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Niagarank, presentation IE Master in Digital Journalism


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How works. A news aggretation site curated by robots and based on Twitter realtime news detection. Presentation for the Master in Digital Journalism at IE, Madrid. Jan 2013

Published in: Technology
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Niagarank, presentation IE Master in Digital Journalism

  1. 1. Niagarank Master in Digital Journalism, IE, Madrid, 2013.01.29 Internet SolutionsAzitain Pol 3KE-20600 EIBAR 1Tel. (+34) 943821780
  2. 2. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Introducing NiagarankI am Luistxo Fernandez, journalist in another lifeWork at CodeSyntax, small and peripheral web development company, based in the Basque CountryAnd we launched on Jan. 7thThis presentation, sites mentioned, and references
  3. 3. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Introducing NiagarankNew newssite:Niagara + Rank
  4. 4. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01What
  5. 5. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01What do we doWe follow several thousand Twitter usersWe rank users, and we rank the news items that those users tweetThe algorithm publishes the most interesting stuffThat process, in 40 subjects, 40 interest channels
  6. 6. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Example One of 40 channels: Política 7 days of data. Last week.
  7. 7. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Curation
  8. 8. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01CurationUsers detected 12537Ranked 7213Followed 5000Tweets received 887201Analysed 477271Original tweets with URLs 97759Distinct URLs 41603Published URLs 45
  9. 9. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01CurationIn Politics, we distill 900k tweets, to produce 45 news itemsThat, x40 timesThe backend machine, Robsoc: Robotic Social Curation
  10. 10. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01CurationMass-curation: Digg,, RedditEntourage curation: The #discover tab of Twitter,, Flipboard, main stream at FacebookNiagarank is mass-curation, but involuntary, and overcomes the main problems of entourage curation: – Building a entourage focused on a subject takes time – Everyones entourage is varied
  11. 11. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Origin
  12. 12. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Origin of NiagarankUmapA detector of all tweets in BasqueNov. 2010. Detected all users, and filtered their tweets by language.It worked while we were few... Then it crashed.
  13. 13. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Opportunity from failure1. Need a system to detect the most interesting Basque Twitter users --> Rank2. Having watched its functioning, a lesson:- Trending topics not so interesting- URLs in half of the tweets, information exchange is the key insight we could extract
  14. 14. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Opportunity from failure:automated news system in Basque
  15. 15. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01References
  16. 16. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01References
  17. 17. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Business
  18. 18. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Business planLow cost version of Blogging Networks, both b2c and b2bB2c:Make Niagarank a news destinationAdsense. Sponsorship. Affiliates (we want to try with books).
  19. 19. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Business planLow cost version of Blogging Networks, both b2c and b2bb2b prototypes:
  20. 20. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Business plan: tailored servicesTailored content for news organisations (NewsCred model)Mass-curation for organisationsExtracting collective intelligence in the social mediaPress clippings, social media alerts, damage control, issue monitoring, reaching out to influencers...
  21. 21. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Business plan: the rankUse the rank for business? The Klout model?
  22. 22. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Business plan: the rankUse the rank for business? The Klout model?For now, lets use the rankto get meaningful content
  23. 23. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Business plan: being frugalMax. automation and incremental impact of small improvements. Scalability.Replace journalists by robots... also by editors. As opposed to new Spanish initiatives like Gonzoo, ZoomNews, InfoLibre, no pressroom staff to (under)pay.No pressure, no investors, web development business doing well at CodeSyntax
  24. 24. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Roadmap
  25. 25. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01The roadmapImprove, improve, improveReach out to Facebook, Google+, Google CurrentsDeploy more countries
  26. 26. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01Questions
  27. 27. Niagarank IE – MDJ 2013.01 thanksLuistxo Fernandez - @luistxo -