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Going to


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Presentation on the Future form "Going To"

Published in: Education
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Going to

  1. 1. All year round Future (Going To)
  2. 2. Autumn Summer Winter Spring VOCABULARY
  3. 3. January February March April May June July August September October November December VOCABULARY
  4. 4. Dates in British English v When is your birthday? § It´s in November § It´s on 9th June v What´s the date today/tomorrow? •  It´s 23 May.
  6. 6. We are going to use the Future “Going To” to express future plans Past FuturePresent
  7. 7. Affirmative J  + verb to be conj. + going to + V.S.F I am going to play baseball. You are going to travel to Yucatán. She is going to buy a new dress.
  8. 8. Negative J  + verb to be + not + going to + V.S.F I am not going to play baseball. You are not going to travel to Yucatán. She is not going to buy a new dress.
  9. 9. Questions verb to be + J + going to + V.S.F + ? Am I going to play baseball? Yes, I am. Are you going to travel to Yucatán? No, I´m not Is she going to buy a new dress? Yes, she is.
  10. 10. IMPORTANT It isn´t necessary to say or write “to go” with the Future going to. James is going to go swimming next week. James is going swimming next week.
  11. 11. Time Expressions •  Tomorrow •  Tonight •  Next Week/Month •  Soon •  In an hour/ a year
  12. 12. Time Expressions •  Tomorrow, I am going to visit my parents. •  They are going to play soccer tonight. •  She is going to buy a car next week.
  13. 13. 1.  It (rain) is going to rain. 2.  They (eat) _______________ stew. 3.  I (wear) ________________ blue shoes tonight. 4.  We (not / help) ___________________ you. 5.  Jack (not / walk) _________________ home. 6.  (cook / you) _________________dinner? 7.  Sue (share / not) _________________ her biscuits. 8.  (leave / they) __________________ the house? 9.  (take part / she) ________________in the contest? 10. I (not / spend) __________ my holiday abroad this year. Put the verbs into the correct form. Use going to.