Doing Business with Russia


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Doing Business with Russia

  1. 1. Doing Business with Russia
  2. 2. About the business school   Synergy Business School is one of the top ranked business schools in Russia. Synergy was one of the first Russian business schools to gain international accreditation by the Association of MBAs.  Doing Business with Russia
  3. 3. About the programme   ‘Doing Business with Russia’ international study programme •  Introduces participants to a range of leading Russian and international enterprises •  Provides an opportunity to interact with top Russian managers •  Delivers a network of valuable contacts •  Provides a great addition to your CV Benefits of the Programme: •  Completion certificate from a top Russian business school (great for the CV) •  Valuable knowledge and experience •  Rare insight into Russian business and culture •  Extensive networking with professionals and business leadersDoing Business with Russia
  4. 4. Basic information   Programme duration: 7 days Location: Synergy Business School, Moscow Participants: Students and young entrepreneurs Number of participants: up to 15 Certification: programme completion certificate from the Synergy Business SchoolDoing Business with Russia
  5. 5. Company visits and workshops  •  Acquire an insider’s view of Russia’s top companies•  Learn from Russian entrepreneurs and top managers•  Develop a network of valuable contacts•  Meet HR representativesDoing Business with Russia
  6. 6. Company visits and workshops   Our programme’s main feature is an unique opportunity to visit the best companies working with and in Russia. In order to obtain an all-round view of of the business aspects in Russia, the visits are set up to both Russian and international firms. Two days are dedicated to Financial firms, including: VTB Capital, Troika Dialog/Sberbank, GE Money Bank and Raffeisen. One, more of an alternative day, is devoted to business security, where participants visit a special forces camp to learn about security provision and have practical training, including shooting practice with automatic rifles. Another two days are devoted high tech companies and political visits respectively, to include: meetings with Yandex (7th search engine in the world), Russian Nanotechnologies and political figuresDoing Business with Russia
  7. 7. Cultural programme   Visit some of the most famous Russian cultural icons Kremlin museums, Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Bolshoi Theatre and othersDoing Business with Russia
  8. 8. Programme The alternative option for the programme consists mostly of company visits and meetings Day  1   Day  4       Moscow  Tour,  Cultural  sights  and  museums   Visit  to  Vityaz  special  forces  camp:  Prac%cal   Training  and  Seminar  on  Security   Day  2   Day  5       Company  visits  and  workshops  by  Russian   Company  visits  and  workshops  by  high-­‐tech   financial  firms:     and  IT  companies:  Russian  Nanotechnologies   VTB  Capital  and  Troika  Dialog  (or  Sberbank)   and  Yandex     Day  3   Day  6       Company  visits  and  workshops  by   Visits  and  meeCngs  with  government   InternaConal  financial  firms:   insCtuCons  and  poliCcal  figures:  Parliament,   BSGV,  Raffeisen  Bank,  GE  Money  Bank   Government  or  Moscow  City  Council      Doing Business with Russia
  9. 9. Proposed Dates The proposed dates for the programme are chosen to comfortably fit around the academics year and into majority of University vacations. 2011/2012 dates 17th – 24th March 2012Doing Business with Russia
  10. 10. Cost of the programme Cost: £800 (for a group of at least 10) Including: •  transfer from/to airport on arrival and departure; Excluding: •  learning modules; •  Visa (around £50-70) •  company visits; •  international travel, e.g. flights •  workshops and master classes; •  pocket expenses •  Comfortable three star B&B accommodation; •  meet & greet dinner with Synergy alumni; •  lunches on weekdays at Synergy; •  guided bus tour of Moscow and cultural programmeDoing Business with Russia
  11. 11. Contact information Synergy Business School international office (London) Filip Perkon Programme Director tel: +44 7729 38 93 78 www.synergyglobal.ruDoing Business with Russia