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  • Key Message:We are a Service and Support organization. We our in our client’s mission critical environments every day. We see first hand, what they are experiencing and what they want to do both tactically and strategicallyOur top customers continually emphasize the need for:High resiliency of their IT infrastructuresManaging Risk: Many angles – a. identifying problems in the stack/avoiding downtime / b. Security / c. ComplianceCustomer example here….Slide notes:100% Availability: More systems are mission critical: banking, healthcare, federal, financial services. Risk of PR damage from downtime is a significant concern.Agility: IT leadership must have the ability to respond quickly to demands of business unit requests.Innovation: Innovation directly impacts ability to respond to business objectives. Key innovations we are helping clients with include: Problem Avoidance (Proactive support) Private Cloud strategiesManaging Risk Data management and security
  • Oracle Services are designed work together seamlessly with Oracle hardware and software products to enable the success of your Oracle investments - throughout your IT lifecycle - and across the complete Oracle stack.
  • When our customers engage Oracle and leverage the expertise of Oracle Services, new product and technology adoption is accelerated. IT complexity is reduced and risk is minimized with mission critical uptime and proactive and preventive maintenance. Customer IT infrastructures are more current - and more strategic - allowing for continuous improvement and the realization of the full value of the hardware and software investments. Not surprisingly, customers are more satisfied.
  • So why Oracle? You’ve likely seen our financials, you know we are pervasive in the top industries, have 380,000+ customers across 145 countries, an extensive network of partners, and 108,000 employees. What you may not realize is our extensive investment in R&D – more than 4.5B in FY11 – and our depth of expertise. We have more than 32,000 developers and engineers, 18,000 support personnel, 17,000 consulting experts, and over 1.5 million students trained annually. And all of this innovation and investment is focused exclusively on Oracle technologies.
  • So what does our investment mean for you. As a result of our exclusive focus on Oracle software and hardware technologies – as well as our 70+ acquisitions to date - we have a unique combination of diverse product knowledge as well as deep expertise. Our experience has helped thousands of customers across the globe optimize their Oracle investments. And only Oracle has the demonstrated executive leadership and investment in a unified customer support experience - across the entire stack – all backed by extremely skilled people with an average tenure of over eight years.
  • Each business process transformation requires careful analysis and consideration to ensure that the optimal resources, tools, and technology are being deployed. Oracle Consulting has extensive experience in working with companies in each stage of the transformation including business case planning, strategy and roadmap planning, process transformation, total cost ownership measurement and optimization. Oracle Consulting is tightly integrated with the rest of the Oracle teams including Product Strategy and Development, as well as Oracle Support, and our optimum shore approach enables best-in-class global service delivery to allow flexible and optimal partnering with our customers whether supporting or acting as the lead on large initiatives or seamlessly complementing other consulting partners. Additionally, we are also the leader in Oracle Certified consultants, ensuring that you always have the best consultants in the industry.
  • When selecting the hardware and software that runs your business, it’s important to consider the ongoing support and evolution of that IT solution. At Oracle, we believe that complete support is an essential element of customer success. Oracle Premier Support offers complete support for software, server, and storage investments. Our unique approach promotes consistent, high-quality support across all hardware and software assets, backed by unparalleled investment in product and service enhancements so you maintain business strength and competitiveness over time. And ultimately our simple, more integrated approach to enterprise IT support yields better business results. At Oracle, we understand the mission-critical nature of your IT investments and that providing great customer service is as important as providing great products. That’s why we invest so heavily in proactive support tools, and it’s also why we have built a global support organization of over 18,000 people spanning 145 countries—an organization that was already the world’s largest software support team when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, adding thousands more systems and software experts. Since service quality is our priority, when you contact us for help, you work directly with an Oracle product expert, not someone in an outsourced call center. All these support professionals have just one focus: to drive the success of our customers’ Oracle investments.  And only Oracle places so much emphasis on technology-enabled problem prevention and performance optimization and includes it in standard support coverage. The My Oracle Support platform delivers a web-based, personalized and proactive support experience through a single point of entry and integrated dashboard. With access to hundreds of health checks and patch recommendations based on your unique configurations, you can isolate and resolve problems during implementation, production, and upgrades. Tailored knowledge management and guided search capabilities enable you to quickly locate relevant articles and technical information, and with ongoing exchanges of knowledge with a collaborative network of Oracle support specialists and industry peers, you’re equipped with the information and best practices you need to proactively maintain and optimize your Oracle solution over time.  In fact, customers using My Oracle Support have reported up to 25% problems avoided, 40% faster problem resolution, 30% faster service request creation, 97% of problems resolved quicker with targeted knowledge, and 80% more efficient patch management.
  • A global organization within Customer Support Services, ACS provides Tailored Mission Critical Support servicestomaximize availability, accelerate return on investment, and optimize performancefor customers with complex IT requirements. Advanced Support Packs which combine unique Oracle Development & Advanced Support expertise with Oracle tools & best practicesAdvanced Support Engineers to provide highly proactive & preventive supportwith diagnostic and monitoring tools to anticipate, identify and remediate issues for all Oracle mission critical systemsAnd Strategic Support relationshipsfocused on collaborative, long term partnerships
  • Oracle University classes are created and taught in collaboration with Oracle Product Development teams so there is up-to-date curriculum released with each product for unsurpassed accuracy and relevance.  We offer flexible options to learn anywhere at any time, and with our extensive global training programs and extended partnerships we are able to maximize the range and reach of the courses and locations offered.  Oracle University is committed to providing students with a world-class training experience, developing curriculum to match IT job roles and creating customized learning paths for product focus areas. In fact, we are so confident of your success that we back up your training with our 100% Student Satisfaction Program. No other IT training organization has a similar guarantee.
  • Oracle On Demand provides premier Cloud Services for Oracle software and hardware. By enabling over 5.5 million end users to increase their productivity and gain competitive advantage, Oracle is a recognized leader in delivering a superior ownership experience.  Our ISO 27000 certified security processes, automation, and a world-class organization provide protection over systems and sensitive data to ensure all security and regulatory requirements are met.  And, with a “pay for what you use” and global sourcing model, you have the scalability and choice to deploy your software based on your own specific needs and budget requirements. Hosted and Managed Applications and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment models are currently available. Both offerings allow your business to move the cost of hosting and managing your Oracle investment from a capital expense to an operating expense, thus freeing up more capital dollars for revenue-generating (or strategic) projects.
  • The Services story - Chris Hill, Oracle

    1. 1. The Services Story Chris Hill Vice President EMEA Advanced Customer Services2 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    2. 2. CIO Business Priorities: Support Growth & Build Competitive Advantage Top 3 ranked business strategies for CIOs: 1. Increasing enterprise growth 2. Attracting and retaining new customers 3. Reducing enterprise costs - Reimagining IT : The 2011 CIO Agenda Gartner, Inc., Jan 2011© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 3
    3. 3. What We Hear from our Clients CIO IT Priorities High Availability of Mission Critical Environments Agility: Faster Response to Business Demands Driving Innovation into IT for Competitive Advantage Managing Risk© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 4
    4. 4. Key Recommendations IT Service & Support Priorities 1. Tailor mission critical support services for unique IT requirements 2. Deliver diagnostic and monitoring tools to quickly anticipate, identify and remediate system issues 3. Develop long-term, collaborative relationships / partnerships© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 5
    5. 5. Oracle Customer Support Services Enabling the success of your Oracle software and hardware investments through a LIFECYCLE OF SERVICES covering the complete Oracle stack6 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    6. 6. Increasing Value for our CustomersORACLE SERVICES 7 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    7. 7. No One Is More Capable to Help You Maximize Your Oracle Investments Than Oracle • #1SCALEproduct or industry categories in 50 • 380,000 customers in 145 countries Scale • 20,000 partners • 108,000 employees • $4.5B in R&D FY’11 • 32,000 developers and engineers Innovation and • 18,000 customer support specialists investment • 17,000 implementation consultants • 1.5 million students trained annually • Focused exclusively on Oracle technologies8 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    8. 8. Oracle Services and Your Success We focus exclusively on No one knows Oracle Focus Oracle technologies better than Oracle We have helped thousands Let us use this experience Experience of customers optimize their to help you Oracle investment Continuous investment in a No one else can service and Leadership unified support experience support the entire stack Our service personnel No one can match our People average tenure is over skilled people eight years9 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    9. 9. Oracle Lifecycle Services Transforming your Business Using Oracle Solutions Complete Support for Oracle Software, Hardware, Engineered Systems Mission Critical Support Services for All Oracle Applications and Technologies Your Complete Training Source for Oracle Software and Hardware The Power of Oracle in the Cloud10 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    10. 10. Oracle Consulting Your Trusted Advisor in Transforming WHY ORACLE CONSULTING Your Business Using Oracle Solutions Deliver on Oracle’s commitment to ensure you Leading Expertise: Oracle’s maximize business value own experts providing thought leadership for every Oracle • Lifecycle services approach to deliver solution business solutions Broad Coverage: ―End-to-end‖ • Unparalleled product skills across the entire lifecycle services across the entire Oracle portfolio Oracle product footprint • Extensive architecture and system knowledge Global Scale: 17,000 Oracle • Deep industry understanding, focus, and alignment experts in 145 countries, serving over 20 million users • Close working relationship with global system integrators Flexible Delivery: Onsite, offsite, and offshore, along with • Leading global service delivery model innovative solutions such as • Industry leader in certified consultants Expert and Architecture Services11 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    11. 11. Oracle Support Complete Support for Oracle Software, THE ORACLE PREMIER SUPPORT ADVANTAGE Hardware, and Engineered Systems • Single point of accountability for integrated 18,000 Oracle Support Specialists support across the entire stack delivering award- winning, enterprise-class service • Critical product updates/upgrades and industry- 28 global support centers, leading lifetime support 27 local languages • Aggregated knowledge and a personalized Consistent 24/7 coverage online experience thru My Oracle Support across 145 countries • Proven tools and resources for proactive $4.5B investment in product and services innovation FY’11 product support and easier upgrades • Result: maximize the value of your Oracle technology investment through higher solution availability, greater competitiveness, and increased efficiency12 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    12. 12. Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services Companies that rely on ORACLE ADVANCED CUSTOMER Mission Critical Support Services SUPPORT SERVICES: Maximize availability, accelerate return on 94% of the ―S&P Global 100‖ investment, and optimize performance companies • Tailored mission critical support services for 94% of the Dow Jones STOXX 50* customers with complex IT requirements 78% of the global Fortune 100 • Advanced Support Packs combine unique Oracle companies Development and Advanced Support expertise with Oracle tools and best practices 5 of the top 5 telecommunications companies • Advanced Support Engineers provide highly proactive and preventive support with diagnostic and 9 of the top 10 global banks monitoring tools to anticipate, identify, and remediate 4 of the top 5 aerospace and issues for all Oracle mission critical systems defense companies • Strategic support relationships focused on collaborative, long term partnerships *Europe’s leading Blue-chip index for the Eurozone13 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    13. 13. Oracle University Your Complete Training Source for WHY ORACLE UNIVERSITY Oracle Software and Hardware Learn Oracle from the Oracle Experts 291 worldwide locations, 89 countries, 28 languages • Largest—and most current—selection of training for Oracle technology worldwide 4,600+ course titles • Courses created in collaboration with product 1.5 million students trained development annually • Training for customers, partners and employees 130+ certification credentials • Learning paths customized to product focus areas and and over 1.3 million certified key job roles worldwide • Live Virtual Classes – attend live training remotely from 500+ global education anywhere in the world partnerships • Custom training solutions to match your organization’s 99%+ Student satisfaction rates specific business needs • Courses backed by 100% Student Satisfaction Program14 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    14. 14. Oracle On Demand Cloud Services WHY ORACLE ON DEMAND The Power of Oracle In the Cloud 12+ years as premier cloud Premier Cloud Services for Oracle Software provider and Hardware 5.5 million satisfied end-users • Oracle managing and optimizing your Oracle investments 14,000 Oracle Service experts • Enterprise-grade performance, security, and 2x faster service request availability resolution time • End-to-end cloud services 64% reduction in downtime for upgrades15 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    15. 15. 16 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    16. 16. 17 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential