Database Consolidation onto Private Cloud


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Oracle Day 2011

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Database Consolidation onto Private Cloud

  1. 1. Database Consolidation onto Private Cloud Piotr Kołodziej, Oracle Polska
  2. 2. <Insert Picture Here> WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING ? © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  3. 3. Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. © 2011 Oracle Corporation NIST Definition of Cloud Computing v15
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Environments Reduced complexity & costs, higher quality of service • Sized for Data Center – Resource pooling – High quality of service • Meet changing business needs? – Elasticity on-demand – Rapid self service provisioning • Easy to manage at lower cost – Fewer moving parts © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  5. 5. So what is a Private Database Cloud ? Databases on a Shared Deployment Platform Software-as-a-Service © 2011 Oracle Corporation Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform-as-a-Service Private Database Cloud
  6. 6. <Insert Picture Here> PRIVATE DATABASE CLOUD BUSINESS DRIVERS © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  7. 7. Private Database Cloud Business Drivers Improve Quality of Service Improve Agility Reduce Complexity Reduce IT Costs Standardize Operating System Standardize database Fewer configurationsCapital costs Management costs Downtime costs Resource management Dynamic services Shared resourcesTighter security Faster performance Higher availability © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  8. 8. Database Cloud Architectures Common building blocks are shared server and storage pools OS ERPDW CRM DB OS DB DB Database Cloud Operating System Share server pool Real Application Clusters OS ERPDW CRM OS DB Database Cloud Database Share database instances Real Application Clusters © 2011 Oracle Corporation Infrastructure Cloud Server Deploy in dedicated VMs Server virtualization Hypervisor CRMDW ERP OS DB OS DB OS DB Hypervisor
  9. 9. Database OS Servers Consolidation Storage Schema ROI Infrastructure Cloud Database Cloud © 2011 Oracle Corporation Private Database Cloud Greatest consolidation, maximum ROI
  10. 10. Enabling the Private Database Cloud Years of continuous Oracle innovation Oracle Database 10g Oracle Database 11g Oracle Exadata Oracle9i Database Real Application Clusters Database Services CPU Resource Management Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Database Services Instance caging I/O resource management Server Pools Quality of Service Management InfiniBand support Smart Scans Smart Flash Cache Hybrid Columnar Compression © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  11. 11. <Insert Picture Here> SERVICE LEVEL EXPECTATIONS ON PRIVATE CLOUDS © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  12. 12. • Resource Manager allocates CPU and Memory – Also I/O usage on Exadata • Instance caging allocates cores per instance • Capacity-on-demand for elastic cloud computing Workload and Resource Management Databases run as Services across shared platform © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  13. 13. Fast Recovery Area Active Data Guard Maximum Availability Architecture Fully utilizes all redundancy in Private Cloud © 2011 Oracle Corporation Automatic Storage Management Real Application Clusters Data Guard
  14. 14. Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture No planned downtime required for online maintenance © 2011 Oracle Corporation Add/Remove Storage Table & Index Redefinition Undo Human Error Add/Remove Nodes Rolling Upgrades Automated Upgrade TestingOnline Application Upgrade Rolling Patches and PSUs
  15. 15. Oracle Database 11g Complete Data Security • Oracle Advanced Security • Oracle Identity Management • Oracle Database Vault & Label Security • Oracle Audit Vault & Total Recall • Oracle Database Firewall • Oracle Configuration Management • Oracle Data Masking Data © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  16. 16. Monitoring, Metering and Chargeback Share costs across user groups © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  17. 17. <Insert Picture Here> CUSTOMER CASE STUDIES © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  18. 18. Commonwealth Bank Australia Consolidated 300 Databases onto Exadata • P & L break even in Year 1 • Positive cash flow in Year 2 • 50% ROI over 5 Years • Application OpEx is 40–50% of standalone environment © 2011 Oracle Corporation Enterprise servers configured by CBA Commodity clusters configured by CBA Commodity clusters configured by Oracle
  19. 19. Private Database Cloud Oracle Technology Enables Private Database Clouds Improve Quality of Service Improve Agility Reduce Complexity Reduce IT Costs Automatic Storage Management Provisioning Pack Configuration PackDiag & Tuning Packs Advanced Compression Real Application Clusters Workload management Instance caging Server poolsDatabase security Extreme performance Maximum availability © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  20. 20. Cloud Architectural Assessment Pick the architecture that best suits your needs Business Value Server Consolidation OS Consolidation Database Consolidation Implementation Easy Easy Difficult* Application Suitability Some All Some Isolation Highest High Limited Availability High Highest Highest Scalability Limited Excellent Excellent Consolidation Density Low High Highest ROI Low High Highest * = Need to ensure application schemas can co-exist © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  21. 21. Private Cloud Database Consolidation • Oracle enables all levels of consolidation – Infrastructure, OS, Database • The higher the consolidation density – The greater the return on investment • Oracle Exadata Database Machine – Ideal Private Cloud consolidation platform – Fastest time-to-market • Customers already saving with consolidation © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  22. 22. For More Information or oracle database 11g © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  23. 23. Copyright