Introducing Endeca Information Discovery - Szabolcs Radnai, Oracle


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Oracle Extreme Analytic Summit, 22.03.2012 r.

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  • Facebook: 800 million usersTwitter: 100 million active usersLinkedin: 100 million usersSource: Company websitesTotal data growing 2010-1014, CAGR of 48% (22% structured, 58% unstructured) Source: IDC, Morgan Stanley Research
  • The big results that come from BI Beyond The Warehouse
  • Introducing Endeca Information Discovery - Szabolcs Radnai, Oracle

    1. 1. Introducing Endeca Information Discovery Differentiation with OEID 22th March 2012 Warsaw Szabolcs Radfnai BI BDM ECEMEA1 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    2. 2. Agenda• Information Discovery• Product Overview• Demonstration• Q&A 2 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    3. 3. Endeca: Discovery In Daily Decisions• Based in Cambridge, MA• 600+ customers• 33% of the Fortune 100 Endeca Information Discovery Data Discovery Customer Experience Management3 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    4. 4. Data Volume, Variety Growth Presents New Challenges Rapid growth in More and structured and Different Data unstructured, internal and external data Unanticipated business needsMore Change and can’t be addressed by predefined Uncertainty models, dashboards, and reports More Self-service ability to explore Unanticipated data, add new data, and construct analysis as required Questions4 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    5. 5. Business case for Information Discovery applications… $500M saved in one year from better staffing decisions 800,000 hours saved 20% cost and time of data warehouse $300M saved in one year in direct materials costs5 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    6. 6. What is Information Discovery? Simplified Quickly explore all relevant data Relationships  Advanced search  Structured undefined or unknown  Contextual navigation  Semi-structured No pre-defined model  Analytics  Unstructured required  Even messy data is ok Rapid, iterative change  Not in the data warehouse - yet 6 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    7. 7. Unique faceted approach to Information Discovery… Patient City Original system Care Team ID OHIP Number Gender Disease Patient City Patient ID OHIP Number Endeca index Drug Description Disease Shaun Mahal | June 20, 2010 Sulfonylureas Metformin December 1994 Metformin was approved for use in the U.S. for treatment of type2 diabetes in December, 1994. It is sold under the brand nameGlucophage and is also available generically. Metformin isapproved for treatment with sulfonylureas, or with insulin, or asmonotherapy (by itself). Glucophage XR Extended Releasetablets, a once daily version of metformin, is available. Also,metformin is available… 7 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    8. 8. Information Discovery in practice Simplicity of Search, Power of BI… • Walk-up ease of use – Derived from 10 years of e-Commerce consumer user experience • Search + Contextual Navigation + Visual Analysis – Search and select attributes, like a web site • Interactive Exploration – Responsive Endeca Server8 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    9. 9. When is Information Discovery Required? The Business and IT can agree on these best indicators 1. The business can‟t be sure which questions will matter because: • There are too many variables to work out all the combinations • The business environment is prone to changes that cannot be anticipated fully ? 2. IT can‟t be sure which data model will work because: • Diversity of the source schemas makes conforming the data to a single model difficult and time-consuming • The sources include unstructured data • The schemas change frequently, requiring costly and time-consuming re-work ?9 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    10. 10. Analyst Proof Points “With this acquisition Oracle leapfrogged all other leading BI vendors in its capability to integrate unharmonized data sources and perform search based BI.” –Boris Evelson, Vice President, Principal Analyst “BI is arguably the greatest area of synergy and differentiation for Oracle from the acquisition of Endeca. It differentiates OBIEE from the products of traditional BI players, as well as from those of the emerging data discovery vendors. ” – Rita L. Sallam, Mick MacComascaigh, Chris Fletcher10 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    11. 11. Agenda• Information Discovery• Product Overview/Demonstration• Positioning & Key Sales Plays• Pricing & Packaging/Compensation• Engagement Model• Q&A 11 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    12. 12. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery A platform for data discovery applications across the enterprise Endeca Information Discovery (EID) helps organizations quickly explore all relevant data Endeca Information Discovery • Combine structured & unstructured data from disparate systems • Automatically organize information for search, discovery & analysis Endeca Server • Rapidly assemble easy to use analysis applications12 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    13. 13. Demonstration13 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    14. 14. Customer Success: Toyota Global Automotive ManufacturerOVERVIEW RESULTS• Toyota needed to reduce warranty costs and „detection to correct‟ time • Reduced time-to-market by 80% • Eliminated hundreds of thousands ofCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES hours of end-user wait time per year• Desire to develop a new Product Quality Analytics system in order to rapidly • Supports analysis of more than 100 respond to the crisis stemming from a massive product recall in 2010 dimensions against 50 million records • Allows engineers to quickly navigate fromSOLUTION alerts to individual transactions correlated• Provides a common view of six years‟ worth of product and quality data from across input systems multiple internal systems across the company• Allows Toyota‟s quality engineers to search through, drill down, mash up and analyze data from sources as disparate as its vehicle configuration system, customer call center, warranty claim system, customer mediation group and service centers• Supports both structured and unstructured data, a search engine interface, and filters that allow users to view product quality data in a manner not previously possible• Operates alongside Oracle BI EE, Essbase, EPM and PeopleSoft 14 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    15. 15. Oracle Offers a Complete BI Solution Query, reporting • Interactive dashboard, ad-hoc queries, Business Intelligence and analysis drilling enabled by a ROLAP engine Enterprise Edition BI Foundation Multi-dimensional • Multi-dimensional engine, what-if analysis, scenario modeling, planning Essbase Suite OLAP Production • High volume, pixel-perfect layout, printing BI Publisher Reporting Endeca • Search and contextual navigation for Endeca Information Information Data Discovery structured and unstructured data Discovery Discovery BI Foundation Suite + Endeca Information Discovery = Complete BI solution15 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    16. 16. Questions???16 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal
    17. 17. 17 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Confidential – Oracle Internal