Vocational Curriculum In English


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Vocational Curriculum In English

  1. 1. Luiz Octavio Leite Bitencourt Braszilian, 52 years, married Condomínio Mansões Califórnia casa 104 Jardim Botânico 71680-364 Brasília, Distrito Federal - Brazil (61) 32974489 (61) 84431737 luizoctaviobitencourt@gmail.com Purpose: Provide efficient and effective services, producing over ways of personal development, achieving goals of the company. Integrate into practice, instruments of business for appropriate action, making it flexible, creative and modern, with a view to the good performance of the activities that are designated, achieving the expected result Main Qualification: Graduated in Business Administration with Specialization in Foreign Trade. and Accounting Technician. Taught the disciplines of Economic Theory I and Systematics of Foreign Trade - Exports to the upper-level course in Administration of Foreign Trade Union Educational Brasília - UNEB. Professional experience in airport administration, with several courses of Business Management and Financial Audit of Airports of airport charges. Speaker at conferences "Rates of Infrastructure Aeronautical Institute of Civil Aviation - IAC /.... and "Total Quality System and Air Cargo - Intermodality and Multimodality 'for the course in Engineering Administration from UNB / BSB / DF. Participation in the International Congress of airport management and support of Air Navigation and Airports International Fair held in Foz de Iguacu and Campinas, respectively.
  2. 2. Consultant at CONSAER - Consultoria Aeronáutica Ltda. in Brasília, which played several studies pricing for airlines. Controller in the airport areas where VASP rendered important services in the area of controlling toward airport infrastructure. Currently provides consulting services to airport company Aeromax Consultoria Ltda. Academic Background: Bachelor degree in Business Administration with Specialization in Foreign Trade, UNEB União Educacional de Brasília (March/1995) - Course Completed. Graduate: Graduate in Foreign Trade, Coordination Studies, Research, Post - Graduate and Outreach - COPEX (1996) Brasília - DF. (Incomplete Course). Course Management Executives and Successors INFRAERO, MBA - FUB / UnB (1998) Brasília - DF. (Incomplete Course). Complementary Courses: Commercial Management of Airports iAMT / IIFGA (September/1998) - Course completed. El Aeropuerto es un negocio, iAMT / IIFGA (September/1997) - Course Completed. Competence Course and Trading, Catho Group (November 1993) - Course Completed. Total Quality Course for Managers, (setembro/1993) - Course Completed. Programme for Executive Development - Contracts and Obligations, USP Administration Institute Foundation (April/1996) - Course Completed. Professional Background: Aeromax Consultoria Ltda - since April/2005: (Micro-enterprise segment in the transport and logistics). Position: Executive Consultant.
  3. 3. Senior Partner and scholar in the field of airport management. Work in the development of airports projects and network of Logistics Centres; ervices in the following areas for Airlines, Enterprises and Regional Air Taxi: SUCOTAP (Unified Collection of airport charges) Commercial Contracts (granting and use of airport areas and readjustment of price) Apportionment (recovery of expenditure on electricity, water and garbage); Telephony System (use of physical lines in airports) and data network. Drafted technical feasibility study, project executive for the installation of Airport Public and Integrated Logistics Center, get at the establishment of an infrastructure capable of meeting the operation of aircraft of the national passenger transport, maintenance center for general aviation aircraft and storagebrokering of loads and goods. Elaborated study use and development of inland areas belonging to a venture public / private, seeking to present alternative uses of available spaces for the use of industrial development which enabled the implementation of a cargo terminal area (TECA), patio aircraft and runway taxi to link the use of the airport movement area. VASP - VASP - from April/1999 to March/2005: (Large company in the transportation and logistics segment) Position: Controller airport areas. Controller Area Airport and Business Process Advisor for Labor Matters. Worked on controlling the areas of the airport company, being responsible for negotiating areas along Infraero, control / conference rates of domestic and international flights. Bank reconciliation performed, add accounting entries (revenue and expenditure) and verified implementation of bank interest and exchange rates. Managed labor, following negotiations of judicial proceedings and looked at all the company's operating bases. Add the levying of airport charges and use of aeronautical infrastructure, developing reports to airlines to promote the settling of accounts with the airport manager of the payments.
  4. 4. INFRAERO - abril/1980 of the March/1999: (Large company in the transportation and logistics segment) Position:Manager of Commercial Division. Worked in the area of tariffs and collection and implemented the SISRAT System (Apportionment) in airports Network Infraero. Led and managed the issue of payment slips for granting / use of airport area and also the default, by issuing notices of assessment and preparation of cases for referral to the delfaut of the Legal sector. Checked and controlled airport or boarding, management reports drafted and was appointed as manager of SISRAT System - Apportionment of expenses. Worked in the commercial area in the development of the Commercial System and the control of the deadlines for grant of airport areas. He was Manager in the area of heritage and store. Coordinated rate of land / takeoff and make financial audit of airport taxes and charges to shipping, in addition to negotiating with Infraero of financial arrangements for payments. Administered contracts commercial rental concession areas and use, as well as developing and reviewing the bidding documents. Develop management reports regarding the growth rates of commercial revenues and led development of the commercial system, including commercial contracts for the provision and use of airport areas. UNEB Union Educational Brasília - fevereiro/1995 of the February/1998: (Company midsize segment in education and research) Position:University Professor Taught courses in Training of Economic History and Systematics of Foreign Trade - Export Module students of Directors in Foreign Trade. Participated in training banking conference for student trainees of the monographs.
  5. 5. CODEPLAN - janeiro/1977 of the fevereiro/1980: (Company midsize utility segment) Position:Administrative assistant. Coordination of Surveying, Mapping and Design Directorate of Enforcement Operations. Administrative Assistant - participated in the period from April / October 1978, preparing the Yearbook of the Federal District. Region of work: Preference for the region of Brasília / BR, or cities within a radius of 150 km. Accepted consider proposals from other regions. Approved travel for the company. Additional information: Lecturer in 1996 at the invitation of COPEX (Coordination of Research, Graduate Research and Extension). Theme: Strategic study for the system load. Audience: Students of the Graduate Foreign Trade. Speaker in 1995 at the invitation of UNB (University of Brasilia).Background: Total quality for managers. Audience: Students in 2nd half and Engineering 5th semester of Business Administration. Participation in the International Congress of Airport Management and Support of Air Navigation in 1996 in Campinas - SP. Participation in the 2nd International Congress of Airport Management, Air Navigation and Aerospace Development for the year 1997 in Foz do Iguaçu - PR. Available to perform professional activities in any region of Brazil.