Extreme Data management - Are you ready?


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Oracle Day 2011

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Extreme Data management - Are you ready?

  1. 1. Oracle Engineered SystemsFor Extreme Data ManagementMichał Jerzy Kostrzewa (Michal.Kostrzewa@Oracle.com)ECE Business Development Manager
  2. 2. Agenda1. Why should you care?2. What Business problem are we trying to solve?3. What Options do you have ?4. What is our recommended Roadmap?
  3. 3. Why should you care ?
  4. 4. Fighting Conventional Wisdom in IT (40.8% in 2007) Operating Margin % (14.4% in 1993)
  5. 5. Oracle’s Strategy• Deliver a Complete, Open, Integrated Suite of Database, Middleware, Business Applications• Integrate components of Oracle’s Software Stack to provide unique value to customers• Deliver Engineered Systems combining Hardware & Software to deliver breakthrough organic innovations
  6. 6. What Business problemare we trying to solve?
  7. 7. Current Costs Today Companies spend 80% of their IT budgets just to keep the lights on Strategic• Companies need to reduce the IT Investment Savings funds dedicated to Maintenance in Strategic Annual IT Investment order to Spend Maintenance • (1) Redirect their IT investments Maintenance towards strategic projects • (2) Reduce IT costs Shift IT Spending from Operations to Strategic Investments“At least two-thirds of all IT spending is just to sustain the business, not to change or transform the business. The investmentsallocated to do new things, to change the business, are usually low, no more than 20 percent, and the investment in innovations which could transform the business is even less.” - Gartner-
  8. 8. Iceberg effect Business Business Application Application Waterline IDM BPM Basic ESB Infrastrcuture DB
  9. 9. Iceberg effect IDM IDM IDM IDMBPM BPM BPM BPM ESB ESB ESB ESB DB DB DB DB Every time you buy or build an application you make it worse
  10. 10. Aligning IT with BusinessBusiness Goals Technology Support Value Creation Increasing System Enterprise Complexity Architecture Reduce Costs Business Integration Infrastructure Faster to Market Business - IT Alignment Intelligence & Analysis Enterprise Mgmt Industry Context Innovate Applications & Services Data & Content Globalize Security & Compliance Application and so on Development
  11. 11. Aligning IT with BusinessBusiness Goals Technology Support Value Creation Increasing System Complexity Reduce Costs Strategy Business Integration Infrastructure Business Execution Evolution Gap Faster to Market IT Systems Intelligence & AnalysisEnterprise Mgmt Innovate Time Applications & Services Data & Content Globalize Security & Compliance Application and so on Development
  12. 12. Excellence as a Service• Reduce Costs • Multi-Channel Strategy BPM IDM • Excellent• Time-to-Market Customer Experience• 360° ESB • Agility & Customer View Flexibility DB
  13. 13. What options do youhave?
  15. 15. Operational Excellence COST OPERATIONAL QUALITY EXCELLENCE SPEEDGoals:1. Operating on the efficiency frontier2. Freeing up resources to invest in value creation Get the most out of what you have
  16. 16. Management Excellence SMART MANAGEMENT AGILE EXCELLENCE ALIGNEDGoals:1. Analyse to Adjust2. Plan to Act3. Stay ahead of the game Maximizing your return
  17. 17. Technology Excellence COMPLETE TECHNOLOGY OPEN EXCELLENCE INTEGRATEDGoals:1. Aligning the Business Strategy to the IT Strategy2. Giving you maximum options Allowing it to happen no matter what
  18. 18. What is our recommendRoadmap?
  19. 19. Enterprise Evolution To Cloud Computing Silo Consolidated Optimized Cloud Compute, Storage, Network Optimized Systems Engineered Systems Building Blocks
  20. 20. A Tipping Point to release platform innovation • MeteringBusiness • Chargeback& IT PaaS • Self Service CloudImpact • Virtualisation Improve & • Dynamic Elasticity Perform • Shared Infrastructure • Manage workloads Consolidate • Common building blocks Standardise IaaS Effort
  21. 21. Oracle Private CloudGreatest consolidation, maximum ROIROI Oracle Shared Cloud Services MW/DB OS Server Storage Virtualisation Servers Consolidation © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  22. 22. Why not stop at Consolidation?
  23. 23. Oracle Cloud OfferingSoftware. Hardware. Complete. Building the 21st Century Datacenter
  24. 24. Oracle Exadata Database MachineTransaction Processing, Data Warehousing, Consolidation • Fastest Data Warehouse & OLTP • Best Cost/Performance Data Warehouse & OLTP • Optimized Hardware (per rack) • Processor: up to128 Intel Cores and 2 TB DRAM • Network: 880 Gb/Sec Throughput • Storage: 5 TB Flash and up to 336 TB Disk • Software Breakthroughs • Exadata Smart Storage Grid • Smart Flash Cache • Hybrid Columnar Compression • Parallel Scale-Out Database and Storage • Scales from ¼ Rack to 8 Full Racks
  25. 25. Exadata Software Innovations Hybrid Columnar Smart Scan Smart Flash Cache Compression •10x for data warehouses• Smart Scan query offload • Speeds random I/O up to 30x •15x for archives• Scale-out storage • Doubles data scan rate Uncompressed Compressed + + + primary backup test standby dev’t
  26. 26. Exadata Delivers Extreme ConsolidationCreate a “Database-as-a-Service” Platform • Large Memory • Many databases can be consolidated • Extreme Performance • OLTP, DW, data mining, batch, reporting, loading, backups, files in the database • Encryption, compression • Workload Management • Manage SLAs via Quality of Service (QoS) • CPU and I/O resource management • Instance caging
  27. 27. Complete Family of Database Machines Oracle Exadata X2-2 Oracle Exadata X2-8 2 to 8 (12 core) database nodes 2 (64 core) database nodesQuarter Half Full, Multi-Rack
  28. 28. Oracle ExadataExtreme Performance at Lowest Cost • Lower data center costs through consolidation • Store up to ten times more data • Search data up to ten times faster • Make more-informed business decisions in real time • Speed time-to-market for new products and services • Mitigate deployment risks
  29. 29. ENGINEERED SYSTEMS & APPLIANCES Purpose General Built Purpose Exalytics In-MemoryExadata Exalogic Big Data Database Appliance SPARC SuperCluster 30
  30. 30. Business Value of Engineered Systems • Faster performance • Resource management • Higher availability Improve • Dynamic services Improve Quality of• Tighter security Service Agility • Shared resources Reduce Reduce• Capital costs IT Costs Complexity • Fewer configurations • Management costs • Standardize applications • Downtime costs • Standardize Operating System
  31. 31. Business Excellence with Engineered Systems OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE - Best price/performance - Better data insight- Secure platform (HA, security) - Lowest TCO-Ultimate performance, capacity - Easily adjusted to new requirements TECHNOLOGY EXCELLENCE - Engineered for performance and availability - Evolutionary: reuse of apps and skills, best practices (MAA) - Full toolset: manageability, security, integration
  32. 32. Proofpoints
  33. 33. Cloud Computing Delivers Real Benefits• Solution: • Solution: • JAP – Java Application Platform • “Oracle as a Service” PaaS • DHP – Database Hosting Platform • Consolidate 300 small to medium database • CHP – Compute Hosting Platform environments onto 3 clouds • Centralized deployment of 200+ apps • Advanced chargeback model for cost recovery • Oracle: • Oracle: • WebLogic Server 10.3 • Oracle Database 11g • Oracle Database 11g • Exadata • Solaris • Sun M-Series/T-Series • Benefits:• Benefits: • 50% operating cost improvement • 35% reduction in operating costs • P&L breakeven in Year 1 • 30% reduction in project costs • Server utilization: 15%  80% • 44% power consumption avoided in • Elasticity – CPU can be taken from resource pool 4 years, while doubling capacity as needed • No downtime incidents in 3 years
  34. 34. Selected ECEMEA Exadata references • 5th bank in Turkey, 500 branches, 1000 ATMs, 1.73 bln USD revenue • Exadata enables reporting (600000 reports/monthly, 600 ETL jobs daily) • Exadata enables daily loads during work, daily backups (both previously impossible) • Big Turkish telecom (11.4 mln subscribers, 2600 employees, annual revenue 7.5 bln USD) • Exadata accelerates DWH 3-10x (load time and report time), enabling new reports on time • DWH compression 4x • Biggest e-commerce in Eastern Europe, 2nd-largest online auction business in the world • Exadata enables „single point of truth” DWH + BI, meeting business needs and QOS • Easily manage tens of TB of data (65% growth YoY), query speed 10-52x faster from prev. • Leader in the Romania, country’s first banking institution on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. • Exadata enables DWH growth, doubling number of reports w/20-30% speed improvement • Reduced IT costs (15-30% on maintenance, 30% on energy – storage compression) • Turkey’s 2nd largest private bank (65 bln USD assets, 8mln customers, 730 branches) • Exadata replaces underperforming mainframe for 40TB DWH (13TB after compression) • 1200 loads/daily, 5,5bln rows; 2500 reports executed on Exadata • Biggest telecom in Europe; 60mln subscribers in 8 countries • Exadata for Enterprise Data Warehouse, 250TB of data, 500 existing + 150 new db • Compressed DW to 25TB; mean report time 10x faster; total 50000 reports/month
  35. 35. Summary
  36. 36. Oracle Hardware And SoftwareEngineered To Work Together. • Innovation delivered faster • Better performance, reliability, security • Shorter deployment times • Easier to manage and upgrade • Lower cost of ownership • Reduced change management risk • Reduced deployment risk • One-stop support