Luisa Vinciguerra Abstract Connecting our Inner Wheel Future


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The abstract of my presentation in Graz for the 6° IW EUROPEAN MEETING in September 2012

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Luisa Vinciguerra Abstract Connecting our Inner Wheel Future

  1. 1. 6° EUROPEAN INNER WHEEL MEETING GRAZ, 31 AUGUST – 2 SEPTEMBER 2012 CONNECTING OUR INNER WHEEL FUTURE abstract The IW year of Catherine Refabert as IIW President will certainly be remembered for having fostered in our Association, a Communication Strategy, wide ranging, become indispensable and urgent. Many efforts have been made by President Catherine to that effect, from the opening of the new IIW web-site at the start of the Database, from the dedication of an entire Seminar on Communication, at the need to provide our Association of a Head of Communications. And this task was assigned to the Immediate Past President IIW, on duty (Catherine Refabert this year), which may also make use of collaborators in carrying out an area so important. Build the Seminar Promoting Inner Wheel has been a task as necessary as complex. My new presentation in Graz, therefore, wants, in continuity, come back to some points exhibited in Istanbul, develop them with some interesting suggestions, in the certainty that the PPT related to this Seminar, available on the IIW website, have were viewed. The Future of Communication in Inner Wheel depends on two factors:1
  2. 2. 1. The first is determined by the constant research and ongoing innovation in technology. 2. The second, by the ability of Inner Wheel to adapt itself not only to technological evolution but, above all, at the learning and regular use of these new technologies, despite the generational gap present in the Association. The boom of mobile communications is one example. In the coming years, the tablet will be connected, everytime - everywhere, with the mobile network. The technological innovations - that will, further, CHANGE THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE, TO WRITE, TO THINK, TO ACT IN OUR ASSOCIATION - will be partly shaped by tools we use, and these tools, before related to the logic of computers and desktop machines, today are and will be increasingly mobile and connected to the Net. That said, for reasons of time, at your attention & debate, will be offered only brief remarks, which, of course, are susceptible of further investigation. This Meeting, as we well know, is only a Laboratory in which we throw seeds; a Think Tank, where we anticipate analysis, ideas and projects, that, perhaps, it will be implemented through the appropriate institutional channels. So, the FOCUS of my presentation will be: 1. BRANDING 2. COMMUNICATION PLAN: FROM PUBLISHING TO INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION 3. THE WEB COMMUNICATION “GOING GLOBAL” 4. …TOWARDS THE CLOUD COMPUTING (just a mention…) Luisa Vinciguerra Past President National Council Italy2