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Deal sony-mdr-rf970rk-wireless-stereo-headphones-reviews


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Deal sony-mdr-rf970rk-wireless-stereo-headphones-reviews

  1. 1. Deal-Sony MDR-RF970RK Wireless Stereo Headphones-ReviewsDiscount on Sony MDR-RF970RK Wireless Stereo Headphones] - Around-the-Ear, 900MHz RF Wireless transmission, FM stereo sound - Induction charging: not direct pin contact for ease - Noise Reduction technology to reduce interference - Neodymium magnets for higher fidelity sound, The right ear cup has the volume dial and auto-tuning button, while the left ear cup houses the supplied rechargeable batteries - Charging time approx 16H; Battery up to 14H, Works with TelevisionEnjoy your music without wires. the mdr-rf970rk features noise reduction technology that really lets you listen to your tunes withoutany unwanted sounds. travel in freedom from your sound source while delivering higher fidelity stereo sound. an auto tuning featureconveniently scans up and down the band to automatically tune in channels. hear the difference with the mdr-rf970rk wirelessheadphones system.general information manufacturer sony corporation general information manufacturer part number mdrrf970rkgeneral information manufacturer website address sony general information brand name sony general information product modelmdr-rf970rk general information product name mdr-rf970rk wireless stereo headphone general information product type headphonemiscellaneous additional information battery life (approximately): 14 hours (with fully charged nimh battery pack) battery life(approximately): 22h (with aaa type alkaline battery) adjustable headband compatibility: sony mini hi-fi component system lbt-zx9sony mini hi-fi component system lbt-zx6 sony mini hi-fi component system lbt-zx80d sony high power mini hi-fi systemmhc-lx10000 warranty standard warranty limited technical information connectivity technology wireless technical informationwireless technology rf technical information wireless operating distance 150 ft technical information sound mode stereo technicalinformation minimum frequency response 10 hz technical information maximum frequency response 22 khz earpiece earpiecedesign over-the-ear earpiece earpiece type binaural earpiece earpiece controls volume earpiece driver type neodymium earpiece
  2. 2. driver size 1.57" physical characteristics form factor ear-cup.Internal Power Supply : Transmitter: Supplied AC adapter(12V,200mA).What?s in the box: Sony MDR-RF970RK - Wireless RF Stereo Headphone System with Noise Reduction,Transmitter, Power Adapter, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Limited 90-Day Warranty on Labor and Limited 1-Year Warranty onParts.Connectors: 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack, 2 x RCA Jacks (L/R).Comments242 of 261 people found the following review helpful All around a "10", July 15, 2008ByHoward Walker (Catlett, Va USA)- Amazon Verified Purchase(Whats this?)This review is from: Sony MDR-RF970RK Wireless Stereo Headphones (Electronics)I was a bit skeptical of the quality of this wireless headphone after reading some of the lukewarm reviews here.I also went to Crutchfield to download the owners manual (too bad Amazon doesnt offer this feature - its very helpful).This was tobe a gift for my soon-to-be 92 year old aunt.She has problems hearing certain frequency ranges and is missing out on much of the dialog on television.She has an older Sony TVset (circa 1998) without a headphone jack, so a Sennheiser (my 1st choice) headphone was out of contention.I needed something to plug into the line out RCA connectors on the back of her set. This Sony unit seemed to fit the bill.I decided to have it sent to my home first to ensure it would work and to look for any idiosyncrasies.To my delight, I found none.Not a single problem...well, getting the headset out of the plastic packaging was a bit tough !I followed the instructions for the setup(I have a Sony, but a newer model) - easily done, by the way.I allowed the headset to charge overnight.So far, so good.I removed the headset from the cradle and placed it on my head...Voila...sound!And not just any scratchy audio, but rich and crisp.The audio compression circuitry was working as advertised and the headphone audio adjust allowed me to turn up the volume to anuncomfortable level.Perfect for a 92 year old lady hard of hearing.So, I gave it the range test...kinda.I gingerly stepped out of the house and walked around...perhaps 50 to 75 feet away.Not a hiccup or a dropout.I had a good feeling about this.So, I packed it up to be sent off to California...and my dear old aunt.I used my yellow Hi-Liter to mark areas of interest and attention in the instructions (my auntie is a bit of a Luddite).Several dayspassed and I called her to see if it had arrived.The USPS had not let me down.She had already unpacked it and hooked it all up following my explicit instructions (a yellow Hi-Liter makes all the difference).She was quite upset that it did not green light to indicate audio was being received by the transmitter from her SonyTV.We went round and round over the phone - double checking everything, yet the audio was still AWOL.I found her Sony TV model on a manual download site on the Internet and obtained a PDF copy of the manual.No surprises there.I might note that I had discovered that many older Sony models required the user to TURN OFF the built-in speakers of the TV setbefore audio would be enabled to the line out jacks.Hers was not of that vintage.The next morning I called her, armed with printed information so we might attack the problem onceagain.She, quite sheepishly, admitted to me she had found the problem.Her television was turned off and she had not thought to turn it back on - and I had not thought to ask her if it was on.Oh, my!
  3. 3. Operator error.In any case, the headset works wonderfully.She is amazed at the sound quality.I could almost hear her ear-to-ear smile in the phone.So, dear readers.I can only say all is well, that ends well.And if it pleases my dear old auntie, how can you go wrong?As with nearly all products,you will sometimes get a lemon...somethingthat slips through quality control, or a component that becomes defective after a period of time.However, in this case, I can give this headset a 10+ without a second thought.My wife was so taken with this that she has requested Iorder a unit for her to use.Oh my...what HAVE I done?Happy listening !Sony MDRRF970RK 900 MHz Analog RF Wireless HeadphoneWas this review helpful to you? | Comments (5) 251 of 263 people found the following review helpful Something else mustbe wrong, December 27, 2008ByB. Li "DontUnderstand"- Amazon Verified Purchase(Whats this?)This review is from: Sony MDR-RF970RK Wireless Stereo Headphones (Electronics)I had this 970RK for 2-3 years and never have the problems as many complained in the 1-star group - noisy, poor sound quality,short battery life, etc. Each is just opposit to me in a positive way.I have been using it in a single family house (vs. apartmentbuilding) and I always connect it to the LINE OUT of a TV, not the earphone jack, so that I can just mute the TV while listening tothe headphone.It works so well for me that I am going to buy a 2nd set of the same thing so that I can always have a one fullycharged waiting there when the another I am using runs out of battery (That is why I am here today).Hope this helps to tell why thereviewers are so wide spliting here - they may use it in different ways or locations.Was this review helpful to you? | Comments (11) 178 of 184 people found the following review helpful Great headphones..ifyou know how to configure them, December 14, 2008ByEric Boyd "SoCalContractor" (Anaheim, Ca USA)- This review is from: Sony MDR-RF970RK Wireless Stereo Headphones (Electronics)I noticed alot of reviews saying that these headphones are noisy (probably hissing).That is true only if you dont use them properly.The trick is to not use the volume control on the headphones as much. First turn the volume on the headphones to about 1/4. Thenturn the volume up on the TV or other device you have them hooked up until audible through the headphones. All the noise andhissing disappear. The headphones are crystal clear if you do this.Once you adjust the volume on the source then use the volume control on the headphones to fine tune.I love these headphones.Very comfortable and well worth the money IMO.Was this review helpful to you? | Comments (12)