Pre mts Sharepoint 2010 i SQL Server 2012


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Sesja z konferencji preMTS która odbyła się w ramach/przy konferencji MTS2011

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  • Speakers:Pleaseusethisslide as a master slide.
  • Purpose of the Slide: Overview slide. Introduce the Reporting enhancements in the Denali timeframe. Key Points: Streamlined the integration of Reporting Services and SharePoint Technologies. SSRS enabled as a SharePoint Service increases IT efficiency. Delivers proactive active intelligence with user defined, data-driven alerting. Further expanding Self-service BI capabilities with Project Crescent, enabling users to visualize and interact with data directly in a web browser.
  • Speakers:Pleaseusethisslide as a master slide.
  • Pre mts Sharepoint 2010 i SQL Server 2012

    1. 1. SharePoint 2010 iSQL Server 2012Łukasz Grala MVP SQL Server | MCT | MCITP
    2. 2. Łukasz Grala• Architekt, konsultant i trener rozwiązań informacyjnych SQL Server, BI i SharePoint • Lider PLSSUG • Prelegent na wielu konferencjach • Wykładowca na uczelniach • Posiada liczne certyfikaty (MCT, MCITP, MCTS) • Autor wielu artykułów, webcastów i szkoleń Email: Blogi:
    3. 3. AgendaWprowadzenieZmiany w PowerPivotZmiany w Reporting ServicesProjekt CrescentWysoka dostępność w SQL Server 2012
    4. 4. SQL Server codename “Denali” Delivering business agility and innovation to gain strategic value out of your information MISSION CRITICAL DEVELOPER & IT PERVASIVE INSIGHT PLATFORM PRODUCTIVITYMicrosoft Confidential—Preliminary Information Subject to Change
    5. 5. BI Semantic Model One Model for all End User Experiences Client Tools Analytics, Reports, Scorecards, Dashboards, Custom Apps BI Semantic Model Personal BI Team BI Organizational BI PowerPivot for Excel PowerPivot for SharePoint Analysis Services Data Sources Databases, LOB Applications, OData Feeds, Spreadsheets, Text Files
    6. 6. BI Semantic Model: Architecture Third-party Reporting SharePoint applications Services Excel PowerPivot Insights Databases LOB Applications Files OData Feeds Cloud Services
    7. 7. Analysis Services ArchitectureInternet Explorer SharePoint BI Development Studio Project Juneau Excel Services Reporting Services PowerPivot xlsx for Excel Analysis Services PowerPivot for SharePoint (Analysis Services) Excel BI Semantic Model xlsxThird Party Apps Personal BI Team BI Organizational BI
    8. 8. Demo
    9. 9. Denali Reporting and Alerting Empower users Increase Productivity Increase efficiency Proactive Intelligence• Project “Crescent” • End User Alerting • Enabled as SharePoint Shared Service • Highly visual design • Defined from within experience operational or • Built-in scale-out for RS ad-hoc reports Service Apps • Rich metadata-driven interactivity • Intuitive Alert rules • SharePoint Cross-farm reporting • Presentation-ready • Alerts self-managed at all times through SharePoint • Integrated backup & recovery, ULS logging, • XLS/Word 2007/2010 PowerShell etc. Managed Self Service BI – Corporate BI
    10. 10. Architecture SharePoint Farm SQL Server BIDS Web Front End App Server BISM Model RS Shared SSRS Addin Service Crescent client for SharePoint AS PowerPivot Server System Service PowerPivot Web Service Analysis Services SP IntegratedExcel PowerPivot Model Data sources
    11. 11. Demo
    12. 12. Increase Efficiency Reporting Services is now configured and monitored like other SharePoint shared applications. Maximum set of SharePoint IT management capability enabled Lower TCO on IT who can now leverage existing SharePoint skillset and experience.
    13. 13. New SSRS SharePoint Integration Benefits• SSRS SharePoint 2010 Shared Service • Hosted in SharePoint Shared Service App pool • SSRS catalog DBs are SharePoint Service App DBs • WCF and Claims based communication • PowerShell Cmdlets • Central Admin UI for all RS administration • ULS Logging integration • Built-in scale-out and load balancer• Report Performance Improvements • For reports in AJAX Viewer • Parity with Denali Native mode performance • Top SharePoint mode pain point • Small reports used to be 2-3 times slower: Fixed • Faster than 2008 R2 SharePoint mode ~ 30-60%• SQL Setup option for SSRS SharePoint service
    14. 14. Proactive IntelligenceProactive and responsive data monitoring thatenables action.Data Alerts help IWs cope with informationoverload.Intuitive and flexible alert rules customized toeach Information Worker.
    15. 15. Self Service Alerting – User Benefits Create data alerts from within reports • Users create alerts directly on the data they see in reports • Report authors control which data is available for alerting • Supports reports created in Report Builder or BI Development Studio (BIDS) Detect important data changes • Intuitive Alert Rules (greater than, before/after) • Easy to use scheduling (weekly, daily, monthly) • Relevant data included in Alert MessageSource: - and the Federal Government cannot vouch for the data or analyses derivedfrom these data after the data have been retrieved from
    16. 16. Self Service Alerting – IT Benefits Managed through SharePoint • Per site administration reduces IT burden • Fine grained authorization • Self-managed through SharePoint • IT Visibility & Control of user-defined alerts
    17. 17. Alerting Key Capabilities• Scenario • Alert Messages • Operational Reports • Description • Stored Credentials • Alert Rules • SharePoint Mode • Alert Parameters • SharePoint Permissions • Alert Schedules• Tools • Daily, Weekly, Hourly, Minut • Alert Designer e • Alert Manager • Start/End Date• Alert Rules • Production Capabilities • Simple rules • Execution Log • Static thresholds • Globalized Alert Rules • Localization ready
    18. 18. RS Denali SharePoint Architecture SharePoint WFE SharePoint App Server SSRS in Web Application SSRS Shared Service Report Application Viewer web Shared Service part Service Background App Processing WCF Runtime Endpoint SOAP SSRS Service Alerting Alerting URLAcces Proxy Shared Interacti Alerting Service ve s Runtime Alerting WCF Service Web Endpoint Service Data (internal Security Management only) SharePoint Object Model SharePoint Object Model SharePoint Config / Report Server Report Server Content DB Shared Service DB Alerting DB
    19. 19. Self-Service Alerting – How it works
    20. 20. Demo
    21. 21. Denali - High AvailabilityAlwaysOn SQL ServerFailover ClusterAlwaysOn AvailabilityGroups
    22. 22. Availability Group Scenarios Availability Group provides redundancy for A databases on both standalone instances A and failover cluster instances A ADirect Attached Storage local, regional and geo secondaries A A Synchronous Asynchcronous A Data Movement Data Movement Shared Storage, regional and geo secondaries
    23. 23. AlwaysOn Availability GroupsAlwaysOn Availability Groups is a new feature that enhances and combinesdatabase mirroring and log shipping capabilities
    24. 24. Remote Blob Storage SQL Server 2012 Feature Pack
    25. 25. Zapraszam jutro!! Wtorek 18 października godzina 11.30 – Sala A Nowy SQL Server 2012 rewolucją w silnikach baz danych?