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Deal sony-rm-kz1-universal-kids-tv-remote-control-green-reviews


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Deal sony-rm-kz1-universal-kids-tv-remote-control-green-reviews

  1. 1. Deal-Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Kids TV Remote Control (Green)-ReviewsDiscount on Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Kids TV Remote Control (Green)] - Kid-tested, mother approved - Worry free parental control of 7 channel buttons - Built for kids - Controls a TV and/or cable box - Volume limiting function - Hidden Buttons For Easy Programming By Parents - Includes 2 Aa Batteries - Includes 7 Programmable Favorite Channel Buttons - Splash Resistant - Ultra 3x Remote SignalGive your children control of the remote, while still controlling which channels your children can watch. Simply assign up to 7parent-approved channels to the fun, unique-shaped buttons.Comments
  2. 2. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful Great for my almost 3 year old!, July 26, 2011BySarah-Amazon Verified Purchase(Whats this?)This review is from: Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Kids TV Remote Control (Green) (Electronics)I had no problem with this product.Well, it did take me few minutes to realize the the bottom unscrewed to reveal a number pad and to put the batteries in, but a simpleof reading of the instructions could have prevented that.My daughter has basic cable in her room and after the initial set up and a short demo for her, it worked great.She loves it and now I dont have to stop what I am doing 100 times to switch back and forth to change the channel for her.I also now dont have to worry about her accidentally changing the channel to something she shouldnt be watching, the historychannel is awfully close to Nick Jr in our cable line up.My 6 year old son has requested that I purchase this remote for him.I think I will.4 of 4 people found the following review helpful This is GREAT, September 18, 2012ByMommybrianne-This review is from: Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Kids TV Remote Control (Green) (Electronics)We bought this item after seeing a pin on Pinterest. We have a cable box, and our kids were wanting to learn how to turn the tv onand off and pick their shows. But, the remote for the cable box is pretty complex. Just to get to the right channels you have to push afew buttons! and then the shows they want to watch are on 3 digit numbers! It took me 5 minutes to set it up. Like I said, we have acable box, so we had to program in the tv and the cable box- I had read reviews of people saying that it didnt work with their box,but we took the chance- for the price, we figured why not. But, the list is HUGE of options and codes for tvs, cable boxes andsatellite. Like I said, 5 minutes of set up, and the kids got to use it. I showed them once what to do and they love it. Now they cancome and watch tv and I dont have to worry about what channels they are turning too to get to their shows! This price is amazingtoo- we would have paid way more for this product- it is teaching the kids independence- even my 3 year old can come find a showwhile I am busy doing homework with the others!9 of 10 people found the following review helpful Does not work with over-the-air digital stations, August 6, 2012ByBozanimal "Financial Professional" (Boston, MA)-Amazon Verified Purchase(Whats this?)This review is from: Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Kids TV Remote Control (Green) (Electronics)This is a very attractive, sturdy-looking remote that would have done very well with my three four-year-olds. I have a SonyKD-34XBR970 CRT Television, which I use to watch HDTV over-the-air (OTA). In case you are not aware, most major networksare still available for free via broadcast if you have an antenna and television with a digital tuner. There are over three dozenhigh-definition stations in the Boston area.Digital OTA stations, however, use a period in their station number. For example, WGBHin Boston - which was Channel 2 before the switch to Digital - would be 2.1, and may include substations such as 2.2, which itdoes.The Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Kids TV Remote Control (Green), unfortunately, does not have a "period" button in its stationcontrols. It therefore does not work with Sony or any other brand of television that receives signals OTA. This was confirmed bySony Support via both Twitter and Email.This was a significant oversight, in my opinion.Was this review helpful to you? | Comments (3)