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Geography 5 field trip photo journal


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Geography 5 field trip photo journal

  1. 1. Luis RoqueGeo-5
  2. 2. •The rockformation wascreated by thesan Andréas faultthat is proof thatits goingunderground
  3. 3.  The interesting thing about the rock structure is it tells you how long it has been there and what years were extremely dry compared to the years that had droughts.
  4. 4. •Located at theHighway 138 andInterstate 15 junction,the Mormon Rocksare visual evidence ofthe San Andreas faultlying beneath theCalifornia surface.
  5. 5.  Cinder hill is a basaltic cinder cone in the Coso Volcanic field near Fossil Falls State Park
  6. 6.  The lava flow pictured here is a basaltic lava flow that gives you an idea of how active these volcanoes used to be
  7. 7.  Here is some of the stream bed that leads to what was once a waterfall
  8. 8.  Fossil falls were formed by melted glacier water that eventually carved a path into the rocks
  9. 9.  These holes were formed when the running water carved a path into the rocks when debris would break off a small portion
  10. 10.  The local natives had they type of mineral we saw alot of these next to the former river because it would travel down from the volcano and the local tribes would shape and fashion them into weapons to hunt with
  11. 11.  Done by the local tribe of the coso region this Petroglyph is a story of the big horns in the region I believe
  12. 12.  These house rings were used by the local tribes it served to them as a base of their homes from when they would come back from their migrations during different seasons
  13. 13. Luis Roque Mt. Whitney is the highest elevation in the entire us at 14,505 ft
  14. 14.  If you see the “U” Shaped Luis Roque into the sierras Nevadas these were cut out by glaciers many years ago
  15. 15. Luis Roque
  16. 16.  This lake was Luis Roque formed in 1872 after a huge earthquake next to the lone pine fault
  17. 17. •At the base in the picture Luis Roquelies the Lone Pine Faultwith had an earthquake in1872 and in which resultcreated Diaz lake
  18. 18.  Here is the plaque Luis Roque to the Japanese interment camp were Japanese citizens were sent during world war two
  19. 19. Luis Roque
  20. 20. Luis Roque
  21. 21. Luis Roque
  22. 22.  I took this Luis Roque picture of the date on the cement that was made by those held at the internment camp in the area that would be a form of a court yard
  23. 23.  In The Right You See Paoha Island And to Luis Roque the left of that you see Negit the volcano island
  24. 24.  If you see the Luis Roque darker portion cut into the mountain side those are the ancient shore lines of mono lake before water was diverted to los Angeles
  25. 25.  Formed by Luis Roque spring water mixing with alkaline from the lake
  26. 26. Luis Roque
  27. 27.  Convict lake was Luis Roque formed by a glacier that carved out a path you have the oldest rocks at the very back of the photo covered with snow
  28. 28. Luis Roque•Warmed upby volcaniclava this is whythe hot springhas smokerising from it
  29. 29. Luis Roque
  30. 30. Luis Roque
  31. 31. Luis Roque
  32. 32. Luis Roque
  33. 33. •The Sheer Size ofthese knivesintrigues mebecause theamount of time itmust of took tomake this wastremendous but Isuppose what elsewere the earlypeople going to dofor fun. Luis Roque
  34. 34. Luis Roque
  35. 35. Luis Roque
  36. 36. Luis Roque
  37. 37. Luis Roque
  38. 38. Luis Roque•This RadarDishes Try Tocommunicatewith aliens!!
  39. 39. Luis Roque
  40. 40. Luis Roque
  41. 41. Luis Roque