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Developers Building Composable Enterprises


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Published in: Software, Technology, Business
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Developers Building Composable Enterprises

  1. 1. Services are pieces of self-contained logic that can be used by others to do things
  2. 2. Services are
  3. 3. Services are
  4. 4. Services are
  5. 5. Services reduce development time and allow faster speed of delivery
  6. 6. Services reduce the time to market for your product
  7. 7. Services allow quick response to customers’ requirements
  8. 8. Services are a good thing Let’s have some more of those
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Machine to machine communication
  11. 11. *aaS
  12. 12. IaaS infrastructure
  13. 13. IaaS PaaS platform
  14. 14. IaaS PaaS SaaS software
  15. 15. IaaS PaaS SaaS Cloud Computing
  16. 16. IBM Bluemix
  17. 17. IBM Bluemix IBM Blu Acceleration for Cloud
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. Detect fall events Node.jsRecord raw sensor data Cloudant DBaaS Record fall events Cloudant DBaaS BLU Acceleration Report and analyse MapReduce Build predictive models BlueMix Twilio Call and SMS caregiver Kiwi Move Capture and stream motion data Kiwi Wearables server Access to Kiwi data
  20. 20. Thank you