Consistent Information delivery through different channels


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Oracle Day 2011

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Consistent Information delivery through different channels

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>
  2. 2. Month, Day, Year <Insert Picture Here> Venue CityConsistent information delivery through different channelsBusiness Intelligence FoundationMichał GrochowskiSenior Consultant Oracle Business Intelligence
  3. 3. “Not all Questionsare Created Equal”
  4. 4. Questions Can be Worlds Apart How can we improveWhat is our performance? performance?• What are the top 10 drugs in • How can we increase promotional the pipeline? lift by 10% in our major markets?• What is the gap to forecast? • What happens to our forecast if the• What products are most dollar declines by 5% to the Euro? profitable? • What happens to gross margin if• What are revenues by product our materials costs increase by compared to last year? 20%?• What are sales by product, • Which customers drive 80% of our store and quarter? overall profitability?• What is our open headcount? • What happens to drug profitability if trial periods increase by 5%?Situational Forward-looking
  5. 5. The Business Intelligence Continuum Strategic Dynamic Which products in the pipeline should we increase investment? What if we rolled out this product nationwide? What if demand falls short of forecast? Past Oriented Future OrientedWhich drugs generated the most revenue?? What is the Q4 revenue forecast? What were our CFR 21 Part 11 related expenses? Which customers are most profitable? Operational Static
  6. 6. Distinct BI Solutions Have Addressed What Should be a Seamless Continuum Strategic Dynamic ModelingPast Oriented Future Oriented Analytics Query and Reporting Operational Static
  7. 7. Modeling & Analytics in the BI Continuum Strategic Dynamic ModelingPast Oriented Future Oriented Advanced Analytics Ad-Hoc Query & Reporting Standardized Reporting Operational Static
  8. 8. Diverse Needs in the “BI Pyramid” • Dashboards Standardized • Publishing Reporting • Pixel-perfect
  9. 9. Diverse Needs in the “BI Pyramid” • What-if • Scenarios • Allocations Modeling • Dashboards Standardized • Publishing Reporting • Pixel-perfect
  10. 10. Hundreds of Spreadsheet Models • What-if • Scenarios • Allocations Modeling • Product Profitability • Demand Planning • Promotional Response • Brand Valuation • Financial Planning • Trial Scenario Models • Supply Chain Optimization • Store Profitability • Customer Churn • Workforce Planning • Dashboards Standardized • Publishing Reporting • Pixel-perfect
  11. 11. Reality: No Single Tool Spans the BI Pyramid • What-if • Scenarios • Allocations Modeling • Predictive Analytics Advanced • Allocations / Aggregations Analytics • Set-based Analysis• Inefficient processes Business• Inconsistent data Insight• Inaccurate conclusions Gap • Slice and Dice Ad-hoc Query & • Parameter-driven • Self-service Reporting • Dashboards Standardized • Publishing Reporting • Pixel-perfect
  12. 12. Different Tools Answer Different Questions HOW OLAP Servers Business Insight Gap BI Server WHAT
  13. 13. Oracle’s Unified BI Foundation Meeting All BI Pyramid Needs • What-if • Advanced Analysis • Predictive Analytics Essbase • Consistent definitions Common • Role-based views Enterprise • Model-driven Information Model• Interactive Dashboards• Ad-hoc query Oracle BI Suite EE Plus• Report Publishing
  14. 14. The Glue : Integrated Across Relational and Multidimensional Single Version of the Truth for Analytic ApplicationsOracle BI Foundation Suite Common Enterprise Information Model • Common Metadata Foundation across all Data Sources • Common Security, Access Control, Authorization, Auditing • Common Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services • Common Clustering, Workload Management, & Deployment • Common Systems & Operational Lifecycle Management Standardized Ad-Hoc Query Modeling and Reporting & Analysis Forecasting Past Present Future
  15. 15. Oracle BI Foundation Single, Integrated & Differentiated Solution DETECT SINGLE COMMON Common Enterprise Information Model ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE ACT INFORMATION ANALYZE INFORMATION MODEL BI Server Essbase MODEL MODEL Data MartsOLTP & ODS Excel Data Warehouse OLAP Cubes Systems XML Database Machine
  16. 16. Bi-Directional Integration Unifies Oracle’s BI FoundationESSBASE AS A SOURCE ESSBASE AS A TARGET Ad hoc Interactive Reporting & Proactive MS Office Essbase Essbase Studio Analysis Dashboards Publishing Detection & Outlook and AlertsCommon Enterprise Information Model Common Enterprise Information ModelBI SERVER BI SERVER +OLTP & ODS Data Warehouse Files Excel Essbase OLTP & ODS Data Warehouse Files ExcelSystems Data Mart XML Systems Data Mart XML
  17. 17. Integrated Analytic Processes Oracle BI Foundation• Insight to Action • Data-driven alerts• Standards-based process execution • Mobile devices• User-centric process design • Scorecard / KPIs• Closed-loop process metrics • Data mining• Real-Time Decisions• Collaboration DETECT SINGLE COMMON ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE ACT INFORMATION ANALYZE INFORMATION MODEL MODEL • Ad-hoc OLAP query • Interactive visualization • Role-based dashboards MODEL • What-if scenarios • Write-back • Predictive analytics
  18. 18. Oracle EPM & BI Suite Strategy Single underlying suiteApplications EPM Apps BI Apps Custom Strategy Planning & Apps Management Forecasting ERP CRM Financial Close Profitability Analytics Analytics and Reporting ManagementTechnology Oracle BI Foundation Suite • “BI Foundation for Oracle Applications” will become the pre-requisite for BI Applications • Restricted use versions of OBI Foundation Suite components such as Essbase Plus, Financial Reporting are included with the EPM products and suites, as before • Scorecard and Strategy Management is included in the OBI Foundation Suite but can also be sold standalone with a pre-requisite of OBI Suite EE Plus • Essbase Analytics Link is also in the Foundation Suite • Essbase Plus can still be sold standalone
  19. 19. Delivering the Integration RoadmapHyperion and OBI Integrated OBI-Apps EPM Apps OBIEE ESSBASE 19
  20. 20. Oracle BI Foundation Suite: What is it?BI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 20
  21. 21. Oracle BI Foundation Suite Single Integrated Solution Oracle BI Foundation Suite Oracle Scorecard and Oracle BI EE Plus Oracle Essbase Plus Strategy Management + + + Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management BI MobileBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 21
  22. 22. We have a solid back end Let us see what the users get Enterprise Unified Analytics Best in class functionality provides consistent view of business performance Integrated Analytic Processes Easily leverage analytics to drive better decision-making across the organization to improve performance continuously Powers Packaged Applications Performance Management, Operational Analytics, Industry and Partner ApplicationsBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 22
  23. 23. Unified End User Experience Complete. Consistent. Accurate. Many Channels Scorecards Mobile Reports Interactive Office Dashboards Integration Geospatial Applications Visualization & Portals Ad-hoc Search Queries CollaborationBINew or radically Improved Sales Foundation Training for EPM Enhanced in 11g page 23
  24. 24. Highlighted visualization topicsBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 24
  25. 25. Best in Class Ad-hoc Query & Analysis Enables Analysts and Controllers too • First, seamless ROLAP & OLAP browser interface • OLAP query building with member selection – Member selection – Calculated members – Hierarchical calculations – Custom aggregates • Navigate across relational and multidimensional sources – Shared metadata, calculations, dimensions, security – Ragged & skip-level hierarchies – Performance for each source • Microsoft Office IntegrationBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 25
  26. 26. Location Intelligence Uncover Patterns Hidden in Tables • Gain new understanding of your customers, markets, branches, stores, and assets • Use geographic insights to innovate business processes • Manage location-based assets, people and property • Optimize service and sales territories for greater efficiencies • Deploy networks, infrastructure and utilities with confidence • Map resources, plan logistics and prepare for emergenciesBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 26
  27. 27. Enterprise Reporting and Publishing Self service reporting for Business Users • 100% thin-client design environment • Pixel-perfect documents • Lightweight, easy to use – Easy to embed: 5 MB Download – Relational, OLAP, unstructured sources – Multiple output formats: XML, HTML, Word, PPT, PDF, RTF, Open Office, … • Powerful & highly scalable server – 1,000,000 Reports/Hour on 2 CPUs – Highly scalable: Optimal resource and print queue management – Active-Active clustering • Separates data extraction, formatting, delivery models – Dynamic font substitution – Dynamic language substitutionBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 27
  28. 28. Integrating Insights with Business Processes BI as part of Operational Day to Day Activities THE OLD WAY THE NEW WAY: Action Framework Disconnected. Open Ended. Integrated. Closed Loop.BI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 28
  29. 29. Dashboards and Scorecards Complimentary Perspectives Past Strategy Alerting • Strategy deployment • Business results Benchmarking • People & team • Operational and strategic • Accountability maps • Root cause analysis Metrics • Management processes • Guided navigation Graphics • Initiative tracking Reporting • Cause & effect Metadata • Collaboration Dashboards Scorecards Why did I miss my goal? How do goals support our strategy?BI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 29
  30. 30. OSSM Offers KPI Management • Performance Tracking – Against Target / Trending – Threshold Assessment • Ownership Definition • Collaboration – Threaded Discussions – Related Documents – Action Links – Agents – Drill to Analysis – Watch ListsBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 30
  31. 31. OSSM Offers Strategy Management • Graphic Visualizations of Strategy: – Strategy Maps – Strategy Trees – Cause and Effect Maps – Custom Visualizations • Scorecards • Collaboration – Initiatives – Threaded Discussions – Related Documents – Action Links – AgentsBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 31
  32. 32. OSSM Offers An Interactive, Collaborative Environment • Dashboard integration – Embed scorecard visualizations into dashboards to foster broad interactive analyses • KPI Agents – To monitor performance even when you can’t • KPI & Scorecard Actions – Align day-to-day decisions with your corporate strategy • Annotations & Overrides – Collaborate and document exceptions to prevent future recurrencesBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 32
  33. 33. Communicate Strategy -Detect Variances from Goals Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management • Integrated BI component, not a silo – KPIs as core metadata – Thresholds, owners, history – Auto-generated interactive analyses – Linked objectives & initiatives • Automatic detection – KPI alerts triggered by thresholds • Strategy visualization – Strategy Maps and Trees – Cause and Effects – Watchlists – Annotations & override • All methodologies – Balanced scorecard, six sigma, BaldrigeBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 33
  34. 34. Secure loginBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 34
  35. 35. CarouselBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 35
  36. 36. Home Page – Access to ALL ContentBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 36
  37. 37. Dashboards with No ReworkBI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 37
  38. 38. BI Foundation Training for EPM Sales page 38