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Forming Questions in Simple Past


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Presentation related to the simple past and how to create questions using this tense.

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Forming Questions in Simple Past

  1. 1. School Days Lesson 5b
  2. 2. vocabulary Take a course Pass an exam Fail an examGet a degreeLuis Roberto Ortiz
  3. 3. Geography History Modern Languages Chemistry Physical Education (PE) Maths Luis Roberto Ortiz
  4. 4. Biology Information Technology (IT) Business and Management Physics Luis Roberto Ortiz
  5. 5. questions in simple past I You He She It We They Did Comp.Verb in simple form Luis Roberto Ortiz
  6. 6. answers I You He She It We They Yes / No Did / Didn´t Luis Roberto Ortiz
  7. 7. example • Did Laura buy a car last weekend? Yes, she did. No, she didn´t. She bought a car last month. Luis Roberto Ortiz
  8. 8. example • Did your parents go to the meeting? Yes, they did. No, they didn´t. They went to the doctor Luis Roberto Ortiz
  9. 9. Homework 1 Practice the conjugation of verbs in past (Regular and Irregular) Luis Roberto Ortiz
  10. 10. Homework 2 You want to keep fit and you are thinking of taking up a sport or joining a gym. Write an e-mail to a friend asking for an advice. DON´T send it by email. FOR NEXT CLASS, PRINTED OR BY HAND. Luis Roberto Ortiz