed to care for pure raw ingredients have beencer6fied natural and organic byinterna6onally recognised independantproviders. Their amazing product rangeincludes the Lice Bomb: a 100% naturallyderived botanical complex of pure plantoils and essences that aids in the removalof head lice and their eggs, and Preventshampoo: a gentle plant derived shampoospecifically formulated to use everyday onyoung skin. In one step you can cleansedeeply and help to make hair unajrac6veto head lice; excellent peace of mind whena high probability of head lice exposureexists. eco.kid in chatswood loca6ons only WHAT’S IN STORE 3
  6. 6. Step by step Sun protec6on is of course the first priority during gently remove makeup and impuri6es without summer, but as we reach the end of the sunny leaving the skin feeling greasy during the warmer season it’s 6me to look deeper. Aeer a large months. amount of sun exposure, the condi6on of our skin can be lee feeling dry and moisture depleted. To 2. Tone combat this it is essen6al to focus on the Botanical kineDcs™ skin firming/toning agent purifica6on, refinement and moisture levels of our Hydrates and cools the skin with a moisture‐rich skin, to reduce the nega6ve effects summer has mist. Blended with sodium hyaluronate, a sugar on our skins condi6on. derived humectant‐soothing Echinacea and rosewater; this toner can be used aeer cleansing The essen6al Aveda home care program for your for a burst of refreshment. The skin firming toning skin should include five simple steps plus the all agent helps restore skins moisture balance important sun protec6on (even aeer summer). 3. Exfoliate 1. Cleanse Tourmaline charged radiant skin refiner All‐sensiDve™ cleanser During summer our skin tends to become more Gentle, aroma‐free cleanser formulated for clogged with oils and environmental impuri6es so sensi6ve skin. This gel/cream‐based formula6on is it is extremely important to purify and refine it. the prefect lightweight‐cleansing product to The Tourmaline charged radiant skin refiner is a 1. 2. 3.4 WHAT’S IN STORE
  7. 7. skincare. by therapist Douglas Pereiracreamy, clay‐based scrub exfoliates with bamboo 5. Moisturiseextract and energizes with tourmaline to leave Botanical kineDcs™ hydraDng loDonskin radiant and refined. This lightweight lo6on absorbs quickly into the skin due to the emollients derived from coconut,4. Treat jojoba and other naturally derived ingredients,Intensive hydraDng masque that replenish moisture with a gentle touch. TheThe Intensive hydra6ng masque gives soothing chamomile and lavender blend helps promote arelief to skin suffering from excessive dryness, soe, supple skin texture. Your skin is lee feelingstress and exposure to the elements. This resilient and moisture‐refreshed. For dryer skinintensely hydra6ng, oil‐free masque contains mix a lijle intensive hydra6on masque into thepotent, plant‐derived humectants. It cools and lo6on for an intensified hydra6onrehydrates with a surge of moisturizing aloe, kelpand lavender, calms with rosewater drenching the 6. Protectskin with moisture to overcome the deple6on of Inner light™ mineral Dnted moisturisermoisture our skin experienced during the summer An oil‐free moisturizer that you can glow about.season. The radiance‐infused formula is lightweight, so skin feels like its wearing nothing, yet the finish is smooth and even, and skin is protected with a mineral‐derived sunscreen. 4. 5. 6. WHAT’S IN STORE 5
  8. 8. Wake Up with Frizz Free Hair The naturally‐derived alterna6ve to hair smoothing treatments with the New Aveda Smooth Infusion Texture Smoother
  9. 9. Smooth Infusion Texture Smoother is a smoothing system that will reduce drying and styling 6me. It’s a formaldehyde free demi‐permanent alterna6ve that reduces frizz and smoothes the hair. Customised for the unique needs of every guest, this product is designed to de‐frizz all hair types and smooth the hair cu6cle. With the ac6ve ingredient of tourmaline, a crystal mineral, as opposed to formaldehyde, this unique formula rivals its chemically based counterparts. Tourmaline loosens the hairs structural bonds, mineral sulfites realign the bonds so the hair is smooth and corn and enzyme locks the smooth new style. There are also corn derived humectants that restore the hair’s moisture balance and coconut and babassu oils to protect the hair and give incredible shine. When it comes to the service, guests can expect a thorough, personalised consulta6on. The treatment works on all hair types, including coloured hair and hair that has already had kera6n treatments done. WIN the Smooth Infusions Texture Smoother treatment for your hair along with a full hair makeover! Scan this barcode to find out howWHAT’S IN STORE 7
  10. 10. Trend Forecast Styling Trends By Bec Sun Long Luscious Hair As we approach Autumn, its 6me to see what looks are hot off the catwalk, and how to wear it on the street. Dolce and Gabanna’s Autumn/Winter Collec6on featured a relaxed take on the bouncy blowdry which is perfect for everyday wear. Roots aren’t given too much volume, midlengths are mostly straight with just a bit of movement and the ends have a gentle curl. It’s sophis6cated, but not over‐the‐top, so it’s great for any occasion. Wet Hair To wear this look wet the roots and slick the hair back with gel and you can wear the ends either damp or dry. Dress the look up by blow drying the ends giving them a loose wave or pull the hair into pony tail. Colour Trends By Courtnie Cohn Warm Colour The colour forecast for Autumn is warmth through colour. Think rich browns, deep violets, stunning garnet reds and bujery blondes. Expect fewer highlights and more bold solid colours, and while the balyage will s6ck around, you’ll see the look with richer tones and more warmth.8 TREND FORECAST
  11. 11. Runway to Everyday To recreate Dolce and Gabanna’s Long Luscious look on Merri, Bec started by washing her hair with the AVEDA Pure Abundance shampoo and condi6oner for effortless volume. She then prepped it with Phomollient styling foam, for weightless shine, volume and protec6on from heat styling. Taking small sec6ons, Bec blowdried Merri’s hair, holding each sec6on in place with clips (a modern, relaxed alterna6ve to hot rollers). This look works for any long hair styles, Merri’s shorter layers produce a slightly different result, but is equally wearable and oh‐so now. Once it was blowdried, Bec gently removed the pins, brushing out the curls. Finally, she used Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to reduce fly aways and add shine, and held it all in place with Air Control Hairspray. Want to see how its done? Check out the video online!TREND FORECAST 9
  12. 12. The Aveda Difference How Aveda is making a difference with environmentally sustainable, socially responsible beauty products.
  13. 13. The difference between Aveda and other beauty Aveda has an on‐going partnerships with a varietycompanies is more than skin deep. Since being of communi6es around the world, u6lising naturalfounded in 1978, Aveda ‐The Art and Science of resources in a way that is not only sustainable butPure Flower and Plant Essence‐ has set the benefits the local communi6es. For example, thebenchmark for the beauty industry when it comes Yawanawa Tribe of the Brazilian Amazon is a tribeto environmentally sustainability and social that uses a red seed called "uruku", derived fromresponsibility. Crea6ng high performance the Urukum Palm, to paint their bodies forproducts that are botanically based, Aveda aims different rituals. This product is used in Avedato benefit beauty prac66oners, their guests as Makeup as colour pigment and their partnershipwell as the planet. has helped to sustain the Yawanawa Tribe while helping to bring ajen6on to the plight of theirFounder Horst Rechelbacher, had the vision of disappearing rainforest home.crea6ng products derived from plants, makingthem safer and more sustainable than exis6ng However, the major point of difference when itproducts on the market. Since Aveda’s incep6on, comes to Aveda products is the Green ingredientsthe company has taken huge strides, becoming and their ability to produce high performingthe first beauty company manufacturing with plant‐based products. Through extensive100% wind power. Aveda also incorporate as research, Aveda advances plant‐based technologymuch post‐consumer recycled (PCR) content in and development prac6ces in the beauty industrytheir packaging as possible to the extent that in with their use of renewable, sustainable, organic2000, they challenged packaging suppliers to and non‐petroleum mineral ingredients. Their hairincrease PCR content to an unprecedented 80%. colour line alone reaches levels of up to 99% naturally derived, unprecendently high in whatsAveda is also socially responsible, raising generally a chemically based product. Aveda’sawareness and funds for important causes around products create a new world standard, crea6ngthe world. The annual Earth Month Campaign has compe66ve, high performance products with araised more than $14 million worldwide for conscience. environmental causes since it began in 1999. BONUS FEATURE 11
  14. 14. CosmeticBreastSurgery“The fundamental roots of plas6c surgery arein reconstruc6ng and restoring, I believe it canchange how a person sees themselves” ‐Dr Merten
  15. 15. Respected plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Merten believes thatsuccessful cosmetic plastic surgery is all about choices; choosinga highly qualified, caring and ethical surgeon, to help you makethe right choices of procedures to achieve your goals.Dr. Merten’s specialty is cosmeDc breast surgery, important to carefully consider all the features ofincluding breast reduc2on, augmenta2on, and a beau6ful breast, such as the slope down to theli8s, and has over 15 years experience in this area nipple, the curve from the nipple to the base ofof exper6se. the breast, placement of the nipple, and the overall propor6ons of your body.A woman’s breasts undergo a life6me of change: Dr Merten’s personal philosophy is that “the keyfrom puberty to maturity, par6cularly with weight to success is finding out what you really hope tovaria6ons and the major changes of pregnancy achieve with your breast surgery”. This requiresand breast‐feeding. Dr Merten says that a 6me and care, as well as surgical experience andpersonalised, tailored approach to surgery is key understanding. This close interac6on needs to beto achieve the best possible result for every done personally by the doctor with each pa6ent,individual. not by a nurse or sales person ajending to the pa6ent’s care. Dr Merten feels it is very importantBreast reduction to spend enough 6me over several consulta6onsBreast reduc6on is ideal for women with to establish what you consider to be your idealexcessively large breasts who may be breast size and shape. He does this by studyingexperiencing discomfort such as back, neck and your own physique and going throughshoulder pain, and skin irrita6on under the breast photographs of previous pa6ents, talking overfolds. Breast reduc6on is also beneficial if breasts what you do and don’t like about your breasts,are dispropor6onate to a woman’s body frame, or then individualising the surgery to achieve yourif a physical ac6vity is restricted due to the weight goals. Photographs are taken, and using the latestof the breasts. 3D simula6on technology, you can see yourself with different implants before making finalBreast augmentation choices.Breast implants, when expertly undertaken, Dr Merten also performs other cosme6c plas6cimprove the shape and enhance the size ofwomens breasts; if you desire larger breasts, or surgery procedures, including facelie, brow lie,wish to regain some of the volume lost through eyelid reduc6on, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty &childbearing, Dr. Merten says, “Breast cosme6c injectables. augmenta6on is one of the most popularprocedures I perform”. To see Doctor Steve Merten Pure Aesthetics | Sydney CityThere is more to beau6ful breasts than size. While MACQUARIE COSMETIC & PLASTIC SURGERY | Macquarie Universityplanning the procedure Dr. Merten says it is very 02 9252 9262 BONUS FEATURE 13
  16. 16. Our Winner! Every year Luc Espace and Tribe come together for the annual In-Salon Competition. One of the biggest events on our calendar, the competition showcases the talent and creativity of our team and the “Indigenous” theme inspired a huge variety of looks. Congratulations to our winner, Natalie Martin! As one of our technicians at Tribe Lifestyle, (and creative hair artist!) its time we got to know Nat... I started hairdressing in 1996 so I’ve been doing this for 16 years going on 17 this year. I’ve always loved hair. I used to braid all my friends hair in primary school and I also used to straighten my sisters hair using the iron on the ironing board. The first salon I worked at was called "The Cut Above" in Paddington. I have done a lot of courses with Wella, Loreal and Toni & Guy and trained with some of the best hairdressers in the business both locally and interna6onal. What do I love about hairdressing? COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR! Ive trained and specialised in colour and absolutely love what I do. I’m working with my passion and that makes my job so much easier. I look forward to passing on my knowledge and teaching colour. I have adopted many crazy hairstyles over the years but my favourite was my afro. I had a perm that was done with pipe cleaners so it was super 6ght. I looked like "Soul Glow" from the movie "Coming to America" with Eddie Murphy but I loved it! I like fashion that doesn’t follow the trend or what the hot styles are right now. Fashion is limitless.8 14 OURTEAM
  17. 17. Nat’s Winning Entry My inspira6on was to create a tradi6onal looking samba headpiece out of hair and have it look and move like a real one. It actually took me a couple of weeks to make. I used christmas decora6ons as the base, feathers, lots of synthe6c hair and a coat hanger was in there too! A lot of prepara6on was involved, it took me half a day to braid in synthe6c hair into my models own hair. I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to try do something I never would have thought I could do. It was so much fun. And seeing everyone elses amazing work was truly inspira6onal. What the Judges Thought “Natalies entry was innova6ve and crea6ve with a spot of exo6c. Natalie works as a colour technician for Tribe so it was awesome to see her step out of her comfort zone and produce a styling piece.” ‐Courtnie Cohn, Technical Director “Natalie won because of the unique way she representated the “indigenous” theme. The colour, style and performance were all so crea6ve and very well executed.” ‐Bec Sun, CreaDve DirectorNatalie’s gorgeous model performing a Brazilian Samba for the judges...wearing the painstakingly created feathered hairpiece, braided into her own hair! OURTEAM 11
  18. 18. Hairdresser Profile Tadrosse Young and ambitious, Pete has gone from promising apprentice to hot property stylist during his years at Luc Espace. Find out why he loves doing what he does. I started hairdressing in January 2007 and have spent five amazing wonderful years at Luc Espace. I love hairdressing because I love the changes. Its never a typical “nine to five” day doing the same jobs week in week out. Every client is different and every haircut is different. I’m obsessed with fashion. The runways and celebri6es are where most of my inspira6on comes from. Recently, I’ve been focusing more on fashion blogs than mainstream magazines. I find them more real and you’re geFng a bejer sense of what’s really happening. Right now its all about mess mess mess! Not dirty, not bed hair, but styled mess. Think Mary Kate Olsen or Blake Lively. The highlight of my job is being able to work with my friends, having the opportunity to do this day in day out is fantas6c. I’ve also been blessed with some great opportuni6es to work on numerous photo shoots and fashion shows which is such an awesome thing to experience. If I had to single out one experience that was an absolute highlight it would definitely be my gradua6on from appren6ce into hair stylist. My ambi6on for the future is to take the hairdressing world by storm! I want to travel with my skill and style hair all over the world. Session styling is definitely a passion so I hope that the future brings more photographic work. I also love passing on my skills so I can’t wait to be at a level where I can take someone under my wing and teach them everything I know!8 16 OURTEAM
  19. 19. SudokuEvery row, column andbox of 9 squares mustcontain the numbers 1-9.There is only one solution. 1 6 4 2 8 8 7 8 6 3 7 4 2 4 7 6 4 9 5 2 9 3 8 2 3 6 4 6 3 3 9 8 1 7 Difficulty: Easy 8 1 3 6 9 4 8 5 7 2 4 2 3 5 2 1 4 5 1 8 9 2 4 6 Difficulty: Very Hard SUDOKU!